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In this third course, you will learn about liability and equity accounts and its effect on the balance sheet. If you have mastered bookkeeping basics and understand accounting assets, you are ready to jump into Liabilities and Equity in Accounting. You will explore the various types of liability, including: current and long term, payroll, and sales tax. Additionally, you will learn about the equity portion of the accounting equation and how to account for changes in owner’s equity. By the end of this course, you will be able to: -Describe the three main characteristics of liabilities. -Demonstrate an understanding of the basic payroll accounting functions and tasks. -Compare and contrast the different types of equity -Use the accounting equation to describe the financial position of an organization. Courses 1 and 2 in the Intuit Bookkeeping Professional Certificate, or the equivalent, are recommended prerequisites for this course....




It is an eye openner. This course has really challenged me to learn more



Very challenging and educative. I love the standard.


Liabilities and Equity in Accounting: 51 - 75 / 76 レビュー

by AnaLydia R R


A lot of great information and some practice but there really needs to be more practice and specifically more practice with quickbooks

by Tracy A L


Not mush explaining as to how the money was off in the trial balance. but working backwards and a bit of time I did figure it out.

by Maggie F


At times it seems like more information is required to complete the Quiz at the end of the sections

by Bruce K


Quiz a little unclear to do online without answer to questions.

by Irene M


Good course material. Made simple. Need plenty of practice.

by Joshua A


t​hank you for the impactful knowledge.........

by Crystal B


There are a lot of error in the final test.

by Mohamad S



by E.L. S


This course started off okay but by week 3 it was obviously rushed out the door. Learning modules have the wrong answers, the case study at the end of the course has had an incorrect spreadsheet to start from for over 8 months now and Intuit has not fixed it. Since this is a self-study course with no instructor, it is critical that the students are able to get feedback from the system or have decent examples to work from. This course did not have that. It is obviously not being maintained anymore.

by Kristen B


S​ome technical issues. I took all 4 Bookkeeping courses. The cartoon teacher is a little condescending at times. I had a passing score on the last test of the last unit of the last section (13 correct out of 15 questions should have been a passing grade of at least 80%) but it still gave me a failing grade. It was the last day of my subscription, so I just unsubscribed. Frustrating and very disappointing I can't get that last (4th) certificate.

by Shannon J D


Case study and worksheet at the end could have been changed to something else beng that we will be using quickbooks in real life and not the excel spreadsheet. It was weird to use when we hadn't used it during that entire section (or any if I rememer correctly) of the course. the over all information was good though

by Md A K Z


the information is quite useful. The lecture is fascinating. The quizzes are a little difficult to understand. Some of the questions were confusing to me. The case study was disorganized and poorly presented. Please enhance this course; it will be beneficial to new students.


by Gretchen T


​Good course for filling in gaps from other more intense programs. You will learn a lot about terms, but I would not leave this program with the feeling that I could actually do bookkeeping tasks correctly, if at all.

by Alexia


T​he content was good, but the technical delivery leaves much to be desired. Expert resource in videos was very knowledgable but the quizzes and test were sometimes inaccurate based on delivered content.

by August F


Please fix errors on the quizes!! Some ask you to put the '$' sign at the start of the answer and then mark it as incorrect as they want the answer without the '$' sign. Very frustrating!

by Thi T C N


some parts are repeated which is still ok. The case study didn't provide enough info

by Gricel T L


Errors in lesson exercises and quizzes.

by Jen S


I understand everything until it comes to the final test. The Excel spreadsheets make absolutely no sense to me and I don't understand what I am doing wrong or even what I am supposed to be doing with them. At least I know I understand QuickBooks because I use it for my business and I have picked up a few pointers from these courses, so it isn't a total waste of money.

There is some incorrect information in the courses, which would likely confuse those not already familiar with accounting or business finances.

by Regina G V


These courses are becoming more complex as expected but are not offering the correct amount of practice to learn. If you do not have any prior accounting experience, this course will prove difficult in terms of utilizing an excel version of a General Journal, General Ledger, Trial Balance, and other Financial Statements. The program continues to advertise QBO but does not explain the workings of the aforementioned processes of recording entries and how you move thru the accounting system. I am disappointed.

by Staci N


T​here were mistakes in the downloaded worksheet as the final project. The practice sessions are ridicuously easy, they certainly make you feel good, but they don't help prepare you for the real world.

by Adam W


The case study needs work; having the correct spreadsheet to work from would be nice after the test is done. Not everything in the case study was covered by the course.

by Christine M W


Unable to get clarification on case study and quiz questions. I believe (along with other students in forum) that there are errors in the case study materials.

by Tammy M


The course itself was informative, but the case study and test were incredibly difficult due to missing information.

by Barry C


Too many errors, ambiguities and wrong information.

Absolutely no feedback received when reporting errors etc.

by O S


l​ong winded!