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In this third course, you will learn about liability and equity accounts and its effect on the balance sheet. If you have mastered bookkeeping basics and understand accounting assets, you are ready to jump into Liabilities and Equity in Accounting. You will explore the various types of liability, including: current and long term, payroll, and sales tax. Additionally, you will learn about the equity portion of the accounting equation and how to account for changes in owner’s equity. By the end of this course, you will be able to: -Describe the three main characteristics of liabilities. -Demonstrate an understanding of the basic payroll accounting functions and tasks. -Compare and contrast the different types of equity -Use the accounting equation to describe the financial position of an organization. Courses 1 and 2 in the Intuit Bookkeeping Professional Certificate, or the equivalent, are recommended prerequisites for this course....




It is an eye openner. This course has really challenged me to learn more



Great course! I learned a lot. It was interactive.


Liabilities and Equity in Accounting: 26 - 50 / 66 レビュー

by Rio J


Gives good information, but the final case study is confusing and unorganized.

by Ryan C


Responsiveness from the staff is a slow to nonexistent.

by Tambra J


There are errors on your tests/quizzes.

With regards to the last quiz you should chop up the quiz to ensure the student is making the correct progress. I felt like I was thrown into the deep end.

by Kaitlin W


There were so many errors and problems with the quizzes. Particularly the Case Study in Week 4. It's like this course wasn't reviewed at all before it was posted.

by Aaron M


These courses have numerous material content and grading errors. There is no excuse for this kind of sloppiness.

by Tya N


Final case study is a disaster! No way to get information in order to accurately complete it. Ridiculous!

by Тренина Л С


Thanks to the course, I restored my professional skills as an accountant, all topics were accessible and understandable, thanks to Сourcera!

by Sampson A


It is an eye openner. This course has really challenged me to learn more

by Tanisha G


Great course! I learned a lot. It was interactive.

by Fancyfeet_


It is a pleasurer be on this course.

by Ruth L


Is hard but I lided it

by Priscilla W


Very challenging!

by Himawan F


very good course

by johnathon



by Jacqueline L


T​he contents of the course were good. The instructor/cartoon was a little irritating - tone of disrespect toward clients and superiority wasn't appreciated. The XLS exercises were helpful but frustrating bc you can't tell where you are going off track. Lots of information. Good overview. Using a trial version of accounting software as a compliment to the manual processes might be helpful for comparison.

by Sara B A


The information covered is valuable. The end of the course has a lot of work with spreadsheets like a school final exam. You open them and they are a blur of information. In today's world, you'll be using Quickbooks and not penciling in odd bits.

by Veronica R


Overall this was a good course. My issue was the case study wasn't in balance to start with so my impossible to see if I needed t correct something or it was from an error from last period.

by Carol S


Payroll section is not useful unless you are American. Rules are different for other countries. Other sections are straightforward but it does cover topics quickly.

by Jeannine D


There seems to be some missing information for the Case Study. The beginning cash account balance appears to be off, or there is a transaction missing.

by AnaLydia R R


A lot of great information and some practice but there really needs to be more practice and specifically more practice with quickbooks

by Maggie F


At times it seems like more information is required to complete the Quiz at the end of the sections

by Bruce K


Quiz a little unclear to do online without answer to questions.

by Irene M


Good course material. Made simple. Need plenty of practice.

by Joshua A


t​hank you for the impactful knowledge.........

by Crystal B


There are a lot of error in the final test.