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Welcome to School Health specialization: Managing Asthma, Anaphylaxis, Food Allergies, Diabetes, and Seizures in School course. In this course, you will learn about these common medical issues students face and how to best support students who suffer from them. We will also take a holistic look at how we can best support overall student health. We will take a look at how the school nurse provides support to students and staff in each scenario and how to plan ahead in the event of an emergency. We will walk through the reasons that schools should promote student health and how we can support students that face these common medical conditions As part of the course, we will introduce two students to help all of this information come alive. Prepare yourself to learn about these common medical conditions. Let’s get started!...




Both the instructor and the nurse instructor were great listening to and understood everything they said and the papers that you kneed to know in school. Looking forward to other classes.

Thank you



I totally recommend this course. In each leasson, the videos are very clear and with great content, and all the resouces and refences are really useful and complement what was seen in the lesson.


Managing Asthma, Allergies, Diabetes, and Seizures in School: 26 - 50 / 138 レビュー

by Corinne S


There was a lot of helpful information and links. I liked the variety of formats. Many links had issues or error messages or it was unclear what portion of larger sites was to be read as part of a particular section of this course. Overall I found this course helpful for preparing me to handle healthcare situations in the school setting and best support the children with these diagnoses

by Andrea F d C


Perfect. I had difficulty and failed the first and second try, then I came back, studied again and did it !!!! Although here in Brazil is different because we don´t have nurses to assist schools and we also don´t have this community engagement that we read in your plans, and I´m sure our children don´t have epinephrine even in the heath`s family unit, I´ll keep learning and dreaming about a better future for us.

by Kanhi R V


thank you very much DR.Louren and all the team of coursera, you are amazing at what you do for the huminity by serving skill full education for the worldwide. i honestly would have never increased my knowledge if it was not for your help. thank you so much once again, god almighty will continue to favour you and crown all your efforts with success....!

by Patricia S G


This course has given me an overview of Asthma, Diabetes, Food Allergies and Anaphylaxis, and Seizures. Although I may be living in the Philippines, the documents or forms found in each of the sessions are helpful for implementation of emergency response as well as first aid in case such events occur. This is truly helpful.

by Molita R


I was really sad to know about so many problems that children face and have in their lives and we as parents and educators are not aware of it. today i am happy that i got to know of these problem areas and the basic solutions to it. the course was easy to understand and very informative.

by Samantha R


I am returning as a school nurse and I thought this would be an excellent course to take to get a review of the common health concerns in school.

The course was awesome and really helped me to refresh the care that I will need to give when I return to school nursing.

Thank you.

by Rosalind A


The course has been well structured and easy to follow through. I have learned many skills on how to handle children with asthma, allergies, diabetes and seizures in school. I am confident that I can manage the situation with the action plan and guide provided in the course.

by kaylee m


Straight to the point. This course doesn't have any extra fluff to fill up time. You'll finish relatively quickly, with an exceptional understanding of the course work. They provide all important info quickly and concisely. Awesome course and I would definitly recomend it!

by Sonja B


The material was presented in a clear and easy to understand way. I particularly appreciated that the videos were short, I could do them in between my other work. The YouTube videos were also very helpful. The reading resources gave a wealth of information.

by Ike c v


The instructors was educating and very instructional. The instructors were professional and delivered the lectures in a very simplistic method that anyone with interest in learning can learn and be fully engaged.

thank you university of colorado



Wow! Its a great knowledge achievable course i had. Now i have greater awareness about the problems and diseases which child faces in their school time. How we have to give importance and do the neddful.

Thanks a lot for the wonderful session.



The lessons were very informative, easily understood and the presentations were attractive. I would be much grateful for all the lectures and support staff, for their endless endeavours to make this course a success. Thank you so much.

by Donna R S


Excellent information for school nurses. The videos are well organized. Some links for the reading material is not working. I would recommend for Coursera to update the required reading section for this course.

by Donna S


Both the instructor and the nurse instructor were great listening to and understood everything they said and the papers that you kneed to know in school. Looking forward to other classes.

Thank you

by Margaret B


Excellent Course!!! I gained lots of valuable information on managing Asthma, Allergies, Diabetes & Seizures in Schools!!! I would recommend this course for new & experienced School Nurses!!!

by Liliana O


Excelente curso, aun que tengo conocimientos de enfermería, aprendi muchas cosas que no sabia; como actuar antes situaciones. me gusta lo practico que es este curso

by Divine D


The course was delivered well with a lot of good resources to aid in understanding how to manage asthma, allergies, diabetes and seizures in schools.

by Rebekah P


Overall I enjoyed the course and thought each teacher did an excellent job in breaking down the information so it could be understood clearly.

by Huong Q


It's a useful course! I think the approaching and managing diseases in School is very important. And you can find something in this course.

by Cynthia H M


It would help me if there was a way to look at the downloaded resources prior to listening to the video as well as reviewing the resources

by Victoria K


Very informative and helpful if you want to work in schools or learn about the most common chronic childhood conditions

by Joshua I


Very informative and well done. Several links didnt work but it did not take away from the information given.

by Hua D


I like this course. Learned more thing about Asthma, Allergies,Diabetes,Seizures. It's very useful helpful!

by Kimberly S


Very informative with helpful ways to implement best practices in school setting to keep children safe.

by Miguel S C


Great information!

Always better to know this and not need it, then not knowing it when we need it