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Managing Google Workspace is the second course in the Google Workspace Administration series. This course focuses on the Google Workspace core services such as Gmail, Calendar, and Drive & Docs. You will become familiar with the various service settings, and learn how to enable them for all or just a subset of your users. You will gain an understanding of Google Vault, Google’s ediscovery service. You will understand the various admin console reports that are available and be able to search and filter the information in these reports. Finally you will see how multiple domains can be used with Google Workspace and learn how to add a new domain to your account. By the end of this course participants will be able to: - Enable and disable Google Workspace services for different parts of the organization. - Configure common settings for Google Workspace core services such as Gmail, Calendar, and Drive and Docs. - Understand the mobile device management options available in Google Workspace. - Describe Google Vault and learn how to use it to retain, search and export your organization's data. - Navigate and interpret Google Workspace admin reports and setup administrator alerts. - Explain the basics of multi domain management within Google Workspace. Prerequisites You should have completed the Introduction to Google Workspace Administration course....



I am very thankful to the Cousera team for preparing all the exercises and the questions! It was a delightful online learning experience about the mysteries of Google Wokspace!


Great course for the ones who are really interested in Google Admin. I really recommend because All the tools can be manage and make your company more efficient with G Suite.


Managing Google Workspace: 101 - 125 / 154 レビュー

by Masooth A



by Hritik S



by Pras D S



by Daniel T


It was ok, some interesting points but I found some of the quiz questions a little ambiguous to a point where it seems googles own help files say the opposite of how the question reads. Whether that was done to make it harder on purpose or not? - so I've provided feedback on some of these.

by Danielle E


This course takes much longer to complete than what they say it does, if you take the time to read all the supplemental readings. Good course and you do learn a lot about the Admin console.

by Jahranga B


Very good course. easy to follow along. Some updating of course content is required to match current versions of GSuite, especially when features have been move, renamed or discontinued

by Bud C


Learned multiple new skills in using GSuites. Course definitely needs to be updated. Many areas in GSuites have changed compared to the course.

by Jason K


There are some typos and confusing aspects of the descriptions. Also the Reports -> Manage alerts is outdated as the system has slightly changed

by Mateusz B


I feel that some of the answers are not longer correct after recent updates, some names have changed, at least one things change position.

by Tim C


This is an excellent intro course. I do think it needs some updating as some of the changes to the Admin Console are not reflected here.

by Mark C


Several directions are out of date but I like that it forced me to explore and find how to accomplish the task in the new report areas

by Alex O


Coursera material around Mobile device management and reporting, particularly with regards to rules, is out of date.

by Anthony H I


Lot's of spelling mistakes, the reading material needs updating to reflect orienting the new UI for G Suite.

by Shailesh I


Its a simple to learn & wonderful course. We can practically create our domain & understand the concepts.

by Ken P


Useful but some of the information is outdated so following the directions are not as straightforward.

by Eric C


Please update this course as some of the features have already changed in the new Google Workspace UI.

by Scott D


Some of the material about creating alerts is dated and has been moved within g suite to another tool

by Erick P


The time allotted/estimated per lesson doesn't reflect the readings associated with each lesson.

by Raúl d b


it is pretty good, but you need to add at least images as soon as you can. Thank you!

by Howard B


Some quiz answers don't line up with reality. Especially in the reporting section.

by Mozart A G d H


Agregaría imágenes a cada una de las instrucciones, pero muy buen curso.

by Anthony T D


Great course, but definitely couldv'e used videos for clarification.

by Nathan W


Wish there were more video tutorials I could follow along to.

by Richard C


some steps are out of date as Google have changed some things

by Christof L


5 étoiles avec la traduction française ;-)