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This course will use as its foundation the principles of managerial economics and draw in a multidisciplinary way upon other disciplines in business education.The goal of the course is to introduce college students in a very practical and useful way to the concepts of time and money management along with career and life planning....



Jul 07, 2020

One of the best courses I have ever done. Excellent framework and structure, everything was up to the mark. Started with basics and progressively connected all the dots. Best course for beginners.


Feb 20, 2017

A very insightful course for those who would like to improve their financial lives. One of the courses where implementation of the principles correctly would be key to success in one's life.


Managing Your Money: MBA Insights for Undergraduates: 126 - 150 / 206 レビュー

by Sophia A

Oct 29, 2017


by andy t

Oct 02, 2016


by do v c

Sep 18, 2015

awesome ;)

by Amartya R

Dec 20, 2018



Jan 23, 2017


by S.Coombs

Jan 20, 2017



Dec 24, 2015


by Mona A A

Jul 26, 2020



Jun 09, 2020


by 孙岳

Jun 17, 2017


by Skyler C

Oct 31, 2016


by Mehul S

Apr 11, 2016


by Tang G H Y

Nov 10, 2015


by Yiting X

Nov 04, 2015


by Maximilian N

Dec 28, 2015


by Deleted A

Feb 04, 2016

Thanks very much for the course! I really liked the optional exercise because they guide me to what to do on real life about what to do, and how to do it. Really loved your teachings. The only thing I would like to say I didn't like was the images behind you, I really enjoy people on real life background, maybe you should just seat at the coffee shop of your university or at an open area. Those photos are good, but I just think the scenario of the university or any other real would be more eye catching.

by Divya G

Jun 04, 2020

I really liked the learnings provided in this course, especially the fact that they were taught with fundamental perspectives. Although some of the parts of the course were specific to the USA, they mentioned the fact that it was. Also, if Prof. Peter Nevarro himself would've taught most parts of the lessons, it would've been an even appreciable course. Nonetheless, I thank Prof. Peter Nevarro and Mr. Alex LeBon, UCIrvine and Coursera for the invaluable learning they have imparted!

by Mert K

May 30, 2020

The course was fairly comprehensive, and the structure was great. However, I believe the in order to increase engagement and enable further understanding, the difficulty level for the quizzes could be elevated to a more sophisticated standard. I would also encourage establishing a discussion board where students can interact. I believe this would have been a prime example of networking!

by Joshua B

Oct 26, 2015

Brief but great course! Offers the basic fundamentals for Personal Finance, Taxes, Insurance, and finishes up with the structure of the MBA program. While this is definitely a 100 level introduction, it is presented and laid out well. Going a little deeper into the subject matter would have earned this course a full 5-stars.

by albert n w p

Nov 25, 2015

This course has been structured in such a way that any individual would able to understand the contents without the prior requirement of learning the jargon. All presentations are nicely done, good and simple explanation. Examples were given in each lecture in order to enhance our understanding.

by Froso H

Aug 14, 2015

Interesting course for those who want to learn a bit about managing their money, credit/debit cards, loan, insurance...generally everything we need when planning/reorganizing our life.This course can be easily taken by someone who's not familiar with economics/finance.

by Tristyn W

Jan 11, 2016

The information is really useful and for the most part, decently organised, but MY GOD Alex LeBron is so painfully boring. I couldn't even tell you what his voice sounds like because it's so bland and monotonous that it blends into the noise of the fan of my laptop.

by Khamida S

Aug 30, 2015

I enjoyed the course as it was nicely structured even though most is just general knowledge. The other thing was that you have to buy the certificate, other courses offer at least certificate of participation for free. Good luck to everyone. Thanx.

by Ishant A

Dec 06, 2016

Its a short and nice course that gives you a basic insight of how basic management technique and budgeting can help you a lot in managing financial risks and also gives you some practical knowledge of some popular financial instruments .

by taonga.phiri

Oct 13, 2016

This was a very interesting coarse and i feel like i have learned a lot from participating. if it s to be revised in any way kindly include a broader look into moving the business from an idea into a reality.