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The proliferation of digital technology gives businesses an unprecedented and diverse new set of tools to reach, engage, monitor, and respond to consumers. The aggregated and voluminous digital data can also be leveraged to better target specific consumer segments. Following “Digital Media and Marketing Principles,” this course aims to give you a deeper understanding of core processes of planning a digital marketing campaign and the role of various digital channels in integrated marketing communication. You will be able to: - Adopt a holistic and integrated approach to digital marketing planning - Develop a purposeful content marketing strategy to achieve your business and marketing goals - Effectively mix paid, earned, owned, and shared media channels to discover, reach, and engage your customers - Critically evaluate the role social media platforms play in viral and influencer marketing campaigns - Evaluate and measure the success of digital marketing campaigns - Identify and manage risks in digital marketing This course is part of Gies College of Business’s suite of online programs, including the iMBA and iMSM. Learn more about admission into the program and explore how your Coursera work can be leveraged if accepted into a degree program at




great course gave a whole new insight on this part of the course I will highly recommend to others . the instructor teach it very clearly and the examples are really applicable. Learned a lot from it!



I think this course is much better than the Digital Media and Marketing Principles course. It gives us the opportunity to create our own digital marketing strategies and the reasons behind our choices


Digital Media and Marketing Strategies: 526 - 550 / 670 レビュー

by Chandraprakash V


Contest was minimal and generic. For a beginner also could have added more. Peer evaluation for the plan was not so useful. Most of the feedback were single word replies.



Very general information with too much dependance on the textbook for the course. You might as well just read the book.

by Bharat M


This is a very basic course. It is good only if you know nothing about digital marketing

by Issa M


Still reading from the book. and her skills in delivering the message is not good.

by Gaurav B



Full portion covers theoritical Knowledge.

by Victor C


I did not like the teacher but I did like the course material.

by Sandor A M


As a data scientist I really missed a well traceable logical structure, that might help to understand better the relations between the key elements of the marketing toolset. The same applies to the provided lecture notes. It would be much easier to recap on the topics with a good summary pdf on each lecture just as we had with Kevin Hartman. In some cases the shared supplementary content (e.g. youtube videos) was missing, that would be great if those would be updated. Thank you for the course.

by Vincent F


Absolutely terrible course and professor. Throws generic, outdated, and macro-level marketing ideas on and slides and then proceeds to read them to you. Not indicative of the real world. Quizzes have typos, and don't cover the exact content from the videos. You'd be much better off watching TED Talks from respected business leaders than to waste your time and energy in this course.

by Cem U


Professor is like reading the a text from somewhere. It is not natural and keep monotony through all course. It was the same for previous course from same professor. Nobody speaks like this normally. One could read a book or text instead. It doesn't motivate and make it difficult to follow.

by Francesca


i am unable to check and view my certificate without verifying my ID although i completed the course with 97% grade.

and i'm having problems with verifying my ID

it is unfair to work so hard without being able to have my certificate

so disappointed !!!!!

by Linda D


The two or three minute videos were annoying. I understand that this is what video marketing is about and, PS, not too many people truly watch the videos. Lessons should be 30 minutes each.

by Elena


It was not the best course I did in Coursera. The teacher was distracted and I had some issues in following her. The information was sometimes too basic and other time on much in depth.

by Arvy S


Terrible course.... the instructor just read out of the power point. No examples or case studies or insights.

very disappointed in the class.

by Erin P


Professor just re-iterated text and readings. Lectures were poor and provided no insights

by Luis A F L


Hated the course and the content. I truly regret investing my money on this course.

by Mira G


Just following a text book, without an added value from the lectures.

by ash s


Please get a more enthusiastic prof

by Akhil D


This course is quite complicated.

by Aakrash J


I can't get my course certificate

by Prajay v


pathetic course

by gulshan s


no depth

by LADICT - I S f C


It is my job since years but I think it is a good practice to review periodically what we know about a certain business area. Especially because Digital Media and Digital Marketing are always under development.It took a total amount of 10 hours including the peers for me, just to test the knowledge. This course would be perfect also for a beginner (but keep in consideration a 10/15 hours for 4 week at least to study the topics). Honestly I also learned a lot of new things such as marketing techniques, thinking and analysis systems.Time to time on the path to complete the full course...What did I like the most? The professor, very well prepared and focused about the mega potential of social media channels and online strategies but he spent a lot of words to say that the most important #digital #asset for a business it is the #website. Grazie mille professor! All of us in the sector we need people like you that support and validate this important fact.

by Elijah K


Thanks a lot Mike for enlightening me on the new digital marketing trends including influencers-(Something i never thought about) and how to use social media channels in boosting a business. I have a small firm and i hope all the knowledge i have gained in this course will enable me boost my sales and brand during this time of the pandemic. Thanks to you and i salute you.

by Mingru L


The course is informative and useful. This course gives a holistic picutre of digital marketing by dividing key knowledge points into different sections. Through the whole course, I have gained the sense of how to be a marketer and how to use various tools to plan and operate social marketing campaigns

by Ly V T M


With this course I learn more knowledge about experience in executing a digital marketing campaign for a fictitious firm selling electronics. Completing this course also gave me more confidence in my skills, as well as a solid footing in the marketing field that I love so much.