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フランス国立土木学校(École des Ponts ParisTech) による Mastering bitumen for better roads and innovative applications の受講者のレビューおよびフィードバック



During the four coming weeks, best experts in bitumen will bring you their knowledge and experience to build a strong understanding of today’s realities and new perspectives on the future of bitumen. Total is the European leader on bitumen markets. Innovation has always been the key to sustainability and durability in the products they develop. Their main objective here is to share technical knowledge and experience to insure bitumen are being used in the most effective and efficient ways for their different applications in road works. Ecole des Ponts, France oldest engineering school, remains very much in the present, as it has always been, in training engineers in order to meet the needs of our society and citizens in key areas such as transport housing and urban services, but also in fields like energy, environment, climate sciences, land-use planning and sustainable development. Nineteen world recognized experts on bitumen are contributing to this MOOC. The idea is to provide the broadest prism on this topic area with speakers coming from research, industry and end users....




Its a good course covering information about bitumen market, its specifications, properties, safety and much more. I would recommend this course to students and people working in road sectors.



This is a wonderful course with overview of the bitumen and its applications.\n\nIf possible, please provide more time on development of master curves through DSR and MSCR test.


Mastering bitumen for better roads and innovative applications: 226 - 250 / 283 レビュー

by Mahdi M G


by Sujan.J



I am a civil engineer work for road projects in India and Qatar.My role is generally to review the methodology of pavement works and supervise the road construction works. This course improve my knowledge in bitumen,polymer, pavement works and its testing. I am grateful to the video presenters and coursera team. If coursera able to provide a Master degree in pavement design and construction management, it will be help full for road engineers.

With Regards.

Sujan J

by Aditya


This course covers the major boundaries of bitumen topics. It is a little complicated to understand completely for many beginner or intermediate students, as it strikes many deep concepts which may need further a look to understand. I have taken much time pausing the lectures and searching for the right understandings in web. Overall, This course is so informative and gets your attention to further studies.

by Mrunal U


thanks to all experts of the team total,

the couse is very elaborative and consist of all the inforamation and the technical details with the standards with the modern technology and innovations use in the processes of making the bitumen to use in the various applications, all parts are beautifully covered and given well understanding.

thanks to coursera too.

by Matanat M


I highly appreciate all the hard work done by instructors. The lectures were so informative. The only reason why I have rated with 4* was the accent. It was almost impossible to understand at some points. But in general, it was nice.

Thanks a lot, guys!

by Rishi S C


Dear Sir/Ma'am, it was a wonderful experience of completing the course titled "Mastering bitumen for better roads and innovative applications". Further, I would like you to request for adding such courses on Coursera. Thanks and kind regards!

by Geverson d J M


Some accents are harder to understand than others, which is completely fine. But I believe the subtitles could be improved. Besides that, the content is amazing and the professionals are highly qualified! Thank you so much for the course!

by Sherwin K


It was a good experience for me however I believe that it could address less topics and get a little bit deeper. The accent of lecturers was a serious issue and I wish an interpreter had talked instead.

by Kamran A


Course improved my knowledge on bitumen history, characteristics and applications but their should be complete delivering of knowledge on modern techniques about Marshal stability and super pave.

by ishtiaq H


Except third week, all were very informative and interesting, But the third week has some very boring videos, unable to understand at all.



Benefits of bitumen learned and and how to use the bitumen for road and it makes a better..

Thank you for all this learing..

by Coraly C


Un curso, muy bien explicado. El contenido es interesante y conciso. Sería interesante añadir ejemplos básicos de diseño.

by Nikhil C


Nice opportunity to grab this by online it is wonderful and meaningful for us. For expanding our knowledge and skills

by Christian J


Quite good learning tool and useful information to enter into the bitumen world. Thanks a lot to the team!

by Ali H


Information was very useful, but some of the content was difficult to understand due to the heavy accents.

by Andres C Z Q


It was a very interesting course!. It would be great to have subtitles in other languages like spanish

by Monika D


really very good contain, all literature explain very well by all. Thanks for such informative course.

by Gopalan S


Excellent course, very informative. It could have a few more self study topics for more involvement.

by Ashok K N R


I need more information on rheology properties of bitumen and Recycling techniques such as cold mix.



A good quality and easily understandable teaching method and sources. Anyone can learn easily.

by vivek D


It is so help full for learning new topics for bitumen.. Thank u ..

by Mr A K


very effective , i mean one can enhance up their knowledge here

by Juan F J D M


A course text could be provided for better understading.

by Avouzoa O C M


Tres bonne formation avec de meilleurs formateurs



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