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カリフォルニア大学サンタクルーズ校(University of California, Santa Cruz) による Bayesian Statistics: Techniques and Models の受講者のレビューおよびフィードバック



This is the second of a two-course sequence introducing the fundamentals of Bayesian statistics. It builds on the course Bayesian Statistics: From Concept to Data Analysis, which introduces Bayesian methods through use of simple conjugate models. Real-world data often require more sophisticated models to reach realistic conclusions. This course aims to expand our “Bayesian toolbox” with more general models, and computational techniques to fit them. In particular, we will introduce Markov chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) methods, which allow sampling from posterior distributions that have no analytical solution. We will use the open-source, freely available software R (some experience is assumed, e.g., completing the previous course in R) and JAGS (no experience required). We will learn how to construct, fit, assess, and compare Bayesian statistical models to answer scientific questions involving continuous, binary, and count data. This course combines lecture videos, computer demonstrations, readings, exercises, and discussion boards to create an active learning experience. The lectures provide some of the basic mathematical development, explanations of the statistical modeling process, and a few basic modeling techniques commonly used by statisticians. Computer demonstrations provide concrete, practical walkthroughs. Completion of this course will give you access to a wide range of Bayesian analytical tools, customizable to your data....




This course is excellent! The material is very very interesting, the videos are of high quality and the quizzes and project really helps you getting it together. I really enjoyed it!!!



The course was really interesting and the codes were easy to follow. Although I did take the previous course for this series, I still found it hard to grasp the concepts immediately.


Bayesian Statistics: Techniques and Models: 51 - 75 / 145 レビュー

by Dongxiao H


terrific, so I've learn quite a lot basic knowledge about MCMC. So I can build kinds of models with better understanding.

by Leonardo F


Very interesting.

I would like to have a follow on since the possible applications of the topics explained in the course.

by Manuel M S


Excellent course for introducing yourself to Monte Carlo Methods applied to Bayesian statistics. Highly recommended!

by Ahad H T


Outstanding, Excellent, Must do for statistician. I'm from Civil Engg Background easily capable to learn the course

by Russell N


Fantastic course that I was able to immediately incorporate into my work. Great mix of theory and hands on coding!

by Vlad V


Very good course giving a good practical kickoff to a very interesting and exciting topic of Bayesian statistics.

by Bill B


Very useful introduction to practical application of Bayesian inference to real world problems using R and JAGS.

by Artem B


It is very concise, but informative course. It combines both theory and practice in R, which are easy to follow.

by Ian C


I really enjoyed the course! Thank you for the very interesting and thought-provoking lectures and assignments.

by Sharang T


It was a very informative course and it was very useful in giving an introduction to a whole new field for me

by Juan C


Muy recomendable para los investigadores y profesionales que quieren desarrollar productos y procesos nuevos.

by Ariel A


This course is a great start for everyone who wants to dive into Bayesian Statistics. Very clear and helpful.

by Hyun J K


Perfect combination of theory part + application part

Recommend to people who took the basic Bayesian class

by Stephen


Fairly good introduction to basic Bayesian statistical models and JAGS, the package to fit those models.

by Tomas F


I really, really enjoyed this course. So much so, that I'm definitively going to take the next one.

by Chow K M


The hands-on application with guidance helps one navigate between understanding and implementation.

by Cardy M I


This course helped me to get some experience at building Bayesian models and how they are applied.

by Nirajan B


Amazing course. Never taken a course of such an impressive level at coursera. Highly recommended.

by Madayan A


Very good course, a little bit to slow at some point but this is marginal in the overall feeling.

by Jaime A C


Excellent material, top quality instructor and very well designed course. I've learned a lot.

by Sariel H


Very comprehensive and practical. The course requires some experience with R programming.

by Yuanjia Y


This course taught very practical techniques which can be immediately applied to my job.

by Maurice


Nice teachers, good tempo, well-dosed exercises. I liked this course a lot! Thank you!

by Haozhe ( X


Great course. Really enjoy the capstone. Got some hands-on Bayesian Modeling analysis

by Johan F R


I highly recommend this course. Content and instructors are excellent. Thank you.