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Cannabis is a group of flowering plants that has been long used for industrial, recreational and medical purposes. When relating to its medical use, the terms "Medical Cannabis" or "Medical marijuana" has become prevalent. In this course we will use the term "Medical Cannabis". Nowadays, Medical Cannabis involves multiple medical disciplines such as neuroscience, pain, pharmacology, oncology, psychiatry and more. Moreover, it has cultural, agricultural and social, legal and political implications. This course will give you a solid ground to understand the whole picture. By completing this course, you will gain a broad understanding and knowledge base related to medical use of cannabis for pain control. You will be exposed to a wide range of topics such as historical use of cannabis in ancient times, botanic aspects of the plants, and potential benefits and risks associated with its medical use to both individuals and society....




I am so happy that this course and school was suggested to me. I was apprehensive to jump back into lessons and tests, etc, but I'm really grateful I did. Helping my career and mind.



Very informative course for beginners, who are not familiar with the cannabis plant, do not have a background in physiological causes of pain and pain control methods.


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by venus v


the course is not reached expectations videos are fast and slides should be given as it very very diffult to write notes as it runs fast

and no submissions to review

by Deleted A


Outdated material, lack of reference material. Very poor layout of available course material. It is actually simply the transcript of the video and nothing else. Tests geared towards testing your ability to understand English versus your ability to comprehend the material presented.

by Janav A M P


Most of the Quiz's are incorrect. No one seems to be looking at the Discussion Forums and resolving issues.

by raeez a k


This is a Professional Marijuana / Cannabis Course , Its Preferred The Person Enrolling This Course Should Have Prior Knowledge Of Cannabis , This Course is More Focused On The Medical Pain , Case & Research Study Of Cannabis

by Deganit E


interesting course overall. a bit scattered.

some of the questions did not reflect the video content.

there's no 'go to' person when there are issues.

by Liam


This course requires you to PAY in order to submit any quiz and therefore you cannot complete the course without paying the fee. This is not in line with the ideals of a MOOC and I find it highly offensive that this is the only option of completion. This course had a lot of potential to benefit myself and my practice. Such as shame

by Ruben P R


Excelente adiestramiento a distancia, comprensible y muy bien llevado por los maestros, el único problema es que se califique entre alumnos porque no a todos les gustan la forma de presentar los trabajos de otros compañeros, fuera de ahí muy buen curso.

by Zhanna T


Very interesting and deeply cognitive course that has changed my idea of marijuana with all its complex aspects.I recommend for everybody who wants to expand his knowlege with all Pros and Cons in this field.

by Fabian M


So far it has been a fascinating course and I really like the calm voice and assuredness with which the professor explains things.

by Jeru J


Well presented, easy to follow, especially for a first time learner of the subject! Thank you

by Anton C


This is a pretty good class with interesting and informative lectures. The only drawback is that the quizzes have a few issues because of language barrier, causing some questions to be hard to answer with certainty.

by Jordan H


Course is informative but shallow. Dislike the peer reviewed assignment at the end. Caused me to delay my course by an additional 4 weeks.

Some mistakes in the wording of medical terms.

by Fernando C


no he recibido calificacion y no se me ha entregado mi certificado

by Solange C


Este curso es muy bueno y completo, aprendí muchas cosas que me sirven para mi mismo tratamiento de cannabis medicinal para condromalacia rotuliana.

Me gustó mucho como te contextualizan de una forma muy completa antes de llegar a las clases sobre el tema en particular, ya que no muchas personas saben todo eso.

Creo las clases son muy imparciales lo cual es muy bueno en un sentido educativamente hablando ya que te muestra los estudios con resultados a favor, en contra y los que necesitan más investigación y lo dejan muy en claro.

Quiero agradecer a los profesores, la universidad y coursera por la oportunidad y el espacio para aprender

by Kamila Ś


One of the best courses on Medical Cannabis I have ever had a pleasure to take. A great summary of pain perception and a detailed insight into the botanics and medical use of the cannabis plant for pain control. As a chronic pain patient I benefited from this course personally. Thank you!

by William Z R


Great course. The content is good, the information is clear based on data. I would recommend it to have a well-founded context on the topic, but research and critical thinking from students is strongly encouraged. Encourage research on knowledge gaps. The course is what it promises.

by Honey S W


Nicest way to study for an adult during pandemic! Thank you Professor Eisenberg. Great course. Where can I find your resources for cannabis and pregnancy studies you mentioned??? Thanks much.

Honey Smith Walls, Melbourne, FL

by Olger C S


excelente curso, las explicaciones dadas por el tutor son muy buenas, los ejemplos y las evaluaciones tambien hacian que el estudiante demostrara sus conocimientos. me gusto mucha la pagina

by Leia J


I am so happy that this course and school was suggested to me. I was apprehensive to jump back into lessons and tests, etc, but I'm really grateful I did. Helping my career and mind.

by Rustam I


Very informative course for beginners, who are not familiar with the cannabis plant, do not have a background in physiological causes of pain and pain control methods.

by Natalia C M A


EXcelleent course, i had so much fun while learning even under these conditions, excuse my english , stay safe an thank you so much !

by Juliana S Z A


Adorei o curso, é uma ótima base para quem quer entender um pouco mais sobre medicamentos a base de cannabis

by Franco D



by Daniel A R C


buen curso, muy didactico, algunas preguntas mal formuladas. Pero la finalidad del curso es aprender.



very complete, didactic, in my opinion, its a necessesary skill for today medicine