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Welcome to Understanding Memory. Someone once said that memory is fascinating because sometimes we forget what we want to remember, sometimes we remember what we want to forget, and sometimes we remember events that never happened or never happened the way we remember them. I want to show you how memory works, why it sometimes fails, and what we can do to enhance it. Based on my recent book – Memory and Movies: What Films Can Teach Us About Memory (MIT Press, 2015) – I will provide an introduction to the scientific study of human memory by focusing on a select group of topics that hold widespread appeal. To facilitate your understanding, I will use clips from numerous films to illustrate different aspects of memory – describing what has been learned about memory in a nontechnical way for people with no prior background in psychology. Many of us love watching movies because they offer an unparalleled opportunity for entertainment, even if entertaining films are not always scientifically accurate. Still, I believe that we can learn a lot about memory from popular films, if we watch them with an educated eye. Welcome once more. I am looking forward to showing you what movies can teach us about memory. John Seamon Professor of Psychology Emeritus Wesleyan University...




The material is presented in an easy to remember and understand format. Information is repeated several times during a lecture. The videos chosen enhanced understanding and engagement in the lectures.



one of the best course I did on Coursera. I really love learning memory and psychology at the same time. the examples given are really just awesome. One useful course during this COVID-19 pandemic.


Understanding Memory: Explaining the Psychology of Memory through Movies: 551 - 575 / 616 レビュー

by Cesar O


Si amas el maravilloso mundo del cine y también la psicología, entonces este curso es para tí. Ampliamente recomendable.

by Juan D S M


Es un curso realmente agradable para aquellos que se interesan por la condición humana y se apasionan por el cine !!!

by nelly a


Very interesting and amuzing way of learning about something so important as memory is. I have enjoyed every lesson.

by Haydee A


It was a very interesting course. Thank you! I am also reading the book. I highly recommend it!

Thank you!!!!

by Nancy B


I enjoyed the subject matter, however, the presenter is very monotone and makes it hard to pay attention.

by Sukran C


It was very well prepared lessons. I have found all lessons very usefull indeed. Thank you sharing with us

by Edouard


Very good pedadogy, IMO it's better to make small quizz after/During each videos. 'll recommand it

by Stephen B


Excellent incorporation of these two disciplines! It has been said that movies make memories!

by Boules N L


Beneficial to those who want to learn how memory works and how to save it even in old age!

by Prasanthee


Enjoyed the course. Explained how memory works and memory loss occurs in simple terms.

by nagarajan


Well, the course helped me view memory and cognition through a cinematic experience.

by Unmesh R


Articulated well how memory works through the medium of different move clips.

by Dimple Y


A good way to understand complex structure of memory. Enjoyed thoroughly.

by Georges E A


I liked the way that course go... it was nice to know how our memory work

by Rich I


An entertaining way of learning more about this neuro-biologic process.

by Jorge A D F G


An overview of memory and its problems, using movies to reflect on them

by Hemanth V


This course has improved my understanding of how human brain works.

by Diana M


The course was truly engaging, easy to follow and to understand.

by Linda


Very interesting course! Kind professor. Lovely film episodes.

by Berenice J


It was an exceptional course. I have learned a lot. Thanks!

by Isil M


Un curso excelente y muy práctico. Totalmente recomendable.

by Sharon D


Very interesting course. Easy to follow and well presented.

by Weronika B


Nice comparisons, presenter might have talk a bit louder

by Katherine M K


I found this course interesting all the way through.

by Madelyn S


Enjoyed the content and examples through the movies