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Mindshift is designed to help boost your career and life in today’s fast-paced learning environment. Whatever your age or stage, Mindshift teaches you essentials such as how to get the most out of online learning and MOOCs, how to seek out and work with mentors, the secrets to avoiding career ruts (and catastrophes) and general ruts in life, and insights such as the value of selective ignorance over general competence. We’ll provide practical insights from science about how to learn and change effectively even in maturity, and we’ll build on what you already know to take your life’s learning in fantastic new directions. This course is designed to show you how to look at what you’re learning, and your place in what’s unfolding in the society around you, so you can be what you want to be, given the real world constraints that life puts on us all. You’ll see that by using certain mental tools and insights, you can learn and do more—far more—than you might have ever dreamed! This course can be taken independent of, concurrent with, or subsequent to, its companion course, Learning How to Learn. (Mindshift is more career focused, and Learning How to Learn is more learning focused.)...




I enjoyed this course very much. I am 64-years-old and this course taught me that you can learn anything new no matter what age you are. I am now broadening my passions and learning is a lot more fun.



I enjoyed this MOOC. It is very well-done and clearly covers the topics of mindshifting along with career advancement. Also--good illustrations and visuals/sounds which assist in the learning process.


Mindshift: Break Through Obstacles to Learning and Discover Your Hidden Potential: 3376 - 3394 / 3,394 レビュー

by Shynar L


nice work!

by Mustafa M


very good

by Sarah B


It's a lot of easy basic ideas about learning. It's not horrible advice if you're a slower learning or need advice in learning how to learn. I think this course would be great for people who need a bit of encouragement about learning. Or if they're new to MOOCs or learning in general. It's not bad information. Just be aware that if you're taking more difficult courses or have read books or are a more advanced learner, this course doesn't have much to offer.

by Yazan Z


a lot of "bro science" at this course, i don't think this should be on Coursera! it is shallow articles that is located on one place!

for example: Barbara suggests that mindfulness meditation may impair creativity despite all the research about this subject! i think it is because the researches contradicts her own explanation for creativity and the diffuse mode thing!

by Eugen D


A lot less substance compared to the original course. The only usefull info in the first two parts of the course (I stopped after that) was the mention of Alex Vermeer' guide to defeat procrastination.

by B M


Some valuable information, but delivery can get excruciating. Finished with honours but did not receive a certificate indicating that.

by Kawthar


I enjoyed the course , maybe improvement on the quality of the material and videos . Overall interesting course.

by Faatimah M M


I did not recieve my free certificate

by Alexander R


Don't get me wrong, the information presented in the course may be very good. However, there are constantly visual and sound animations that distract me from focussing to learn something all the time. After every sentence - and sometimes even within a sentence - the position of the lecturer changes and the constantly used effects ruin the whole course for me. Even when I close my eyes and try to concentrate on the content, the sound distractions are too distractive as well. So, all the material can also be found online elsewhere presented in a much better way. Furthermore, I also took the famous Negotiation course on Coursera: That course is wonderfully structured, each video starts with a short introduction where we are at in the course, and each videos stops with a short bottom line with the most important facts to learn from the relevant video. All it takes is a professor who sits down and speaks precisely without any distractions so that you can fully focus and learn the content. I find it very surprising that a mooc about learning fails to deliver the same experience, although the course lecturers put in a lot of work and are very good content-wise. But because of the distractions, I stopped this course after 45 minutes.

by Dr. B N


Disappointed. So much misinformation in such a small course.

There are people who could gain confidence from watching this, but it's not for you if what you need is help with understanding a new concept.

When the course undermines the importance of conceptual understanding as a bad western habit, you can't expect it to promote your understanding.

While hormones and neurotransmitters are important factors when it comes to brain function, the basic anatomy and developmental history influence it to a much higher degree. This basic understanding is something that you would expect from a course like this. If you think your child has some learning trouble, don't judge based on this, take him/her to a paediatrician and asses them properly.

by Joyce T


Quizzes should be OPTIONAL, particularly for those of us who are participating purely for personal enrichment and enjoyment. This has turned into a nightmare rather than a pleasure and that's unacceptable.

by Brittny


Personally, I found the content to be boring. The course focuses on basic psychology and videos range from 30 secs - 10 mins each, which is quite annoying.

by Rafay A


not what i expected as i thought i would be learning after doing the course learning how to learn

by Lui T C


Course progress is extremely inefficient and the contents are too superficial to be of use

by Vikas P


My all module is completed but I donot get my certificate please help

by Anna S


Impossible to unenroll unlike all the other courses.

by Anna G


A bunch of words about nothing. Wasted my time.

by Ashutosh K U


Title doesn't fit to course material quality.

by [20] S S [ 2


Very bad course