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Most professions these days require more than general intelligence. They require in addition the ability to collect, analyze and think about data. Personal life is enriched when these same skills are applied to problems in everyday life involving judgment and choice. This course presents basic concepts from statistics, probability, scientific methodology, cognitive psychology and cost-benefit theory and shows how they can be applied to everything from picking one product over another to critiquing media accounts of scientific research. Concepts are defined briefly and breezily and then applied to many examples drawn from business, the media and everyday life. What kinds of things will you learn? Why it’s usually a mistake to interview people for a job. Why it’s highly unlikely that, if your first meal in a new restaurant is excellent, you will find the next meal to be as good. Why economists regularly walk out of movies and leave restaurant food uneaten. Why getting your picture on the cover of Sports Illustrated usually means your next season is going to be a disappointment. Why you might not have a disease even though you’ve tested positive for it. Why you’re never going to know how coffee affects you unless you conduct an experiment in which you flip a coin to determine whether you will have coffee on a given day. Why it might be a mistake to use an office in a building you own as opposed to having your office in someone else’s building. Why you should never keep a stock that’s going down in hopes that it will go back up and prevent you from losing any of your initial investment. Why it is that a great deal of health information presented in the media is misinformation....




This course is great! I recommend it to anyone who wants to be able to reason better and have more capabilities in making decisions. Thank you Dr. Nisbett and Coursera for providing this course.



Anyone beginner can take this course and be 100 times more understanding of information via any media while also perhaps understanding what is the best choice in some give scenario IRL.


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by Frank F


One of the most interesting courses I have ever taken. It will change the way you read every news article and work report.

by Subrata N


If one your decesion went you on wrong way don't be upset. Change your decesion and choose another path for right way.

by Luara P L


Material is very easy to go through, lots of pratical examples. It will surely help me make better decisions in life.

by Md R K


This is my first course on Cousera, Richard Nisbett is amazing with his course. It's been amazing learning with him.

by Leonardo A


This is exactly what I needed in my field of work. Have been looking for this for several years and glad I found it.

by Mary L


Hi Professor Nesbitt, Great course! I learned something new today. I highly recommend this course. Thank you. Mary

by Cristina C


I loved this course. The instructor is very friendly and engaging and I loved all the real world examples.

by Oleksandr O


Excellent course! The 6th lesson was quite difficult to get it, but others are awesome. Thank you so much!

by Juan F G M


It is really a good start for learning Critical Thinking. I am very happy with the selection of content.

by Naz


Our professor was very nice. I won't forget what I've learned. Thank you for a smooth and great course!

by Aron T B


Amazing course! The content is very complete and at the same time very straightforward, very practical.

by Javier M


Everyone should get this course. It's like knowing how to read and write. I must for every human being.

by Melchor S M


Excellent course, the explanations by Dr. Nisbett were very clear and engaging. Highly recommended!

by Ervinas J


Amazing course, going to purchase audio version of your book to listen while I commute! Thank you.



A refreshing review of common thinking fallacies and biases, with practical hints to reduce them.

by Viviana L


Game-changing. Probably life-changing, too -- but I can't base my evaluation on a single event :)

by Reinis L


Super course, just sometimes the wording and phrases are too complicated for non native speakers

by sweta d


Great course,! Great instructor! This course is very helpful for everyone all across the board.

by Tidie R


Great course to resharpen your analytical skill by knowing the foundation of logical reasoning.

by Munawar H


I had great time and learned to see in new point of view and think in many ways as it requires.

by Prakhar C


Great course on introducing principles of logical deduction and finding optimality of choices.

by Roger D W


Excellent course! Well thought out and constructed, very interesting content, highly relevant.

by Rodrigo H


One of my best courses at Coursera! I'll use a lot more of Critical Thinking in my decisions.

by Faris B


Great course on how to think about real-world problems and making more effective decisions.

by Михайловский И А


The team did a great job in saving your time and making it fun simultaniously. Great job!