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This course examines how the idea of "the modern" develops at the end of the 18th century in European philosophy and literature, and how being modern (or progressive, or hip) became one of the crucial criteria for understanding and evaluating cultural change. Are we still in modernity, or have we moved beyond the modern to the postmodern?...



Sad to see it end. I loved this course. I thought Professor Roth was a great guide. As I've completed Part 2 I am tempted to go listen to the lectures all over again. This hooked me on MOOCs. 6 stars.


The course is great . I am not a humanities student and english is not my first language , so I find writing essays difficult. I wish there were some easier tests along side the essays. Thank you.


The Modern and the Postmodern (Part 2): 26 - 50 / 95 レビュー

by Gerard M


I came away from the course with a much better understanding of why the world is the way it is today. The diversity of thought offered by great thinkers in featured readings is amazing. Highly recommended!

by Ayush P


In my opinion, one of the best Mooc on liberal arts. Felt like being part of a real class all along. Best wishes to Prof. Michael and his team at Wesleyan.

Greetings from India 🇮🇳

by Anne F


I love this course. The enthusiasm of the teacher is wonderful. His choice of works and their treatment are excellent. I learned a lot, even though I have an MA in Literary Studies.

by Chuck C


This course was an expansive eye opener for me. I enjoyed the insights and enthusiasm of Prof Roth and highly recommend the course. Thanks to COURSERA for making it available.

by Nidhi N


It was an exceptional experience. I wish there was more, say a third part. thanks Coursera, Wesleyan University, and most importantly Michael Roth. It was truly a learning

by Fogan A


A very good course for everyone whowould like to understand our today society and the last generations behaviors... Thanks to Coursera & President Roth Michael!

by James C


I can't get enough of Michael Roth's courses! I've retaken this course and the other two. I get more insight each time! No attitude, just insight and learing!

by Olga M


Thank you for this inspiring diving into modern and postmodern philosophy. It helped a lot with filling gaps and providing new leads to develop and research

by Alisha M


My favourite MOOC of all time! Changed the way I viewed the world and introduced me to the wonderful new world of philosophy. Thank you Micheal S. Roth! :)

by ivan l a


The second part of the course was also incredible. Professor Roth, brilliant as in the first. Highly recommended course for all who love the humanities.

by Teresa F


I want more. It grew in me like when you manage to bring out a splendid salad.Everything connects and relates but what really matters is the chewing.

by luciana a a


A very good way to start thinking about our times. I learned a lot about authors and reflected much during the course. Was really worth every class!

by Ken H


This is a great course. The video lectures are smart and engaging. There is material to keep on reading and that will last a long, long time.

by Everardo G


This is an amazing course. I´m really happy. I had a really good time with the bibliography, the topics, and the teacher. ¡THAKS A LOT!

by Peter A B


really enjoyed the course. When are they going to d a course on late existentialist thinkers? Some of the readings were unavailable.

by Andrew G


Excellent course. Well constructed and well presented. Really enjoyed learning about a subject I previously only knew the name of!

by Ms A J


T​he course is ultimately wonderful to comprehend a unique insight into the literary traits of the PostModern Era. Thanks a lot .

by Ethan T


This is a great philosophy course because you get written assignments, which is necessary in any philosophy course in my opinion.

by Peter F


Excellent course from an accomplished scholar, presents insights about his subject matter from all different points of view.

by Rebecca R


I loved this course. Michael Roth was superb in repacking the challenging content in an engaging and enthralling manner.

by Bergthor S


THE most interesting lecturer I have found in recent times.

Wonderfully enlightening approach to the subjec.

Thank you

by Cristina D


Excellent! Looking forward for more classes like this one, and if they are with the same Professor, even better.

by David V G


Great Course. Enjoying it, expanding my knowledge and thinking. Taking my time and repeat most of the lectures.

by Maria L R


Excellent course, the best context to read and understand very good writers and important ideas. Thank you.

by Rahul R


Very well presented and planned.

Lot of learning opportunity . Interest generating to learn more.