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This is a survey of modern history from a global perspective. Part Two begins early in the twentieth century, as older ways of doing things and habits of thought give way. What follows is an era of cataclysmic struggles over what ideas and institutions will take their place. The course concludes in the present day, as communities everywhere are transitioning into a new era of world history. Again we work hard to grasp what is happening and ask: Why? Again we are drawn to pivotal choices made at key moments by individuals and communities....



Excellent course. I learned a lot, enjoyed the experience. Prof. Zelnikov is a master teacher. Thanks for the opportunity to listen and learn even after eight years after production of these lectures.


excellent course for those who have not studied history as part of their academic curriculum. Course is slightly from American(USA) perspective of world events but nevertheless is highly informative.


The Modern World, Part Two: Global History since 1910: 26 - 50 / 359 レビュー

by Mark B


This course and its continuation should be obligatory for everyone to take either as an advanced course in high school or during college.

It will be very difficult for anyone to improve on this course. It presents in a superb way how the events in world history are interconnected, and analyzes history from numerous angles.

Mark Bergman

by ANA C C D R L


Great chance to have an overall understanding of the most important events of out time and being able to have it all opened up in detail, explained. At the end, you get confidence enough to be able to make your own judgment. No course could be better than this one in turning tin something easy to understand but not too simple.

by Fan Z


Excellent course! Professor Zelikow explains global events in a detailed and unbiased way, providing points of views of the different sides in historical events. He explains not only why something happened, but why did the other alternatives not prevail and how things could've turned out quite different indeed. Thank you!

by Skylar F


Such a good class. The information was presented in well-rounded manner, with the teacher sometimes focusing on just one country, or other times, focusing on a topic, within several countries. He brings in pictures, film clips, propaganda, and music to help make history more tangible. I really appreciated this class!

by Manjeet S N


excellent course for those who have not studied history as part of their academic curriculum. Course is slightly from American(USA) perspective of world events but nevertheless is highly informative.

by Scott M


The content of this course is excellent, and the instructor is clearly highly qualified. The only reason I am giving the course a rating of 4 and not a 5 is because the lectures are far too lengthy. Coursera best practices recommends that video lectures should be no more than about 10 minutes long. Nearly all the lectures in this course are longer than that, and several are over a half-hour. It is very difficult to maintain focus in an online course with very limited interactivity for this length of time.

by Julie C


I found Part Two much easier to follow because I stopped taking notes. The professor's speaking style is so informally formal that it's easy to understand and remember. His passion for history is obvious when you combine looking and listening.

by Uliana B


On the one hand, I really appreciated this course. Prof. Zelikow and his team created an extradionary course and did enormous work. Despite the fact that I studied history at university, I discovered many new facts. What I really liked that there was a lot of information about colonial possessions and government. On the other hand, I was disappointed that the history of America prevailed. This course is called "The Modern World" and I would like to know equally about different countries. I still have an impression that the USA is often presented as a "hero". I don`t agree with the presentation of the Soviet Union. Being a Russian historian I can say that there are many documents in archives (not only in Russia, but in England for exmple) that may disprove some arguments given in this course. I was a bit shocked and sad when I didn`t hear anything about the the Soviet liberation of Europe and the German Instrument of Surrender between the USSR and Germany. I also can`t agree with the fact that the Soviet Union won the war only thanks to American supplies (land-lease). There is one more fact that I didn`t like: the Soviet famine of 1932-1933 was only in Ukraine. It incuded a lot more territory - Volga region, Kazakhstan, Nothern Caucasus... And I don`t agree that the Soviet Union was responsible almost for everything and made suffer all the Socialist Bloc. I would like to comment the Cuban Missile Crisis also. I totally disagree that it was the Soviet Union`s fault. The crisis actually occured not only because of the Soviet Union but also because America placed its missiles in Turkey in 1961. I hope that one day the Soviet Union won`t be presented only in a negative light and historical studies studies will include more archival documents.

by Ujjwal K


The course though aims to give comprehensive overlook of key and major events it appears slightly tilted towards USA. It was great learning, this will help me understand the world developments better. History is inspiring. Thank you!

by Micheal P


It was interesting but the last week became more speculation on the future rather than history. Interesting but also distracting.

by Adam U


I find it hard if not impossible to learn in prof. Zelikow's courses for this reason: his explanations are too general.

by Stuart B


Course is not for free and misleading.

by Ibraheem R


Hard Quizzes

by Eric C


Professor Phillip Zelikow was sensational and if I lived in Charlottesville (where the University of Virginia is) I'd try to be his friend. The best analogy I can think of is Vin Scully. I always loved Vin. When Vin did the Dodger game he spoke to you like he was sitting next to you at the game and just making a few comments. "You know Eric, Garvey has hit safely in 13 of his last 14 games and he's had an RBI or a run scored in all 13." I can imagine Phillip Zelikow sitting next to me and saying "Hey Eric, Have a look at this photo of the 1931 British Indian Round Table conference. Everybody is mugging for the camera, but not Gandhi. He's too cool." When he tells the story of Gorbachev trying to decide how to handle East Germany in the late 80's he puts his hand on his head like he's Gorbi trying to figure it out. When he briefly mentioned the German death camps he was so disgusted I thought for a minute he was getting ready to spit. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

by Paca N


i have enjoyed the course very much. I am very proud of being able to follow the course in English, since I am Spanish. I have listened all videos and afterwards I have read the transcription in English, too. The teacher, Philip Zelikow is a terrific one¡¡ He teaches wonderfully and I love the way he makes us to think and analyze the facts. And I think he is quite impartial, too. I have enjoyed so much, that I am going to do the first part of the course, too. At the begining I just wanted to do the last years of hte Modern History, but I have realized that I need to do the first part (from 1760 - 1910) to have a better idea of these last years. I think it would be really worthy another course from 2013 till nowadays¡¡ Thank you

by Frederick J G


I very much enjoyed the course despite its rapid pace and breath and scope of subject matter. It was a very nice review. Given that the course took us to 2013, I wonder if Professor Zelikow and others feel the transition period he noted between the 2nd and 3rd phases is becoming better defined - or perhaps more blurred. I do feel we are at a pivot or transition and try to look at the cause of problems and solutions to them. Perhaps we will one day have a course or chapter devoted to the political and economic consequences of the global pandemic when reviewing decisions made by national leaders. Stay healthy and thank you. Fred Gorrell, Ottawa, Canada

by darioworld


Great Professor, very logical explanations of the sequences of the world's events.

Key concepts explained with calm and supported by well thought materials.

This course is not just full of data, it teachs you how to understand the world's history using:

1) The interaction between the global and the local events.

2) The history unfold based on choices of people which faces situations, they faced problems and responded with certain solutions which in turn created new situations.

3) It helps you to understand why poeple choose certain solutions over others in certain key points of world history.

by David E


This is an excellent survey of the long 19th Century through WW II with a marvelous ' lagniappe' of very thoughtful coverage to 2013. I think that covering the events of the last two generations is very difficult without the credibility gained via a consistent approach to what came before. This course provided that consistency.

I now have a new appreciation of 'what came before' and a reminder, thanks to Philip Zelikow, to resist the constraint of thinking only via the history, outlooks and ideas of my lifetime.

Highly recommended.

by Anjaney L


It was a fascinating course. To get a chance to learn from such a learned person and get a chance to develop a new perspective towards the events of the past century was a really unique moment for me personally. Philip Sir helped develop credence in my theory that critically analyzing and thinking about the past events can really enable an individual to make more prudent decisions in the future. We learn both positives and negatives from the past and I am really glad to have studied this course.Thank you Philip Sir

by Eileen T F


The videos were all carefully thought through and presented in a clear, compelling manner. It was manifest that the instructor was totally engaged with the material, Professor has a charming manner,

It was a really good experience for me. I would have liked , if not a text, some relevant reading materials recommended to accompany sections of the course.

It is reassuring to think that young people at UVA would be exposed to such an excellent professor.

by Gilbook G


I really want to thank to the Professor Philip Zelikow for share with us his extensive knowledge. History has always been considered boring, and that responds, in my opinion, to the way it has been taught in school. However, it is impossile to understand our present if we do not know our past. I live in Venezuela and the history of each Latin american country is not isolated of the panorama described by the proffesor. Thank you very much!



it really takes you on a journey to learn about different geopolitical issues around the world, it also explains the current landscape that we are living in and helps you better understand the way nation behave and are allied to each other, their root cause their demography and their culture, it uses so many pictures and tools to help you understand the true picture of the story and is very unbiased in its teaching.

by Yaron K


"historical knowledge is essential to current events, but in a deeper way take in the history.

Use it just to enrich your understanding of why things have happened the way

they have, the way countries act, the way choices are made" .

The quote is from Week3, but describes the whole course. Also deserves 5 stars for the inclusion of lots of maps (sadly lacking in some history courses) and other visualizations.

by Alissa T


This course was really helpful to understand the missing links in history. It does not only cover the main events, but also cultural backgrounds. What makes this course special is that it's about the whole world and not just one specific part. Many compliments to the lecturer who did an amazing job telling the detailed story with passion. The tone of voice and illustrations were very satisfying.