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Welcome! In this course learners will develop expertise in basic magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) physics and principles and gain knowledge of many different data acquisition strategies in MRI. In particular, learners will get to know what is magnetic resonance phenomenon, how magnetic resonance signals are generated, how an image can be formulated using MRI, how soft tissue contrast can change with imaging parameters. Also introduced will be MR imaging sequences of spin echo, gradient echo, fast spin echo, echo planar imaging, inversion recovery, etc....



Nov 25, 2018

Great Course that covers quite a lot on the ins-and-outs of MRI technology, though it doesn't cover fMRI. Despite that fact, it's a definite course to try out if you were curious of how MRIs work.


Apr 23, 2020

Very interesting and educating course. This is my first experience with magnetic forces and imaging, and it was very clear and easy to understand. Thank you!


MRI Fundamentals: 26 - 42 / 42 レビュー

by Ibrahim I I s

May 12, 2020

Very constructive


Jun 28, 2020

Nice Explanation

by Padma C

Jun 02, 2020

Awesome course

by Sourav K D

May 09, 2020


by Niranjan

Apr 04, 2020

really good

by jiangfan

Sep 16, 2019

good class

by Muhammad Y M

Aug 06, 2019



Jul 03, 2020


by Tushar k

Jan 04, 2020

Overall the course is very good. Cover all the basics concepts in decent detail. I can surely say that i have more knowledge of how an MRI works than before i started the course. Accent sometimes makes it hard to understand what is being said and the subtitles also don't make much sense. I found that Extra material was not given to understand more about the subject. A book or links for further exploration would have been better.

by Soleen G

Mar 29, 2020

Good MRI course on MRI fundamentals. Beware it has relatively high emphasis on mathematical formulas. Would love to have a 2nd course like this with more emphasis on clinically used sequences and common MR artifacts.

by Clifford C

Jun 17, 2020

Very in depth course. It's easier to read the course than try to understand the video/audio. At least it was for me.

by Aditya s

Apr 16, 2020

good course

by Oon Y Y

Jun 27, 2020

Basically, the lecturer is just reading off the entire slide, with little or no further explanation. No lecture notes are given at all. The voice isn't very clear too. But the overall curriculum is quite rigorous and difficult, and some mathematics foundations in Fourier transform are required.

by Haroon R K

Jun 22, 2020

Language was a major issue. Course is a bit complicated.

by Rosa M K

Jul 29, 2019

Very difficult to understand Mr. Park. Subtitles not helpful.

by Md. W R (

May 23, 2020

Won't recommend this course to anyone who wants to understand a convulated topic like MRI. The communication skill of the Instructor was poor due to his speaking. Sometimes, I couldn't understand what words he had been uttering. The quizzes also had wrong answers so you will need to do trial and error. Although I am from engineering background, I had a foundation to Fourier transform and mathematical operations like this. Yet, i failed to get the essence of this. So, assume if you are not from engineering background, then, best of luck!

by John P F

May 29, 2020

Please practice conversational english