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You love music. You listen to music all the time. Maybe you sing, play an instrument, or compose music. You don’t need to have musical talent to use music to enhance your well being, and even your health. Learn simple techniques to enrich your mind, body, and spirit through music. The methods can be applied in your daily life, particularly when you are feeling down or stressed out. Developed by a board-certified music therapist and a vocalist/pianist/composer/recording artist specializing in Indian music, these strategies combine science with the wisdom of Eastern philosophy. In the course, discover how to unlock your creativity. You will learn not only how to listen to music in a new way, but also how to listen to the impact that music has on you. You will find out how to care for yourself by practicing coping techniques that are supported by music that is special to you....




I enjoyed the lessons by Sussanne and Annette. They made it so easy for me to learn and understand how misc relates to wellness. It is my hope that I can create music for wellness.



Easy going learning, full of many tips and point for reflections immediately adoptable. This course makes me go on improving my curiosity in this topic. I strongly recommend it.


Music for Wellness: 26 - 50 / 98 レビュー

by Kate S


I'm so glad I chose to take this course! It helped me return to my roots in music. It reminded me why I've always loved to sing and write. Creating the Autobiographical Playlist (and not judging myself for the choices) was a major growth moment for me as an artist. I highly recommend this course!

by Bhawna A


The content of the course is well defined and served the purpose of understanding music as a source of mindfulness and healing. A well planned and interesting way of learning music. It was offical come back course to return to music. kudos to facilitators and developers of the course.

by Samuel G


This course isn't just great but eye opening and it enlightens me the impact of music type on me as a person. It also forced me to write my own first song (i ve Actually been lazy to do it, but mow I finally did for the vrry first time snd now it won't havr to stop, never again!

by Chris A


I really enjoyed the quantitative and spiritual balance in this course. Annette and Suzanne were a perfect balance. It tied a lot of the recording work I have sound with Sound Meditation artists together too, to get a true sense of what they do. Thanks!

by Nicola R


Extraordinary journey into the beneficial effects of misica. It takes very little to give a boost in overcoming the daily difficulties with some right music. The instructors are amazing. Thanks for this great opportunity! I have discovered a new world.

by Peter W


Great course! Very fun for someone like me that enjoys music yet really didn't think I could create it. The instructors helped get me past that awkward feeling and do more than I thought I could. Others should have fun with that class too!

by Uche O


I enjoyed the lessons by Sussanne and Annette. They made it so easy for me to learn and understand how misc relates to wellness. It is my hope that I can create music for wellness.

by Leonard G


This course was very worthwhile doing. Putting in the effort increased my awareness of well being. I fel it will make me a better person as well as a more proficient musician.



Quite expository and interesting. My creativity was unleashed. Thank you Coursera and Berklee College of Music.

by channesha s


...Found good,to get first step forward of music; which is helping to achieve further peak level of Music...

by Sheryl C R


I learn some new stuff. I really enjoyed the course. It also help to discover a little more about myself.

by Marina A T


A gentle way to approach musical creation and how to channel feelings or change the mood through music.

by Cheng Y


F​rom theory to practice, linked to body science evidence.​ This is a good course worth to learn.

by Anagha V


Thoroughly enjoyed this course. If you love music it is fun to do the assignments! Happy :)

by Ola E


I really enjoyed it, and I learned new techniques that I can easily apply in my daily life.

by Jesus C


Este curso realmente cambio mi vida porque cambio mi forma de escuchar la musica gracias

by Laura A H B


This course made me see the importance that has the music for our souls. Well taught !!

by Sue B


Excellent course. Well delivered. I learned a lot and really enjoyed the process.

by 2BA17EC071_Renuka


It is really a awesome course especially for those who are in the depression.

by Sauter-Hartmann I


I am very grateful of this great course and thank you a lot. Staye safe!


by Etim I S


The best music experience. You won't regret if you want to take the course.

by Jamila L


it was an amazng experienc, the music peer group was supportive and lovely

by lajwanti n


Exceptionally well designed course with lot of practical inputs.

by Luis M A R


Me encantó, excelente curso.

I loved it, what amazing course.

by Yumi K


It was very useful. I think it is a very challenging class.