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This course takes Java beginners to the next level by covering object-oriented analysis and design. You will discover how to create modular, flexible, and reusable software, by applying object-oriented design principles and guidelines. And, you will be able to communicate these designs in a visual notation known as Unified Modelling Language (UML). You will be challenged in the Capstone Project to apply your knowledge of object-oriented design by evolving and documenting the Java codebase for an Android application with corresponding UML documentation. After completing this course, you will be able to: • Apply the Class Responsibility Collaborator (CRC) technique to analyze and design the object-oriented model for a problem. • Explain and apply object-oriented modeling principles and their purpose (e.g., abstraction, encapsulation, decomposition, generalization). • Explain and apply different types of inheritance • Explain the difference between association, aggregation, and composition dependencies. • Express object-oriented models as Unified Modeling Language (UML) class diagrams. • Translate between UML class diagrams and equivalent Java code. • Apply design guidelines for modularity, separation of concerns, information hiding, and conceptual integrity to create a flexible, reusable, maintainable design. • Explain the tradeoff between cohesion and coupling....




Great course to learn the concepts of Software Designing and how it is used in real business scenarios. This course is indeed very helpful for aspiring product developers who aim to be an architect.



Great course to learn the concepts of Software Designing and how it is used in real business scenarios. This course is indeed very helpful for aspiring product developers who aim to be an architect.


オブジェクト指向設計: 376 - 400 / 464 レビュー

by Johan C


The content was communicated quite well and the course notes are very useful. Unfortunately the way assignments are graded leaves a bit to be desired, but if you're less worried about how accurate your marks are you'll be fine.

by Matthew G


I enjoyed the subject matter and particularly liked the thorough treatment of the various UML diagrams. I thought that the Android emulator plus app included too much overhead compared with the actual subject matter.

by Ritik R


I is well organised course . The Quizzes are organised well. There is enough practical learning as well. More Practical learning could be added to the course such as the one in in week 4 of capstone assignment

by mugnaio


Very good course, too bad for me that you have to know a little (or to learn something) about Android Development, if it was more independent from the programming environment would be a 5 stars for me.

by Markov K


Не очень подробно раскрыты некоторые темы, например про conceptual и technical design, state diagram, но в целом полезно познакомиться с android платформой и открыть новые грани ОО архитектуры.

by Francisco G M


Great videos, easy to follow. It is a good course to start with software design.

I had problems with the platform when I upload my exercises and with blockiing tasks but it is Coursera problem.

by Mr.N


This course is very good and instructors explain very clear in my opinion but i little disappoint that they do not use core Java for their execises instead of using android.

by Puru R J


The content is good and the instructors lectures are engaging. It is a must have course for someone who wants to understand OO Modelling being a beginner in the field.

by Andrew M


there are some errors in assignment and material

in general the assignments are very labor-intensive and do not seem to add too much value for real-world projects

by Dumitru C


Very interesting - however I would expect a bit more challenges. Very powerful to do the interview sessions. The grading mechanism takes a while to adopt to.

by Mikhail M


practical part of this course is not interesting because of android specific. From my point it should be more independent form any platform and frameworks

by Abel R


Me ayudó a fortalecer los temas de Diseño Orientado a Objetos. Muy bien explicadas, sobre todo con la práctica, eso te ayuda a comprender mejor.

by V K


Overall, a good course. The only drawback is that your assignments are being checked by students, who often have no clue what they are grading.

by Henry M B H


Good course, I have some issues with the android studio as requirement and forum links broken but it was a good experience. Thanks for all.

by Luca I


Really good, can be more focus on UML and code writing, sometimes wasn't clear enough the code structure for each graphic UML variant

by Benjamin B D


There are a couple of courses for which I submitted reviews about issues in the videos, but, all in all, this was very interesting

by Hussnain A H


explains object oriented design concepts very well, but this course is more aligned for beginners not for experienced people

by Edgar B


Useful to learn basic UML modeling, and to uderstand OO design principles. Good for beginners, useless for experienced devs.

by Fabrice L


Interesting course. The challenges are not too difficult.

You will learn both about Software design and Android development.

by Eyas A


Good course, but it will be better with more real examples and avoid classic examples like animal, student and employee.

by Paddy M


Good course - covers the key basic elements for oo design, and communicating those ideas. Practical coding assignments.

by Hang P


It’s very brief for a course in ood and the reading materials are not the best but i still learn some from this course

by Jakub S


I​f all projects to work on were unlocked for free and only peer-review was locked I would give it 5 stars

by hesham


The course is good,t covers most of the essential parts and the assignment is well addressing the topics

by J.A. K


Overall good and understandable, but I didn't like the fact that you more or less had to know Android.