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This course is an introduction to the religion of the Vikings as it is recorded in Old Norse and Scandinavian literature from the medieval period. You will learn about the different written sources and what they can teach us about pre-Christian religion in northern Europe in the Viking Age. The course surveys the primary collection of Old Norse poetry about the pre-Christian Scandinavian gods, the Poetic Edda. We will also work with the main collections of stories about the Old Norse gods in prose: Snorri Sturluson's Edda and Saxo's History of the Danes....




Great introduction to this material and subject. Did not want to stop watching the videos. very easy to watch. Lots of information given. hope there will be a continuation of this course.



Excellent course. I have listened to the "Nordic mythology podcast" in the past, but I needed something more structured and beginner-friendly. This course is just that. Thank you!


Old Norse Mythology in the Sources: 26 - 32 / 32 レビュー

by Gopinadh K


​The dreamy and vibrant mythology of Scandinavia is really awesome!Some of the gods of the region are ever remembered,like Thor through Thursday.Ivwas knowing it before joining the course!The mythological writing is splendid and mystical.For instance,as per the saga of Ynglings,Freyja taught Odin The skill of magic Seidr/Seid.Skaldic poetry,Eddic poetry,Snorric Edda,Pre-Christian Scandinavian religious matters, the myth about mead of poetry,the central theme in the sayings of the High One - all these spread the vibrant tapestry of the Scandinavian old Norse mythology.

by Suzanne C


A​n interesting course! I hope that the specialization mentioned in the introduction video gets made; I'd take it! The videos were perfect bite-size bits of information, and the as-you-go quizzes were helpful. There were some with answers that contradicted themselves though; that would be my only complaint! Nevertheless, a fun an interesting course!

by Jeffery G


Course is suitable for me who is almost a total beginner besides a little knowledge on the sagas and tales. YOu will learn a lot of basic information and systematic information, but it will not go into depth of the characters, stories and myths, but it is nevertheless a good introductory course.



There´s too much text, more pictures would make it more interesting, like those of historical sites, runic language, original books from whitch the information its taken. Nice course and I hope to see a continuation.

by Mary A


It was really good. I wished, of course, for more time and learning but that was not in the description so I received what was promised.

by John C


Informative and well delivered.

by Keryn K


1. Discussion I didnt seem to get into any discussions in this course - perhaps you could give people 5 marks for posting comments or references? eg I would like to have joined a discussion about norse myths in contemporary culture. And Im sure others could have helped me understand things like kennings

2. More readings I got a lot more from the course when I started to read around the topics of Norse Myth - learnt more (independently) about poetry, runes, trade, archaeology, agriculture, Tacitus, climate change in Scandanavian pre christian times. I would have got more from the course if readings had been provided even if not assessed. For example I was fascinated to read about Snorri as a person and the medieval nobles who must have commissioned collections of myth and would have liked to see a video on his life and times.

3​. I feel I know a great deal more about the prechristian themes and stories in poetry collected in medieval times - that go towards making up what we now think of as norse mythology. What I really want to know is how did people who believed in these gods and heroes live their lives on a day to day basis.