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Operations Research (OR) is a field in which people use mathematical and engineering methods to study optimization problems in Business and Management, Economics, Computer Science, Civil Engineering, Industrial Engineering, etc. This course introduces frameworks and ideas about various types of optimization problems in the business world. In particular, we focus on how to formulate real business problems into mathematical models that can be solved by computers....




This course is very helpful to understand the basics of operation research, after this course you will know where to apply linear, integer and non-linear programming.



I am new to this field of operations research and I really enjoyed this course, learned a lot. I never used math before this way, it was great fun! Thanks!


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by 沈昱廷



by Jessie P K



by ahmad m


Hello, In overall the materials of the course were useful. However,

I think it would be good to have an access to the answer to the quizzes in details.

Because you want to be sure your idea to solve the problems was correct. Also, it helps the participant to have more examples to work on.

by Parnian A


This course gave me a great attitude about operations research step by step, and I really could keep up with courses; though I believe there are more poweful and easier tools to use for LP and IP solving rather and MS. Overall it was a valuabe piece of information. Thanks!

by Abid A K D


This course in well help if you are looking to learn the mathematical formulation in operation research and how to formulate the real life problem into mathematical formulation. Very concise and informative course overall. Thanks

by Hanneahl C


Details or information not discussed in our class were given with brief explanations. I very much appreciate the case study and the numerous applications where OR can be of great help. I hope to enroll in the next course!

by Wim


a very good course,, too many typos, no answer on remarks in this respect. week 6 is a little bit disappointing as one expects more details about the solution and the results.

by Cor v H


The instructor is very boring. He just reads a sheet and there are no practical examples. It is an easy course, but the Forum is absolute in Zombie state, i.e. dead. Course part 2 is even worse. If you give the right answers it is rated "not right". Also in the part 2 of the course, the forum is dead and there is no discussion and no responses to questions etc. This course is a total waste of money.