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Over the past several decades, operations strategy has played an increasingly important role in business’ success. In this course, we will equip you with concepts and tools to build operations in a way that not only supports your competitive strategy, but also allows you to create new opportunities in the market place. Scaling operations: Linking strategy and execution is a five-week course dedicated to making strategic decisions that are grounded in operational reality. Together, we will study how to build and evaluate the “operating system” of the firm to maximize value. This involves tailoring the firm’s operational competencies, assets, and processes to a specific business strategy. Each week, we’ll explore case studies, engage in discussions and examine realistic data. Thanks to our data-driven approach, you’ll be able to implement your learning directly into practice. At the end of this course, you’ll be ready to build an effective, actionable plan to scale your department or organization....




Thanks to prof. Gad and prof. Jan for a piece of practical view. I will be happy to keep in touch if you don't mind. Also, please inform me if you've got next course. thanks, Kirill



I learned so much from this and have applied a great amount of it in my profession as a Business Development Lead. Thank you very much to the instructors!


Scaling Operations: Linking Strategy and Execution: 51 - 64 / 64 レビュー

by Eric B


Case M​aterials should be tables and not images, to save transcription time

by Lim K B J


Good linkages between strategies and operations, thank you !

by othman a z


great but some adding more reading material could be helpful

by Niloy M


Need a TA for this course. Lot of doubts. Great content

by Saulius B


Great summary of operational excellence

by Federico F


Great - My first course completed

by Christian A


Very good course.

by Paturu R K



by April D


The content of the course is good and it was helpful to think through strategy and scale from this lens. There was definitely more good than bad, but I struggled a bit with the math as there were not enough applicable examples prior to complete the case studies with certainty. I could not repeat the scenarios with real life situations with confidence. Maybe slow down to fully explain formula concepts and technical frameworks better and provide more examples to practice getting it right before the graded assignments.

by Nadeem H


The math is not covered very well in the course material. There are many times were you guys go through the math too fast and its not thorough.

The class would have been more enjoyable if you guys slowed down a bit and fully explained the math and equations and have more examples.

by Victor A A V


Good overall course content. The presentation of which feels a bit rushed, with some important points glossed over and not explained sufficiently. The worst part of the course the peer review rubric marking is extremely vague, with no model answers provided for guidance

by Fernando C V


The course as well as its contents are very interesting. The professors are very objective but I believe the amount of study material available is too few and short for this subject.

by Kevin W T


having difficulties to do the quiz and per grade assignments as it's not explained in the course. apart from that, facilitator explained the concept very well

by Sundaresen R


There should be an answer for the peer asignment so thta we know whether the answers are good or not. Some answers do not seem right !