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In this course -- through a combination of video lectures, demonstrations, and hands-on practice -- you’ll learn about the main components of an operating system and how to perform critical tasks like managing software and users, and configuring hardware. By the end of this course you’ll be able to: ● navigate the Windows and Linux filesystems using a graphical user interface and command line interpreter ● set up users, groups, and permissions for account access ● install, configure, and remove software on the Windows and Linux operating systems ● configure disk partitions and filesystems ● understand how system processes work and how to manage them ● work with system logs and remote connection tools ● utilize operating system knowledge to troubleshoot common issues in an IT Support Specialist role...




A wonderful course of prevention that I learned a lot from,

Using commands with Windows and Linux

How to deploy and install operating systems through the network and Alot




Great course, lots of very challenging and useful information. You'll learn about Linux and some of the inner workings of Windows, plus lots of tools and programs that are really useful. Great course!


Operating Systems and You: Becoming a Power User: 76 - 100 / 4,368 レビュー

by Maurice B


The labs don't work as intended.

by yuan y


terrible qwiklabs tech issue

by Terrance D



by Deleted A


Not help on any lab

by Sean M


Labs are broken

by Dex D X


too simple

by Guy M



by Stephen G G


Hands down… One of the most interesting courses I have ever taken! One of the things that piqued my interest in learning more about computers was when I learned how to use hotkeys to create custom commands within an application that I had been using for some time and began using at a higher level once I understood how to use those hotkeys. After this course, I now understand how to use something somewhat different but even stronger… Command line interface. I never in my wildest dreams would have thought that I could learn how to use this on any operating system, nevermind learning it on two different operating systems - Windows & Linux. For me, this course was also one of the most difficult and intense courses that I ever taken, and appropriately so. With that, I am so glad that I enrolled in this certificate program and I can't wait to learn more in the next two courses. Thank you for providing such a wonderful experience!

by M_ A


It was an excellent course to take, the content and instructors is comprehensible and knowledgeable, perfect for beginner to start learning and understanding OS in both Windows and Linux from scratch, but what I like the most is the exams by Qwiklab for me is much much better than traditional exams like what I did in the previous courses, yes I admit it need more development especially the Qwiklab of windows but in Linux is just perfect, but in general doing exams by Qwiklab is much better than doing traditional exams, and I hope the next courses is will have more of Qwiklab, I highly recommended to Google to make all exams in all courses by Qwiklab, lastly but not least I would like to thank Coursera and Google to let me participate and joint this course, and I am really looking forward to attend and learn much more on the next courses, thank you

by Heberto C A M


I grade this course on the same lines that I was graded in. Not so much as a trade off among the evaluators and myself, but because I've learn't that there's a whole other perspective behind what we, users, normally engage in. I am referring to the extraordinary and featured filled CLI. (especially on the Microsoft Windows OS), that I suspected existed, but wasn't quite introduced to it myself. To find this whole new world, sort of, delighted me, because one of the reasons that drew myself nearer IT world was the empowerment that it concedes us all. Through efficiency and the flexibility of computer tools. Since I became aware that Linux OS had this CLI way of doing things I felt compelled towards it. Now, some years later, I do realize that Windows is becoming more like so. And that is a significant point for me, so thank you very much!!!

by Rabigan T


In the courses in the third module I learned navigation skills on Windows and Linux operating systems, learning how their components work and how to troubleshoot common problems that occur. I learned how to manage software, configure disks and partitions, format a file system, read logs, and learned troubleshooting skills using remote connections, as well as imaging the two operating systems, Windows and Linux. necessary in the career of IT specialist. I learned, also in this course, to troubleshoot similar problems on mobile devices, learning appropriate skills.The mentors who helped me to explore these interesting concepts and finally helped me to learn the skills needed by an IT specialist, in such problems, are the wonderful Cindy and Kevin, whom I thank from the bottom of my heart.

by Yash P S


Very good course for a beginner like me. I was a little aware about Ubuntu, but windows command line, is something which I used for the first time. Again the course is very well prepared and delivered with right spirit keeping in mind the audience's beginner attitude and understanding. The best thing I have observed in the courses of this Google certificate programme, is the gradual build up of knowledge. There never seems to be moment where the successive lessons shows any gap in concepts from their predecessors. I just loved this part. Thanks a ton for all this. I would say, every single person, whether or not they are planning to take up career in IT, they should take this course, more than Job, this course is actually making people IT literate, which is a must in 21st century.

by ousmane d


Wonderful and amazing course with excellent teachers explaining every single details of the course for permitting me to step in the managment of operating systems . I really will be a powerfull operating systems user .

I owe you this knowledge.

Helping learners with simple and clear explanations like this is not given to everybody.

Thank you very much for your endless effort and time . Google in partnership with coursera are really doing good job to learners and I invite everyone willing to extend your knowledge in a specific area or changing career path to come , learn and get new skills. Coursera is indeed of of the most important online learning platform in the world. IT's helping me in my career change from linguist to IT .

by Jonathan E


An amazing course for someone you may get something out of it even as a seasoned user or admin. Doesn't go deep into powershell, but it does introduce package management through powershell and also introduces chocolatey which is very nice.

I feel a lot more comfortable navigating through linux shells now and I don't even bother installing desktop environments at times now just straight shell! It does not go into great depth on typical piping strategies or the obscure text editors it comes with, but through my own research as well the supplemental readings I am now comfortable with VIM and actually know how to close it without having to look it up on google. I'm assuming the automation course will tackle these in more depth.

by Taylor B


This course materiel is very technical. Do not fall in to the trap of fooling yourself into believing any of these concepts are going to be quickly mastered just because you are able to grasp initial concepts. Coursera, Google, our Proctors have all done a great job of relaying these concepts and fundamentals in a way that is easy to grasp and easy to understand, that mistakenly gets translated into thinking that mastering these concepts will be simple, or an easy undertaking. That will not prove true for most of us. Most of us are going to have to dedicate time toward practicing these fundamentals, working with them, memorizing them via submersion. The more I learn about this, the more I realize how little I know.

by Michael B


There was a lot of information to learn, especially with using the Command Line interfaces. It was hard to know what i needed to memorize, what to prioritize, and what to just get a brief understanding of. There was a demonstration of a mock job interview, and after watching, I left feeling EXTREMELY unprepared for anything like that. I understand that I still have much to learn, but perhaps that should have been made much more clear prior to the demonstration, because I can only assume that I should not be able to do an interview like that, with the information I currently have from the course. Other than that, the course was great and taught a lot of great information in an easy to use format.

by Gijs O


Many thanks to the teachers, who explained key principles in a clear and accessible way. I appreciated their knowledge, experience, enthusiasm, and encouragement. Thanks to Coursera for providing this user-friendly learning platform. Via regular assessments, I could apply principles I had learned and consolidate my understanding. Help Center staff responded to queries promptly and were friendly and supportive. The knowledge I gained from these courses has boosted my confidence and will serve as a foundation for further reading and practice. I would not hesitate to recommend this certificate programme to anyone wanting to develop their IT and IT support knowledge.

by Julisa S


I am literally in tears. I never imagined that I had what it takes to learn things as I have been. I am not a techy computer 'nerd'. But I am becoming more and more fascinated by discovering what is possible in this realm. I am so proud of myself for making this far. All the jargon with commands can be discouraging. But you can't give up, especially after you overcome it. You have to see it through. I still feel like I could learn a lot more just by reviewing the material I have already covered, however, my attitude has changed towards technology and I have noticed my ability to troubleshoot is improving. I am so happy and satisfied right now.

by Steven C


Brilliant! Even seasoned IT Pros will take a little something from this course. I love learning and have been in IT for years now. I wish we had a course like this when I first started. I have picked up some awesome tips. I would recommend the full IT Support Course to anyone looking to learn more about IT Support.

If you are completely new to the world of IT support. I recommend taking your time and making notes, this will help you with the graded assessments at the end of the course. Also, be patient with the labs. They are an excellent way to give you hands on experience and you do get ample time to complete the tasks :)

by Mona G


Favorite course, I need all the Linux I can get, it is very not second nature like Windows is for me. And more powershell CLI was beneficial, even with many years of computer experience I still learned a ton. Will say removing the check my progress from the last two labs, it was extremely frustrating getting them completed, tried the support help, which ironically they did nothing, redid labs like 5 times for Linux because there is no tolerance for completing task except for the exact verbiage lab wants in commands. Windows lab had to do three times again because it was not recording my score in this lab either.

by Sonya L


This is a tough course, densely packed with information and resources that I will take with me into a new career. It is challenging, helpful, and interesting from different perspectives. The extra material encouraged me to read and to learn about different IT areas. I like that early on, Google emphasizes that different people, with different backgrounds and interests are all successful Google IT people. They do not have a stereotype employee but diversity. Also, I was really surprised they talked and showed examples of tech interviews. I've always loved IT, but never pursued it beyond a hobby, until now.

by Dylan P


I think this might be the best of the five Google IT courses.

I found that the concepts were broken down and discussed well, there were numerous practice quizzes to test understanding, and the labs helped to see the theory in action. This was a challenging course though it was always the content that was challenging and not the way the course was designed. By the end, I had developed a better understanding of operating systems, especially Linux.

Overall, I would highly recommend this course as a core part of the Google IT certificate, or even as a stand alone course.

by Frankie J


Overall, this was a great course that contained a lot of useful information that I'm sure will be useful in all aspects of computer use. My biggest criticism is that it was hard to follow along and do the programming at the same time as the instructor because she had pre-saved certain things for each example. It would be good if the classes provided some directory information for how to get set up to work along with teachers using CLI/Bash examples prior to even moving beyond the class intro. Apart from that, I loved this teacher's teaching style.

by Brian J S


This was a truly awesome course packed full of great information! This course had a great pace, covered many topics but also dove deeper into technical areas that I didn't expect to see. Awesome host and production and the graded assessments were fun and challenging. This course introduced me to the powerful world of using command line tools, featuring many examples in Powershell and Linux BASH. Highly recommend this class for computer enthusiasts looking for a smooth, but detailed overview of the modern Windows and Linux operating systems. 5 stars!

by Walid A A


Thank you Google, and thank you to all those in charge of these successful educational courses. Thank you Cindy Quach Thank you. You were great with your explanation. I did not expect to benefit and acquire a skill like this one day. I encountered difficulties in some laboratories, but I succeeded in them. I thank all those in charge of these laboratories, lessons and courses. My success is nothing but one of the fruits of your success. You all wish you everything that is beautiful and wonderful in your life and in your career.