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Managing Your Health: The Role of Physical Therapy and Exercise will introduce learners to the concepts and benefits of physical therapy and exercise. Over six weeks learners will explore: Why physical activity and exercise are important, Exercise and Cardiovascular Disease, Exercise and Osteoporosis, Exercise and Cancer, Common Sports Injuries, Exercise and Arthritis...




i found this course interesting n enjoyable. i got to know how to manage sports injuries through exercises through this course ,it improved my knowledge about physical therapy and exercises.



Definitely get some basic ideas of the Physical Therapy and the importance of exercise. The motions for seniors to avoid injury and exercise correctly are very helpful! Thanks!


Managing Your Health: The Role of Physical Therapy and Exercise: 126 - 150 / 170 レビュー




by Hrishikesh R



by Natalie H


I learned practical information based on the latest research in this course. I particularly liked the links to relevant web-sites, which I will continue to use. The course required me to apply what I learned to my life and to consider my specific risk factors in designing an exercise program - I did not expect that! The down-side was the marking, particularly peer reviews. I was diligent in reviewing course materials, taking notes and completing assignments as instructed, yet some peers would review without applying the rubric or leaving a comment to explain. Also, quizzes contained questions not covered in the course and in one I was marked wrong for providing the answer contained in course materials.

by Christy J


The course is well organized and presented in a way that can be easily understood by a learner. It provided relevant learning resources and experiences that could cater various types of learners. I can say that the course targeted its objective since it enabled me to reflect on my present health condition and challenged me to create my own physical activity plan. Presently I'm applying what I've learned and determined to manage my health through exercise.

by Penny F


I learnt a lot about the role of physiotherapists and about how exercise can play a significant part in managing certain conditions. I also liked the part of reflecting on our own activities, diet and well-being.

I did think the assignment questions needed to be better worded as often I did not know what I needed to reflect and comment on before submission and only learnt afterwards from viewing feedback to others.

by Leah O


This course offered good, introductory information about the benefits of exercise and physical therapy. I found the production value to have Issues at some points, especially with the sound on many of the introductory videos, which were of poor quality. Otherwise, it was fine.

by Sheril A B M N


Course was very informative. Addresses some good real life conditions not only in Canada itself but across South East Asia as well. There were similar guidelines and recommendation which is interesting to know as I progress along the weeks. Thank you Coursera!

by Marijo


It was really informational. The lectures were too long to be engaging, and some things which were tested weren't really covered. Still, I really liked it. The role of the physiotherapist is truly emphasized and the various suggestions are great.

by Danyal M M


This has been quite a fun and interactive course to begin with. Those who enroll to this course will gain new and updated knowledge regarding the benefits of physical activity and why it's awareness is essential for our health.

by Mishri s P


This is great course teaches one importance of ergonomic practice in daily life basic activities and how it help prevents one from chronic painful conditions such as OA, osteoporosis , arthritis and such .

by Helen V


The course was interesting, but quite specific to Canadian Health Guidelines. The videos were interesting, but the quality could have been better as sometimes the sound was a bit uneven.

by Rochelle S


Excellent course, thank you for this opportunity. Every mentor was detailed with presentation. I will directly apply the concepts and skills learned from this course.

by Ruby W


Lots of information on a range of topics, but could be formatted in a more engaging way - lots of watching video lectures and links to external websites to read.

by Chelsea D


Loved the education! Would be nice if the intros to each module sounded less scripted and a little more conversational. Overall, I learned a lot. Thank you!

by Christopher B


I enjoyed the course, but at times the content felt like an advertisement for physiotherapy rather than something intended to confer skills to the student.

by Sam S


very informative in what i want to do in the near future not only that but the diversity of how a physiotherapist can treat a variety of people

by Tércio A


It its a very introductory course with basic information regarding the benefits of exercise for diseases such as cardiovascular and cancer.

by Dicksha R


Interesting course with notes and videos.

It would be great if we include people with disability as well.

Thank you.

by Prasad P P


It is a very good course to understand the role of exercises to manage our health in young as well as old age.

by Bilal K


The last two modules need slight improvement. More exercises may please be incorporated. Thanks

by S. K


I have learnt alot from this course its has proved quite useful for enhancing my knowledge

by Alexandra R B


Una manera nueva de conocer el rol del Fisioterapeuta con buenos concejos para la salud

by Vidhika K


I like all the assignments but will ask to lower the amount of peer-review assignments



Great course but can provide more knowledge about anatomy and physiology behind.

by sherry l h


i like this course and learned a lot of information from it

so thanks for it