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Have you ever wondered how companies know how much to produce in advance so that they do not make too much or too little? Matching supply and demand requires planning. This course introduces you to the exciting area of supply chain planning. Part of a broader specialization on Supply Chain Management, you will master different forecasting techniques, essential for building a Sales and Operations Plan. At the completion of this course you will have the tools and techniques to analyze demand data, construct different forecasting techniques, and choose the most suitable one for projecting future demand....




I am on my way to complete the specialization. I have learned so much about supply chain planning and forecasting in this course. Right from a different type of forecastings to errors in forecasting.



I loved the way course is structured and the way it is delivered, Mr. Rudi has kept it simple and makes it look easy to grab. He tries to cover the top summary of all needed subjects in each title


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by Chris B S


It feels good to get a perfect 100% in this course, but then again it is my forte and i have been forecasting for more than a decade but still there is a lot to learn and i want furtherance in this aspect. Thanks coursera, this is an excellent platform.

by Kagisho M M


I loved the forecasting models all of them from the naive method, cumulative mean, forecast accuracy, moving average & exponential smoothing. I highly recommend to anyone who has done logistics & operations to take this course it is indeed value for mo

by Sunil


A very great course. It gives us an understanding of various forecasting methods, lead time and more importantly how supply chain planning plays a crucial role in getting the product to the customer while adding value to the supplier and the producer.

by Mohammad R K


Mr. Rudolf Leuschner, Ph.D is an excellent teaching staff. I have learnt so many things from him.

I salute him for his presentation skill.

Plz convey my gratitude to him.

Once I have a available time , I will be right back within few weeks.

Thank you.

by Christian E B


Awesome course to understand the basics of Forecasting. I learnt simple forecasting methods like Naive Method, Cumulative Mean, Moving Average, and Exponential Smoothing. I also learnt how to find the best forecasting method with Accuracy testing.

by Lorraine A B B


Lecture videos are very helpful in doing the quizzes and peer graded assignments. Beginner's level and easy to understand. Screencast videos are the most helpful in lecture videos in applying the forecasting methods. Highly recommended!

by Glenda S M


This is a very good topic, but not beginner-friendly as we have to research more on the terminologies indicated, if not, you cannot further go to the next stage. Anyway, there are a lot of formulas given here how to speculate forecast

by Egle O


Great course. Easy to follow and understand. Teaches you how to forecast demand more effectively and which strategies to adopt for the better supply chain management. Video tutorials show clear steps on how to implement formulas.

by John M


This is the third course I complete for the Supply Chain Specialization and it's definitely the one that requires the most analysis, focus and dedication. I highly recommend it! Learned about many tools for forecasting demand.

by Sathish V M


A very useful course which gives inputs to the learner on the basic forecast methods along with the key ingredients of forecast accuracy predictions. Helps in the key areas of Supply planning and optimizing of resources

by 李昕諺


I learn several forecasting methods to forecast future's demand and how measure errors. These methods is useful. Furthermore, the knowledge is taught interestingly by the professor. I really enjoy in the course. Thanks.

by Youra A


The course was very helpful and the final assignment was a bit difficult to finish. I am so glad to finally get the certificate for this course. I would definitely recommend my friends to study this course on Coursera.

by Rodessa O E


I like how the instructor taught the lessons especially for the spreadsheet application of the demand forecasting. It is very straightforward and understandable. Looking forward to learn more of his courses.

by James H


Great course: concepts well explained, thought-provoking assignments that applies concepts, broaden exposure to the topic itself as well as how it connects to the other components of Supply Chain.



I extend my thanks to all of the shares in our construction out of this session, learn and thanks go to coursera site, which allowed us to this effort, which is not privy that we shall return

by Farah N


I really liked how the instructor explained everything theoretically and provided extra reading sources, in addition I liked how we implemented the use of forecasting methods mathematically

by Daniel O A


Well, this course has thought my a lot. From carefully working on excel to rectifying errors in your calculations. You really need to be patient. Overall, this was a great cause to take.

by Jesus D A G


It's an excellent course for those interested in the world of forecasting. The instructor has a great method of teaching, making the students feel comfortable and willing to learn more.

by Archit A G


This course & the exercises gave a great understanding of the Forecasting & Stat tools used!

Also the Screencasts are very helpful in understanding the implementation of the concepts.

by Konan K S D K


The course is very straight to the point and very hands-on.

I came with no prior knowledge in forecasting, and went with many takeaways.

Thanks to the teacher who is very bright !



Its was a good journey with RUTGERS THE STATE UNIVERSITY OF NEW JERSEY. The instructor of this course is just amazing . Thank you instructor .Thanks for this opportunity

by Zunaed B L


Very good course. The quizzes and assignments were very interesting. It gave me a overall overview of forecasting method and how to operation and plan your future moves.

by Kasuntha M


Thank you professor for the perfect teaching. I gained lot of knowledge through this course in understanding supplychain planning specialy through mathematical analysis

by Deleted A


please read.

even though it only talks about the various methods to calculate forecast it does not tell when to use which method and why to use that particular method.

by Hardik N


I felt the course has all the basics of Supply Chain Planning- forecasting techniques which will give you a hang of the subject and would help you at your daily job .