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Have you ever wondered how companies know how much to produce in advance so that they do not make too much or too little? Matching supply and demand requires planning. This course introduces you to the exciting area of supply chain planning. Part of a broader specialization on Supply Chain Management, you will master different forecasting techniques, essential for building a Sales and Operations Plan. At the completion of this course you will have the tools and techniques to analyze demand data, construct different forecasting techniques, and choose the most suitable one for projecting future demand....




I am on my way to complete the specialization. I have learned so much about supply chain planning and forecasting in this course. Right from a different type of forecastings to errors in forecasting.



Great course: concepts well explained, thought-provoking assignments that applies concepts, broaden exposure to the topic itself as well as how it connects to the other components of Supply Chain.


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by Jitagna M


Its a good course for someone who wants to understand basics of forecasting methods. Very well explained, I must say. Readings are pretty good. They should avoid giving explanatory answers in the quizzes to avoid confusion. Otherwise hands on work on MS Excel is really good. A lot of effort has gone into preparing these assignments.

by Robert F


Good basic explanation of statistical forecasting techniques which can be used for stable demand. It would be better to include forecasting techniques for demand which is not stable, which is intermittent or random. The final exam included examples which could not fully utilize the statistical techniques covered in the course.

by Vajeed R A


It would have been good to have more details on demand analysis. I would have liked to know base don the demand data which forecast to apply instead of trying out all the four forecast methods. I would have liked to understand more about Demand and forecast planning. Which course do you recommend I take ?

by Youssef I H


I learned a lot from this course, but the only reason i didn't select all the five stars is the fact that i faced hard moment answering the quizes and sometimes the answer would be correct but the results tell me that it's incorrect. Overall, i'm happy after that i succeeded and got the certificate.

by Hritik K


Supply Chain Planning has to be one of that course where theory is actually used to deal real life problems. Forecasting via Naive, Cumulative, Moving Average and Exponential method and thereafter measuring their accuracy by ME, MAPE and MSE is where your outshines in world case scenario. Kudos!

by Sameer K


The course content is amazing and it's shown in a very simple way so anybody with basic knowledge can understand and implement. The only issue i had was lack of response when i had questions in mind. I never got a reply to resolve it but on a good side i tried to resolve it myself.

by Abdul S I


It covers planning from the surface only but the best of this course is that it dealt greatly on the application of forecasts and suitability of different forecast.

Would have been further better if some excel tips on solver were part of this course too.

by Nityam K


The course name suggests Supply chain Planning but most of the course structure focused on Demand Forecasting. Less information on Supply Chain Planning. I personally believe there is need to redesign the course structure or change the course name.

by Sabrina F C


Aprendí muy bien cómo realizar predicciones y cómo calcularla, pero no sé bien cómo podría aplicar eso en un problema real, empezarlo desde 0. También tuve dudas en el trabajo final y no supe cómo preguntarle a alguien o solicitar ayuda.

by Rajeswari V


Its a good course. Great screencast and love the enthusiasm of the professor. Wish the last peer-graded assignment we could see the solutions to that done by the prof for our learning and any correction.

by Bart R


Basic but definitely worthwhile! Good concept to practice different ways to predict forecasting. Final assessment couldve been abit more comprehensive i.e. more quantitative questions to be answered.

by Ngọc M N


this course give me the basic knowledge about how make a forecast, the knowledge is basic and so easy to understand. If only that this course can be longer and more detail. Thank you so much!

by Yoshi N


It gets harder as the course goes. But very well explained. I wish there was a bit more explanation for the reasoing behind the fourmula. Peer review is sometime questionable...

by Hassan S


This was a tough course especially for those not competent in excel. However, I have learned a lot on how to use functions in excel and data analysis. Was tough but enjoyed it

by Jermaine M P


The course is very rewarding. The knowledge gain is invaluable and putting the principles into practice will be fun. Thank you for making it relatable and easy to understand.

by Jeffrey M


L​imited forecasting key concepts and best practice, yet lots of statistical formulars and spreadsheet exercises. Would have liked more concepts, best practices, etc.



The course which I did was very good, and the teacher in every video which I saw helped us understanding every concept of every topics...Great learning form Coursera.



Talked about the basics of forecasting. The only drawback what I felt was it didn't actually discuss how to manage seasonality or didn't go any deeper into planning

by Abhishek P


It was a good course for starting the steps with supply chain management. The first step of planning supply chain ie forecasting methods are well explained

by Anirudh S


It was a good introductory course. But I feel that more advanced forecasting methods must be covered which would be helpful during the capstone project

by Mathew J


The final week deserves a video, but otherwise just as good as his other courses in Supply Chain Management. Dr.Rudolf Leuschner is a SMOOTH operator.

by Umang M


The course goes fairly in depth on basic forecasting techniques and provides a good introduction to statistical methods used for planning purpose.

by Harihara S A


had lot of troubles in answering the quizes. Like entering the answers in the decimal? rounded off format

could do something to make that easy.

by Siddharth B


Course is good to understand the basics of types of planning. would have preferred more videos & lectures and reading on S&OP process

by Vida R


Well, thank you , now i understand about how to calculate forecast and understand which situation will used certain forecast method