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Sponsored by AMAZON WEB SERVICES (AWS). Learn how Amazon, Facebook, Google, and Twitch PMs and lead and collaborate with an interdisciplinary team of UX designers, software engineers, AI/ML engineers. Plus, practice real PM interview questions asked by Microsoft, Google, and Amazon! Featuring NANCY WANG, Head of Data Protection Services, Amazon Web Services; Founder and CEO, Advancing Women in Product; SANDY CARTER, Vice President for Worldwide Public Sector Programs, Amazon Web Services; PRANAVA ADDURI, Software Engineering Manager, Amazon Web Services; MINMIN YANG, Principal UX Lead, Amazon Web Services; WAHAB OWOLABI, Founder, OneReq; Diversity Business Partner, Facebook; SHARMEEN CHAPP, Vice President of Product & Engineering, Twitch Community; EJ EMEAGWALI, Product Manager, Samsara; former Product Manager, Google and Microsoft; STEPHANIE NEILL, Senior Director of Product, Twitch Commerce; GEORGE ELISSAOIS, General Manager & Director of Product Management, Amazon Web Services; NANCY RILEY, Vice President & General Manager of the Ecosystem Product Group, Hubspot, and SABRINA FARMER, Vice President of Engineering for Site Reliability, Google Products....



Excellent! I learned more in about the technical topics in this course than I've learned in several courses covering Computer Science, SEO, Web Development, Data Analytics and more. Thank-you!


Great course with introduction to really challenging and practical concept and great interview preparation. It is also a really tough class so make sure you have your motivation high.


The Art & Science of Product Management: 1 - 25 / 35 レビュー

by RN


I appreciated the technical information provided in this course. The content covered a wide range of topics but was simplified and was easy to comprehend. I also appreciated the optional curated list of coding problems to solve. I learned a lot from the Peer-graded assignments and enjoyed the interviews with various product leaders in the industry.

by Vera T


I got Product Management certification by finishing Real-World Product Management Specialization that was prepared and lead by Nancy Wang, a Head of Product at Amazon (AWS), who also was a Product Manager at Google and is a CEO and Founder of Advancing Women in Product (AWIP). Nancy shares her knowledge gained throughout her career in those extremely successful companies.

The specialization is a combo of 4 courses to learn product management from different perspectives: customer obsession, market sizing, competitive analyses, success metrics (like KPIs, OKRs, North Stars, A/B/n tests, NPS, CSAT, CES, cohort analyses, LTV, pricing, and financials), etc.

The big advantage of this course is it helps you to create your own portfolio through studying all 4 courses by developing your own product using real-life PM tasks during product management lifecycle from inception till launch. Each task takes about an hour. This work is peer-reviewed and you get real feedback. Even though it is quite time-consuming to do those practical assignments and peer review assignments of other students, it helps to get practical knowledge and learn things by doing, which is especially extremely important for folks who want a transition to a PM role and have no real experience yet.

Another advantage is that you get trained using real PM interview questions. Nancy shares questions from giants like Amazon, Google, Facebook, and Microsoft and helps to master their Behavioral, Product Design, Strategy, Estimation, and Technical interview questions.

Also, it was super useful to listen to interviews and panels that Nancy did with successful senior Product Managers and Leaders in Product where they shared their experience, insights, and tips for PM career, things they are looking for in PM candidates.

On top of that Nancy shares great sources for networking to advance your career as a Product Manager.

I highly recommend every Product Manager to take this up!!

Thank you to Nancy Wang and the rest of #AWIP for putting this course together!

I learned so much that I am excited to take into my current and future roles.

by Alix C


Great to have an overview of the technical aspects of PM. While I come from a technical background and am familiar with some of the topics, I don't come from a strict CS degree so learning what parts I may need to study up on more and have them introduced is invaluable. I always enjoy the guest interviews to learn more about how other roles overlap with PM and what's beneficial or not in cultivating those relationships.

by Bruna S T


Loved this content. It was really helpful to understand mroe about development and technology. One suggestion I can make is to give a better introduction about data structures, this was the hardest part of the course and I could see many people complaining about it. I have some knowledge previously, though not much, and I also did find hard to answer the questions.

by Jayakumar K


Compared to the previous two courses this sounded like music to me (just kidding, because I come from engineering background). Both sounded like music and this section was more familiar to me. Not to say I knew everything, I did learn all the differences that were shared like SQL vs NoSQL, REST vs GraphQL etc..

by Tuomas A


G​ood continuation to the previous courses. You will get a good view of the content covered in this course and links to find more information to deep dive in subjects such as ML, algorithms and data structures.

I​t's good to reserve some extra time for the third week if you don't have a software background.

by R L


Very helpful course with practical lectures on backend and frontend development that product managers might be asked about in interviews. The lectures are very surface level (they cover a lot in a short amount of time) so I found I often needed to go back and re-watch the lectures in this course.

by Lorenz M


Amazing course in this series, probably my favorite one of the series. It went into more depth into aspects and areas of Product Management and had relevant exercises. Loved the AI assignment, and PM a Web and Mobile front-end exercise.

by Christopher T


Like the other AWIT courses, the content is really stellar. Interviews with very relevant industry leaders, practical skills and knowledge, etc. Recommended for anyone interested in product management.

by Mary S


Excellent! I learned more in about the technical topics in this course than I've learned in several courses covering Computer Science, SEO, Web Development, Data Analytics and more. Thank-you!

by Cheikh S N


Great course with introduction to really challenging and practical concept and great interview preparation. It is also a really tough class so make sure you have your motivation high.

by Riddhi P


AWIT has put together quite comprehensive course content here. The tips on PM interview seem really very helpful and i look forward to taking more courses by AWIT going forward

by Tisa H


This course was challenging but that's exactly why this Specialization is amazing - they really prepare you to become the next Product Manager!!

by Gordon Y


This is the type of technical knowledge that many PMs have trouble with! Amazing how it's presented so clearly in this course.

by Jennifer A


More technical than the first two courses in the Real-World Product Management Specialization, challenging but insightful.

by Erica H


This course has a lot of technical information but it's presented in a clear way and very interesting to learn.



Fantastic course! Ai for product management and pm technical aspects appasionate me a lot

by Vanessa K


Learned a lot of really practical things that I can take back to my current job.

by Bahadir K


Amazing structure and wonderful knowledges to gain from Nancy.

by Anik A


Very helpful to get a high level overview into CS components.

by Skyers 5


Q&As with Industry Leaders are fantastic !

by Uwa I


This was difficult.

by anil p s



by Erin E


Really good course, I found the panel discussion videos to be interesting and valuable to hear from leaders in the space on how Design, Product and Engineering teams can work together.

As someone new to the Project Manager space, the Tech PM section felt a little dense and maybe could have been spread out across 2 weeks. I still found the material helpful, but overwhelming at times.

by Ana F


T​he course was mainly great, with very well elaborated materials. Though the last week was too technically specific and the classes were too fast, generic and with poor examples for non-technical PM's. It was quite confusing, actually.