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In today’s world, mental illness and distress are common and these account for a significant burden of disability within our community. At the same time, there is a growing interest in understanding and enhancing positive mental health and wellbeing; particularly from developments in the fields of positive psychology and mental health promotion. Positive Psychiatry is a new term (Jeste et al 2016) that describes a dual approach to mental health, where we build strengths, supports and healthy lifestyles as well as treating illness and distress. In this course, we will explore different aspects of good mental health as well as provide an overview of the major kinds of mental disorders, their causes, treatments and how to seek help and support. The course will feature a large number of Australian experts in psychiatry, psychology and mental health research, and we will also hear from “lived experience experts”, people who have lived with mental illness, and share their personal stories of recovery. We take an evidence-based approach to a range of strategies that anyone can use to enhance their own mental health and that of others, from exercise and relaxation techniques through to the role of love, relationships and 'good' types of work. We cover topics from creativity and yoga through to psychiatric medications and psychotherapies....




This course has given me great insight on mental health and how everything is related to it but it most importantly taught me how to be in control of my mental healh and maintain a positive psychiatry



I learned what expected to learn from this course. I love the presenters and the manner of delivery. Resources abound too. I'm purchasing this course. I hope to meet you, guys in persons. Thank you.


Positive Psychiatry and Mental Health : 351 - 375 / 920 レビュー

by Derrick L H


Excellent course--I recommend this to people working in the mental health field and those receiving mental health services.

by Sarah A


This course was very helpful for me to learn . The information was clear and easy to follow . I really enjoyed this course.

by DUQUE , J S


This course is very informative. Lecturers deliver the lesson in clear and learner friendly whatever your nationality is.

by JDT R


It was great learning! The modules are clear, very practical and relevant to my need to learn about Mental Health! Cheers!

by Dailux J


The best course I have ever done in Coursera; however, there's room for improvement regarding the peer evaluation section.

by Janvi G


new concepts were easily taught shared experiences were also easily understood readings were explanatory and quite helpful

by Oluwatosin


This course was very enlightening. I know a lot more about mental health than I did before. Thank you to the coordinators.

by Sam H


Incredible quality. Such great expert contributors, well organised and well researched. Couldn't recommend it more highly.

by Hansika S


T​he course is beautifully designed. All the concepts are clearly defined and the course in totality is very informative.

by Kuma R S


It's very well designed course with practical ideas that really help in bringing positive outcome if applied effectively.

by Carrie S


I enjoyed this class very much. I have already begun to incorporate some of the techniques into my own day to day activit



Thanks a Lot !! Its a very beneficial course. The Teaching was awesome and the learning was easy and lucid to understand.

by Benita A


The information was very useful at this time of life and I have leant so much from the professors who taught this course.

by Michael M


Truly excellent overview of the multiple dimensions of mental health and psychiatry. I'm really happy that I took this.



it was useful about learning this course which we want to know the fact that we face in our daily life and its recovery.

by Ованесова Ю С


A very cool course, I have got a lot of knowledge from experts,new professional words and pleasure during the studying!

by Nishesh A


This is one of the best mental health related online course. Highly recommended for everyone who is into mental health.

by Edisson I R P


Thanks for everything learned, we can only apply it in our lives to find emotional stability and positive mental health

by sandra p


The course was really helpful in many aspects. All the topics were engaging. I even found some assignments really fun.

by Amin M a K a A M G


​I found the course quite good and it provided a lot of information and it was challenging enough to keep me engaged.

by Alison L


Very good lesson that helps me understand mental health. The lesson are perfectly outline and are easy to understand.

by Josue M


Nice course, I'm better educated myself about mental health and many topics that I was always curious to learn about.

by Boglarka P


Insightful, easy to follow and informative. Really loved the structure and the depth of the sessions was appropriate.

by Harry M


Great and engaging content in positive psychiatry and mental health. I found the course very helpful and insightful

by Marta D


Curso excelente. Proporciona aprendizado integrado de conceitos que com certeza farão diferença na prática clínica.