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This course can also be taken for academic credit as ECEA 5700, part of CU Boulder’s Master of Science in Electrical Engineering degree. This course introduces the basic concepts of switched-mode converter circuits for controlling and converting electrical power with high efficiency. Principles of converter circuit analysis are introduced, and are developed for finding the steady state voltages, current, and efficiency of power converters. Assignments include simulation of a dc-dc converter, analysis of an inverting dc-dc converter, and modeling and efficiency analysis of an electric vehicle system and of a USB power regulator. After completing this course, you will: ● Understand what a switched-mode converter is and its basic operating principles ● Be able to solve for the steady-state voltages and currents of step-down, step-up, inverting, and other power converters ● Know how to derive an averaged equivalent circuit model and solve for the converter efficiency A basic understanding of electrical circuit analysis is an assumed prerequisite for this course....



This course sets the groundwork for more advanced concepts in Power Electronics. The Professor was very explicit and the homework assignments were of a good strength to help ground the notions learnt.


Very nice course. Even if you are already familiar with power electronics, it will help you to form a system of knowledge and utilize rational approaches for task solution of any level of complicity.


Introduction to Power Electronics: 151 - 175 / 679 レビュー

by Hax K


It was very helpful to understand how to build dc transformer model and how to apply it to the analyzing of the basic dc-dc converters

by Shivam K


I learned most of the skills from this course design of dc dc converter design calculation and electronics principle and calculation

by Stefan R


This is a very intriguing , intellectual and quick understanding course. Great all round with a splendid instructor to guide the way.

by Zalman R


Really very useful for a beginner of power electronics, with some simple concepts and calculation, let me have a brief view. Thanks.

by Abhishek S


By far the best power electronics introduction chapter I have studied. I studied more than my bachelor's here. Highly recommended.

by E.M P C H


Very valuable course and it is gained good basic knowledge about DC-DC converters.Clear lectures and effective notes and examples.

by Irfan C


I re-learned some basic concepts from a different point-of-view despite practicing electrical engineering for the past 20 years!

by Julie F


Very clear course, interesting assignments. It could be even more interesting to get access to the solutions of the assignments.

by Jaja M J


Great course, beautiful experience! Thank you Professor Robert Erickson, thank you University of Colorado, Thank you Coursera.

by Peh K S


Prof Erickson explains the principles behind average equivalent circuit modelling of switching converters very well. Thanks.

by Dr.S.Rajasekaran


excellent course content , but after the submission of assignments ,pls provide the design factors to better understanding

by Abhinav K


A great start to the specialization course. Tough quizzes, great assignments! And Dr. Robert Erickson is amazing as usual!

by salil k


This is a fabulous course by the Authors. I am glad to be taught by the people whose books are followed at our institute.

by Amritansh S


Thank you sir.I learned the basics of power electronics in an effective manner.I will definitely enroll in the next part.

by Amnon Y


Very clear lectures. Very helpful worked examples. Very challenging homework which help in understanding the material

by Jakkamsetti S D


Course is great we can increase our knowledge in a great way assignments help us to solve many problems and derivations

by Rishi S


A very well designed introductory course. I really enjoyed taking this course. It was a very fun learning experience.

by Olvin J B M


Muy dificil la tarea numero dos, pero una vez pasando ese filtro lo demás es relativamente fácil (al menos manejable)

by Tumo M


I have really enjoyed the course and learned the basics of converter. Definitely looking forward for the next course.

by Leomar M M


The course is good, and the videos easy to comprehend. There are extra exercises to prepare you for each weeks test.

by Khalid H


Very helpful course and the concepts are very clear, 100 % recommended for any one work in Power Electronics field

by Seyed H M M A R


Dr. Erickson's excellent teaching in this course gave me a good understanding of the subject of power electronics

by Angel C M


Very interesting course, with good theoretical material and tasks that help to reinforce the knowledge obtained.

by Mohit V


Absolutely mind bogling. emands a lot of efforts from students to sove the asignments which is a very good thing

by Wajahat A


It was an amazing experience. The course was to the point and concise. The assignments were totally conceptual.