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This on-demand course helps prospective candidates structure their preparation for the Associate Cloud Engineer exam. The session will cover the structure and format of the examination, as well as its relationship to other Google Cloud certifications. Through lectures, demos and hands-on labs, candidates will familiarize themselves with the domains covered by the examination. This course by itself will not prepare a candidate to pass the Associate Cloud Engineer certification exam. It will, however, help the candidate better understand the areas covered by the exam and navigate the recommended resources provided by Google and Qwiklabs for preparing to take the exam, so they can formulate their own personal study plan....



This is an excellent course. It would have been better if all of the exam sections are covered for each week instead of only covering selective subsections in each section of the course.


Awesome course outline and well articulated practice sessions to get familiar with Google Cloud Environment. This has given be boost to kickstart my entry into cloud technologies.


Preparing for the Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer Exam: 251 - 275 / 339 レビュー

by Amit B


This course given in-depth knowledge about new emerging technology (Cloud Computing) and the role of Google in this technology. Complete specialization given thorough understanding of Cloud and courses having flexibility, good interaction and convenience. To complete online courses it requires a lot of self-discipline.

Online courses are not made for every person or field of study. Traditional education will still exist, but online education will become more and more present in our daily lives.

by Alex Z


It was a great course, but I feel without coding experience certain areas of the coding sections needed more instructions, also in the alerting sections there was no editing button to customize the alert, so once I made a mistake I was unable to change it. or at least I was unable to find where to change it, I think it could be a little more user friendly.



Many topics were unnecessarily repeated.

Apart from that there was so much to learn. This specialization made me confident.

I will be giving the GCP ACE exam soon.

Special Thanks to the Course Instructors, the Program managers, Coursera and Google Cloud Readiness Program for giving me the opportunity to learn about so many awesome things.

by Jusuf A P


An excellent course for beginners like me. This course gives a great overview of GCP and preparing us to take Google Cloud Associate Cloud Engineer Exam. I'll be using this material in my professional career. With this, I can improve my skill for the upcoming project.

by John S


Extensive information, but it would be better if the labs were more in-depth. A lot of the CLI commands are not explained in detail and most of the GCP setup is performed using the CLI rather than the Console.

by Richard F


this is excellent, a must-follow crash course to prepare for google cloud associate cloud engineering certification. some more real-world use cases and labs could have been beneficial.

by Carl T


Great recap of all important topics from previous courses!

Some paths/locations were wrong so that some commands led to errors within Qwiklabs and could't be finished.

by Sergio T A


Os laboratório estão apresentando muito problema, além disso tem laboratório que não funciona pois atualizaram alguns programas e o código deveria ser revisto.



It's an different level programming course & I had some issues to complete the 3 lab.. I don't know what did I missed , but finally somehow I did it.

by Raul N


Give good general tranning and Knowledge. And I would like to see or take "Example of Examen" at the end of this course included in it.

by Yurii T


Some of labs are outdated. Not enough guidance on exam questions - how deeply should person know topic for this particular exam.

by Noer F


week 7 course practice hard,because

the course instructions still don't understand, add pictures for the instructions

by Federico M


The material is good as always but I wish there were more quizzes and tests to get used to the exam format

by Sulivan A


esta bien para prepararte para la certificación pero hay algunos LAB que dan errores y no funcionan

by Israel S S


There are some details in labs that will be repair. But it was in general a good course!



This is a course to acquire the basic knowledge, features and functions of Google Cloud

by Sarthak P


Great course for ACE preparation but I there could be some more qwiklabs for practice

by Hrvoje V


All five for more in-deepth labs with much more scenarios.

All in all...very good.

by Rob F


Decent starting point for learning the fundamentals. The labs are excellent.

by Mir R A


It's a good course but it doesn't have some practice questions on the exam.

by Suat K


it refreshed some of the things I learned in the previous courses.

by Omar A L


Some labs doesn't work, specially the ones related to Kubernetes.

by Jacek G


Some of the courses were pretty complicated for me as I am a QA.

by Erwin Y


Quite difficult to understand and to apply to beginners like me

by Мироненко О А


О​шибки в практической работе на 7 неделе. Проверьте материал.