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In this course, learners are exposed to an overview of public relations principles and theories relevant to practice. You will explore the field, including the origin and trends affecting the future of the industry as well as how to land a job in public relations. This course provides a broad overview of working in public relations and how different tenets of persuasion are used in practice. The course also addresses ethical implications of public relations....



Principles of Public Relations: 1 - 10 / 10 レビュー

by Jill M L


This 5 week course has an entire week on CSR, and another on getting a PR brushes across actual PR principles. To the point that a good community relations program is mentioned in the CSR week, but we don't spend time on what a 'good community relations' program looks like.

by Lawrence E G


Highly informative beginner course in public relations. Excellent delivery of lecture by the professor and relatable examples / cases studies that were presented were very helpful in understanding the topic.

by M I


This is the best course made by the best teacher! Very precise, up-do-date, comprehensive and very very professional! My respect to Erin Willis.

by mokhtar m م ب


Excellent and very enriching course. I highly recommend. Excellent instructor

by Hensen F L T


So helpfull and insightfull, there are so many new insight and knowledge

by ani c


It was my pleasure to be a part of the course!

thank u !

by Melanie B


Very interesting and enjoyable

by Tiss


E​njoyed this course

by Ezz E Y


very useful

by Elena M


V​ery poor content. The videos dont cover useful information regarding what is PR. What was written in the section "WHAT YOU WILL LEARN" has nothing to do with the topics covered in the course. To be honest, I am disappointed.