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After a warm Welcome to the Global Procurement and Sourcing Specialization, I will provide a brief introduction to the specialization and its courses covering the following: -Instructor Biography -Who should take this course -Flow of the course Following the introduction, the student will get the opportunity to learn about some of the current challenges facing procurement and sourcing professionals today through reading ten current articles ranging from what is procurement to how to collaborate with suppliers. These articles/knowledge will be a foundation for later courses on how to use tools, processes and improve skills to address many of these opportunities. There will be a brief assessment (true/false) of your knowledge gained from these articles....



An excellent course by the professor. He has got a lot to offer to those who enroll, and I would highly recommend this brand new course for anyone who would like to learn about Global Outsourcing.


Excellent course. I thoroughly enjoyed this course that I was able to complete it in no time. It was engaging and interesting. Looking forward to completing the other courses in this specializ


Procurement & Sourcing Introduction: 51 - 75 / 130 レビュー

by Mohamed J V


Great Class contents...

by Rajendra T



by Mazhar H C


Good Course

by Adedeji O O



by Sunand S


Thanks for the teaching, but would be useful to bring more insights on Purchasing techniques like types of purchasing, general skills to get into purchasing, key areas of supply chain management

anyways hoping this program to evolve

thanks once again it was refreshing

by binod s


Procurement & Sourcing Introduction is very useful course for the people who are working in procurement sector. This course clearly describes the procurement and purchase. It is more useful for them who are working in production based companies.

by Aditya R


As mentioned in the details, this course gives you a very brief, but an extremely important introduction into the world of Procurement and Sourcing at a global level. This introductory course is prepared in such a way that makes it extremely easy to understand, so it is a great start for anyone interested to learn about this field.

by Lydia B


Even though i have been in the field or both Purchasing and Procurement for a few years, there was so much more I learnt in this course. Most of all, how very important my contribution was to my company's growth. This had encouraged me to apply all I have learnt to improve my job performance.

by Alleyn E R


I found this course to be quite informative and very easy to grasp, i now have a clear understanding of the different rolls between Procurement and purchasing as well as the importance of supplier partnerships and so much more. I look forward to continued learning through Coursera programs.

by Frankie R


The reading material was pretty insightful and yet easy to read. At first I was a bit worried because it seemed like a good amount of reading but the articles are written really well. They were easy to get through because they were personable.

by Jeric M


The introduction is very conversational in my point of view. It is not so academic nor too technical that can cause confusion. Thus this is really a good starter and a good avenue to springboard Procurement Knowhow.

by serafina


Beyond the information in normal text book for Procurement, it was really worthful to get the real advice based on the experience of the professor who had worked in Procument for long years.

by Rhonda B


Enjoyed learning more about the fundamentals of Procurement's role in an Organization. I have mostly worked in Sales during my career, and Supply Chain continues to pique my interest.

by Shittu f o


I really gain a lot in this course, now I have know what meant by procurement and sourcing , this is a wonderful learning.... Thant's to the course coordinator.

by Tushar C


One of the most detailed account of the topic in study. The content is amazing and easy to understand. One of the best courses to follow on Procurement

by Chris M


Good readings and fair overview questions that quizzed your real understanding of the material. Nothing out of left field.

by Ragab A


It’s really amazing & fantastic to learn online & to get a approved certificate of trusted website , like Coursera

by Wong P F


A very good overview of the topics. Practical information on our procurement job reality in the market now.



This coursera is a very good courserail it help students to learn more in life experience

by Aylin A


It is a very effective, easy to understand introducing to procurement basics. Thank you

by Kitsada D


This course provides me the different between procurement and purchasing. Many thanks.

by Serge G


Very good explanation of all topics, easy to understand. Very experienced instructor.

by Valeria T


Thank you for course, I got the basic picture of Procurement&Sourcing processes.

by Duška V


It provides a comprehensive overview of the procurement. Definitely recommend!

by Thomas R


Great articles. A broad overview with great insights into numerous aspects.