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This is a course to help you write effective business emails in English. This course is unique because each module will provide tips on writing more professional emails as well as lessons to improve your overall English writing skills. Therefore, you will improve your grammar and vocabulary skills for email writing and also improve your cross cultural knowledge to make you more powerful and successful in your business communication. You will look at different email formats to analyze tone, formality levels, and various organizational styles. You will be able to improve your emails of introduction, announcements, requests and emails that apologize or revise a request. In this course you will write and revise 4–5 emails, complete several comprehension quizzes and review the emails of other participants. By the end of this course, you will be able to • Improve your overall written English skills • See differences and similarities among the different email formats • Write more effective subject lines and email text • Apply various key language to different types of emails • Correct common errors such as punctuation and capitalization • Study tone and level of formality in emails • Understand how culture affects what is appropriate in a business emails • Write powerful business emails for professional needs...




Thanks to Coursera and Georgia Institute of Technology for offering this course. Grateful to Gerry lander for articulating everything so nicely. I am so delighted to complete this course successfully.



I would suggest this course is the perfect place to learn about "how to write a professional email". And I appreciate and thanks Coursera team along with Georgia Tech Institute to provide this course.


Write Professional Emails in English: 4126 - 4150 / 4,642 レビュー

by Eileen W


Good course and but some example is outdated.I am using the skills from this course to write business Emails.

by Vishwaraj K


The course has been really helpful to learn some of the key aspects of writing e-mails in professional world.

by Burningani D


I am able to write the mail now, I am really satisfied with my course as I developed my email writing skill

by Mehdi A


Very educational, however, I would like to have the prof. more active in terms of assignments' assessments.

by Abdullah T A


The course was very helpful , clear about how to write emails .

Thanks for the instructor he was very good

by Deborah A C


This course easily addresses the differences and etiquette of various emails in the global work culture.

by Maruf H R


This course is very important one for the fresh graduates for increasing their chance for getting a job.

by Emilio G


Good material, would be helpful to have more feedback of the course staff regarding assignment's issues.

by Najmudheen E


It is a wonderful course, me got lot of new ideas while we write emails especially Professional Emails.

by Arpan B


Very useful email tips provide. Very much relevant in terms of writing day to day professional emails.

by Goutham A


I have learnt mintues things and especially learning about communication culutres in world, how to wri

by Ahmad I A


There is some technical issues in the assignments and some peers are not being fair in their reviews.

by Zijing Z


The course is kind of shorter than I expected. It is recommended to finish the course within 2 weeks.

by Amit R


Very much interesting. I have learnt a lot of things. In one word I would like to say is "EFFICIENT".

by Deep S


Very good course . This course help a lot to writing professinal e -mails for beginners.Thank You.

by Parag D S


It is very well organized course. Have proper structure, easy to undersatnd language. User friendly.

by Muhammad z i


course is well structured and efficiently designed to enhance the communication skill of pedestrian.

by Muzaffar S


The course is fine, in the week 1 there is one exercise with broken link for "write email to peers"

by Sagor A


Overall the course is good. But, the peer-graded system was the most annoying part in this course.

by Orakan K


This course allowed me to learn new things and I think the course is too short. It's really useful!

by Shreyas B


amazing course in this course I learned everything about emails and about context of communication

by Abdulrahman S


The course was good, but I liked to know more about some subjects, and many of links were expired.



This was a wonderful course I took from Georgia Institute of Technology.

The lecturer was good too.

by Anibal H S


I liked this course very much because I could learn something new to support my professional life.

by ujjwal d


Really a fantastic short and sweet course for those who want to improve or learn effective emails