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スイス連邦工科大学ローザンヌ校(École Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne) による Functional Program Design in Scala の受講者のレビューおよびフィードバック



In this course you will learn how to apply the functional programming style in the design of larger applications. You'll get to know important new functional programming concepts, from lazy evaluation to structuring your libraries using monads. We'll work on larger and more involved examples, from state space exploration to random testing to discrete circuit simulators. You’ll also learn some best practices on how to write good Scala code in the real world. Several parts of this course deal with the question how functional programming interacts with mutable state. We will explore the consequences of combining functions and state. We will also look at purely functional alternatives to mutable state, using infinite data structures or functional reactive programming. Learning Outcomes. By the end of this course you will be able to: - recognize and apply design principles of functional programs, - design functional libraries and their APIs, - competently combine functions and state in one program, - understand reasoning techniques for programs that combine functions and state, - write simple functional reactive applications. Recommended background: You should have at least one year programming experience. Proficiency with Java or C# is ideal, but experience with other languages such as C/C++, Python, Javascript or Ruby is also sufficient. You should have some familiarity using the command line. This course is intended to be taken after Functional Programming Principles in Scala:



This is a university degree course which takes enormous effort to complete. But still its beond the programming course range giving you whats not possible to google or learn practical way. Thanks!


Thank you for this exciting course! I did the FP in Scala course a few years ago and decided to do the full certification now. I am looking forward to the next courses in the specialisation.


Functional Program Design in Scala: 476 - 497 / 497 レビュー

by Roger L


The examples & exercises were too academic. Just glad to complete it. Found it extremely dull.

by Mayeul M


Not as useful as the first course. The part on the futures is not really understandable.

by yassine a


not bad , but very short and not huge plus value compared to first course

by Gabriele A


Good course but not much coherence between lessons and exercises.

by mostafa n


nice course but i was expecting more about actors and futures

by Andrew Z


The main difficulty of the task does not apply to the course

by Bert H


Course material looked sometimes recycled and unstructered

by Shi Y


A bit of confusion about the assignment instruction.

by Chang F


Not as good as the first one, esp near the end.

by Sergey S


progfun and reactive programming was better

by Kuba F


Worse than Scala Principles - too chaotic.

by dani l


The old version was more interesting.

by Ivan P


The first week is simply useless :(

by Dmitriy K


Asigments are too easy to implement

by Luigi


I was expecting more from it.

by Ibrahim M


For the content of last 3 weeks, I struggled through some of them, I found some of them quite irrelevant, therefore I had to catch a lot of ideas from all over the internet, I thought it was just me until I saw other reviews about the course, obviously, this version of the course is different from the original one, some content was removed, glued, or out of order.

by Shodz


Subjects of exams are really cool but they are already written at 80~90%, I would prefer to have to do things from scratch even if the subject is less interesting. A part from that, there no connecting thread during the course, each weeks is about something new and we don't really use stuff from the previous week. Globally, it's hard to retain the new knowledge...

by Peregrine D


As other reviews have indicated, this course is a mish-mash and a big disappointment after the 5* progfun1 course.

by Jinliang F


The assignment did not sever the purpose to enhance what had been taught in the videos.

by Michael P



by Alessandro C


This module as the one before (for which Coursera doesn't allow me to leave a review) is really "academic" like. That really means a lot of notion with no practical examples. Even the first module wasn't really explaining scala, it already starts like you are supposed to know it already. While in the description it was depicted as a beginers-like course. For instance, the lectures talk about the argument "A" and then the assignment is about "Z^2". One of the worst thing about the lectures is that you spend 20 minutes trying to understand a really complicated notion and then in the next minute he implements the same concept with less line of codes and also more optimised, so you have wasted all that time trying to understand an obsolete technique, why you didn't show me the optimised way immediately?! Lectures of 15 minutes that could be resumed with an internet search of 3 minutes. Definitely a waste of money, I completed the first one hoping to understand more in this one but what I got was just a huge waste of time and money.

by Bogdan F


Курс значительно слабее первого, после 2 недели начинается хаотичная нарезка лекция.