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Today’s fast track business and global environment emphasizes increasing project development efficiency while using fewer resources. This course shows you how to accomplish exactly this. Learn how to justify and select projects, and how stakeholders can influence projects. Identify the requirements necessary for defining project scope and create a list of tasks necessary to accomplish that scope. Create effective communication plans and assign responsibilities. Gain an understanding of the fundamentals of project planning through the use of scheduling software. Establish project requirements, objectives, and goals before defining the total project scope using a work breakdown structure (WBS). You’ll have the opportunity to apply what you learn to a case study that brings together the key elements of launching a project....



The content is well constructed, and the professor is very engaged in the success of the students. There are a few technical glitches that need to be cleaned up given the cost of the course.


This Course enhanced my understanding on concepts used and applied in Project initiating process, different tools used and strategic planning of the project scope so on.


Project Launch: 1 - 25 / 37 レビュー

by Jason L


Content is broken. Links don't work. Content is duplicated. Quiz questions have the answers in them. Language is inconsistent. Videos that are supposed to be included instead tell you that they're "been removed due to copyright violations." Some videos aren't available outside the US. etc. etc. etc. etc. etc.

The course is essentially a failed project.

by Bianca C


Templates were hard to follow. Book was pointless. Had to look up things online on my own to complete the assignments. Live sessions weren't helpful. Noisy. Little discussion. Mostly just being read what was on the template out loud to us. :T

by Cristina C N


Homework and time needed to cover the material is much more than indicated. Q&A really poor. Feedback from instructor really limited.

by aldo


This is a great primer for aspiring Project Managers. This first module will see you through the building blocks of all project management activities. The exercises are good yet the value you get depends largely on how much you apply yourself. Project Management is the art of getting things done, this is a great place to start learning. Highly recommended.

by Manan D P


I enjoyed this course and the challenging rubrics and assignments. The exams were portioned appropriately. The video sessions were informative, and pretty funny at times. The class material and example documents were a great tool and made the class enjoyable overall. I would strongly recommend this course. Thank you.

by Gabi D


This course was beyond my expectations. I strongly recommend it. It will help you in your daily life from day 1.

by Steve


The course does a good job in presenting the content and learning objectives to the student. However, there are two things that drew concern from me when I was taking this course, thus the 3-star rating:

1) The course crams too much within one week, especially when it comes to the assignments. I often find myself rushing to complete the material rather than attempting to understand what I am doing. I wouldn't mind of the material was spread over a longer period of time to allow us to better digest the information.

2) The transition between the personal project and the restaurant case study could've been organized better. The course has us switching between the two each week, which makes it difficult to keep track of what is happening in each case. Had we completed all the necessary Project Launch documents for the restaurant case study first, I would've felt better doing a big assignment at the final week, where we redo all the same documents but for our personal project instead.

by Bianca Y


As a beginner to the subject matter, I found this course was an excellent introduction into project management. The course material was interesting and stimulating and I learned a lot.

Weekly live sessions were very valuable for understanding the week's modules and assignments and I thoroughly enjoyed the weekly discussion prompts and scenarios. The course load was at times challenging to balance with a full working schedule. However, Professor Lu and the project team were supportive and available for questions throughout the 6-weeks. In addition, the response from the course team was always prompt and helpful when I encountered a few technical issues.

I would highly recommend this course to beginners interested in gaining an in depth understanding on project launch activities. Excellent course!

by Ann T


The content is well constructed, and the professor is very engaged in the success of the students. There are a few technical glitches that need to be cleaned up given the cost of the course.

by John P D


This Course enhanced my understanding on concepts used and applied in Project initiating process, different tools used and strategic planning of the project scope so on.

by Jennifer H


This was an excellent introduction to project management launch techniques and tools. It takes into consideration the difference between doing an exercise to de

by Stephen M L


For being my first exposure to project management, I learned a lot! I thought the assignments were challenging and also practical and gave real experience.

by Walter E F D


This course has great content to advance your career in project management. I specially enjoy the case study solution approach to most course questions.

by Erika P G


Great class! I like the class lived sessions, and instructor was well engage to help his students succeed in their assignment and in the course.

by Jerry C


Great work leading the class Paul. Really enjoyed your style and course curriculum.

Onward to Project Planning!

by Juan S


The course is very practical. You learn a lot about Project Management and put the knowledge into practice.

by Aaron R


Paul was an excellent instructor. I have a much better grasp of Project Management already. Aaron Rego

by Robin L


This course has great depth, good content, and I liked how they teamed it up with the PMBOK 6th edition.

by Pavlo M


I assume very interesting and useful course. Already did couple courses from UCI and it was great!

by Kirill L


Recommend this course.

A lot of practical exercises which help to improve theoretical knowledge.

by 단지 피


I am certain that I can apply this learning outcome to real project lauching work.

by JL G


Very useful course covering project planning from a mostly classical perspective.

by David W


This course is well-organized, and informative. I like it.

by stephanie w


Really enjoyed the delivery of this course

by Ramesh R


It was a very good learning experience