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The courses in the Introduction to Project Management Principles and Practices Specialization are a recommended precursor to UCI's Applied Project Management Certificate. Successful projects require careful upfront planning. In this course, you’ll learn the key roles and responsibilities of the project manager and project team. You’ll also learn to answer some key questions upfront to help you meet project objectives: What will this project accomplish? Why is this project important? Who benefits from this project? How will we plan for successful outcomes? Upon completing this course, you will be able to: 1. Identify the key characteristics of a project 2. Identify primary project constraints 3. Define the role and responsibilities of the project manager 4. Identify Project Organizational Structures 5. Understand the definition of a Project Stakeholder 6. Identify project stakeholders 7. Identify information needs of the project stakeholders 8. Define responsibility for managing stakeholder and controlling stakeholder engagement 9. Define the purpose of using a project charter 10. Summarize the key elements of a project plan 11. Identify common sources of conflict within a project environment 12. Describe the difference between authority and influence...
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Nov 20, 2017

It was very helpful for me to understand what the project management is. I am just thinking about starting this new career path and i was feeling comfortable in this field during the learning process.


Mar 27, 2018

This is absolutely worth everything that I invested into this course. And I do not mind studying it all over again! I recommend it for anyone who wants to learn project management. Thank you Margaret.


Initiating and Planning Projects: 101 - 125 / 1,411 レビュー

by Mohammad A

Feb 24, 2016

I strongly recommend it.

by Anastasia S

Oct 14, 2017

Do like it! Thank you!

by Iratuã J

Feb 08, 2016


by camilo

Mar 30, 2017

Muy bueno, genial para quienes estamos iniciando

by Ms. M T K N

May 20, 2018

The instructor is really good at explaining the concepts. I like the interview with the projects. It's worth learning it.

by Nazgul I

Apr 03, 2017

Very detailed course for beginners. Found it useful.

by Sergio A G

Jan 10, 2016

Very interesting and a very good starting point for people who want to know to manage projects

by John D

Jan 23, 2017

Great information.

by Deesha

Aug 17, 2016

Excellent knowledge and points.

by Nikolas N

Dec 23, 2017

A very well designed and informative course, thank you very much!!

by Dmitry E

Sep 02, 2015

Project management is usually associated with nervous activities and hard emotional states of participants but Margaret Meloni shows that it can be calm and smooth with excellent and clear explanations! It's amazing, she changed my mind!!!

by José S A

Oct 08, 2017

Concepts very well explained. Missing more and harder exercises

by Felipe M

Apr 13, 2016

I really enjoyed the content presented!!!

by Camila C D A

Jun 11, 2018

Very clear and easy to understand course. It's been helping me a lot with my new job as a project manager.

by Darren R H

May 16, 2016

Simple instruction made it easy to remember.

by Hieu T N

Nov 13, 2016

Good starting course for a young project manager

by agustín t q

Aug 25, 2015

Introducción perfecta a la Gestión de Proyectos. Muy "humana".

by Yuliya

Oct 17, 2017

This course gave me an overall ideai of how to start the project, what is important on each stage of the project and what can´t be missed. Thank you!

by Mallela S V G

Aug 20, 2017

It got everything you need to understand when you're in early stage of your Prc or PjM roles

by Khodr S

Jan 14, 2017

Very helpful!

by Ivo M S

Oct 24, 2016

Great overview about planning projects! Much better and objective than many presential courses. Thanks

by Grant H

Oct 27, 2016

Great course - thank you for taking the time to make these courses.. It has helped me advance my working life

by Mutasem A

Jan 28, 2017

Great course

by Juan M F E

May 02, 2018

Great Course to start the Project Management World

by Mario A G S

Feb 15, 2016

Very good...