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The People, Power, and Pride of Public Health provides an engaging overview of the incredible accomplishments and promise of the public health field. The first module includes interviews with legendary public health figures whose work led to millions of lives saved with vaccines, air bags and car seats, and the federal Women Infants and Children (WIC) nutrition program. The second module brings key public health tools to life -- including use of data, communications, and policy - through discussions with experienced professionals who have used these tools to save lives. The third module includes a "Carpool Karaoke"-style trip through Baltimore County, Maryland with NACCHO President Dr. Umair Shah to see and hear real public health workers talking about how they serve their communities. Learners will come away from this course with a deeper understanding of the public health field and a greater enthusiasm for their own work in public health. Preview the course on YouTube:




I've learned a lot about the important yet hidden figures of public health, as well as the methods and tools needed to successfully heal and protect a community. This is such a great course!



Public health is a very broad field. There are many different roles. In this course, you can learn about few of those roles in the form of interviews. Very interesting course!


The People, Power, and Pride of Public Health: 26 - 50 / 64 レビュー

by Loren W


Very surface based, as you can probably see from the course load, but interesting information nonetheless.

by Iris J


Interesting review of

by Ravi K


It is a great course, It shows the expanse, reach and impact of Public Health. how expanse is from identification of a health threat to Emergency response preparedness to education and testing in the past for AIDS, tomorrow for COVID-19, to care at home for elderly, to business like food, and recreation areas and water , the reach is to every across the whole community, the impact can be felt for generations to come. Be it the drive to make seat belts in cars compulsory or stop smoking or malnutrition of pregnant women. The impact of much of this has gone beyond the borders of USA and down so many generations that people forget the role of Public health experts in all this. This Course is reminder to how we got here from where we were.

by Jennifer Q


I think this course was well thought out as far as interviews with people who have made huge impacts on public health and safety in the past as well as people who are currenty working on public health. This course also showed how there are two sides to public health: research and community work. Public health is nothing if you don't have the science to explain it and then you have to go out and implement the help/changes/medication/warning signs etc. that are needed. I think it was really cool how Dr. Shah came up from Texas to take the role of a person who knows nothing about public health and take a tour of the county with public health workers in Baltimore County. It's great to put a face on the work.

by Aedrian A


This short course has a uniquely creative way to drive its points home, drawing on (American) public health luminaries who have made unprecedented impact through their efforts and presenting a working and believable public health system at the level of the community. I highly recommend this course for those who remain undecided on their desired professional paths.

by María J B F


It was a great way to know a little bit of everything in public health. For me particulary, that I'm looking for my best PhD option, doing this course allowed me to go deeper in topics that I found very interesting.

The course is short and very clear, quizzes are ok and for me it was important and useful to participate in the Discussions planned along the course.

by Maria E G S


This course is a great introduction to public health. Anybody can take this course even if their field is not related to medicine or health. Public health has a great impact in a country but very few even recognize the efforts of the people in public health. Thank you Coursera and Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health!

by Hannah A


This course is so good and refreshing! It has a diverse way of explaining information. I like that this is very casual and not seem to be very dense in overwhelming information. It is just the right balance. And this course is making me want to pursue Public Health too! So I am excited for that. Thank you!

by Abbie S


I thoroughly enjoyed this course. It was stress free, fun, and very educational. I think what made this class so amazing was that the teachers seemed to enjoy making the materials. Overall, I highly suggest this course if you are looking for a super easy, super quick, and fun class. You won't regret it. :)

by Aparajita R


The way the course is explained through interviews of various public health experts who have contributed to the world in incredible ways and the experiences shared even while driving a car through Baltimore is an exceptional way of delivering a course.

by ALI A A


An amazing course

The last message I get "Doing Well and doing Good" is a meaningful wisdom that should be applied in all aspects of life.

After few courses in public health, I can be sure that I found a real passion in life again.

by Patricia C


I've learned a lot about the important yet hidden figures of public health, as well as the methods and tools needed to successfully heal and protect a community. This is such a great course!

by Dr. S S


Amazing course with real life experiences of integrating public health into evidence-based interventions for better health outcomes. Dedication, passion and selfless working

by 17-Sherin S


The short course explains well what constitutes public health and how it has so many aspects and people of diverse fields working for the well being of the public.

by Catherine E J


Great course, very informative regarding Public Health workers. They handle a tremendous scope of responsibilities to keep us safe and in good health

by Kim G W


Wow! This is unlike other courses. This is a compilation and celebration of the people who are silently working for the good of all.

by Michele L


I really enjoyed this course. Very informative, the instructor was clear and engaging. The interviews and ride along were awesome.

by Md. E H


This course is an amazing for me learning a lots from this course. I will help me to work in public health for our community.

by Shafia M


I think this course wonderfully introduces people to the field of public health who are not very familiar with it.

by Irafasha F


I get more skills in this course, i have to continue by learning master of science in public health.

by Christine C C


This was a quick, fun, exciting, and enlightening introduction to public health. Well done~

by Carol L


Loved this course. Learned a lot about the scope and challenges of public health work.

by Anup A


it is informative and motivate to work as a public health worker in the community

by Debarghya S


Great course! I loved it! The difficulty level is absolutely appropriate.

by Nur A R


Really this course is very much informative and inspirational to me.