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ジョンズ・ホプキンズ大学(Johns Hopkins University) による Python for Genomic Data Science の受講者のレビューおよびフィードバック



This class provides an introduction to the Python programming language and the iPython notebook. This is the third course in the Genomic Big Data Science Specialization from Johns Hopkins University....



Jul 17, 2018

A very good course for its length and the amount of time it requires. It improved my python skills and knowledge of Genomics. I'm more engaged in my pursuits than before taking the course.


Oct 07, 2017

Easy to understand and very powerful examples. Not just it made me familiar with python, it also made it easy for me to teach to my students and inspire them to pursue python further.


Python for Genomic Data Science: 126 - 150 / 191 レビュー

by Sharavanakkumar S

Jul 24, 2020

This course keen observing of course lectures and practicing of the codes and lecture materials

by RT

Jun 23, 2020

It is an informative course, but more guidance should have been provided to work on the exam!

by David h

Apr 11, 2016

Very good--perhaps a little slow for those who have already learned a half-dozen languages.

by Carlos M G V

Apr 09, 2017

Good start on Python and some sequence analysis, looking forward to start programming more

by Deepika v

May 07, 2020

I feel very happy to learn this course, I learned so many things in genomics.

by Danielle d C F B

Aug 05, 2017

Uma pena não poder submeter aos quizes sem efetuar a compra do curso.

by Amitav S

May 27, 2020

If you have 40-50% knowledge about python and genom,than choose it

by Murat S

Dec 30, 2017

it is a nice course overall, but needs more practical examples.

by Andrew M

Aug 22, 2019

Very informative course for people working with genomic data

by Pisut P

May 30, 2020

This course is superb. All the knowledge is practical.

by Supreetha

May 01, 2020

Best course and learning method is unique.

by Danielle K

Jan 21, 2018

part "sys" of week 4 is really unclear

by Nimmi M

Jan 26, 2020

Good insights ... Thank you

by Yu-Chi L

Oct 14, 2019

I learn a lot here! Thanks!

by Shivam P

Jun 29, 2020

It was a wonderful cousrse

by Gonzalo C S

Jan 05, 2017

It was good and practical.

by Palash K

May 13, 2020

It was Quite Informative.

by Satarupa B

Aug 12, 2019

final exam was tough

by Sarvanshi S

Jun 10, 2020

A very good course

by Ramakrishnan

May 04, 2020

good entry point!

by Guilherme M P

Oct 03, 2017


by Privatus p

Jul 20, 2020


by Lily Z Z

Jun 19, 2018

Great leaps of difficulty seem unavoidable in this kind of courses. It felt rather easy at the beginning of the course but the level of difficulty just increased exponentially. Programming actually takes a much longer time than simply 4 weeks to learn and practice to be skillful. So please add some sort of warning stating"decent background knowledge required" to the course introduction or it will be a torture taking the course as a completely beginner. The course design could have been done better.

by sally s

May 07, 2016

I enjoyed the lectures, but I felt they didnt go into enough details on analysis of sequence data. The final project was considerably harder than the material taught in the class and problems with the course (e.g. the final exam file not being available) had obviously not been fixed since the last version of the course. A fell I now have a good basic understanding of python but not enough to do any real analysis. Fantastic course mentor/TA.

by JoRa

Apr 25, 2020

If you're an absolute noob, I'd rather recommend to do a basic python course first, otherwise you wont be able to do the course without learning those basics on the way.

All in all the course was OK, but could be a bit more hands on, e.g. providing more data to analyse oneself as in the last final exam. Compared to the GALAXY course in the second lecture, this final exam is rather easy.