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This course will show how one can treat the Internet as a source of data. We will scrape, parse, and read web data as well as access data using web APIs. We will work with HTML, XML, and JSON data formats in Python. This course will cover Chapters 11-13 of the textbook “Python for Everybody”. To succeed in this course, you should be familiar with the material covered in Chapters 1-10 of the textbook and the first two courses in this specialization. These topics include variables and expressions, conditional execution (loops, branching, and try/except), functions, Python data structures (strings, lists, dictionaries, and tuples), and manipulating files. This course covers Python 3....
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This course was really interesting and did a good job introducing complicated topics in usefully simplified form. It was a pleasure to listen to the instructor and I got everything I wanted out of it.


This is a great course. I highly recommand that. The complexity is incleasing since the Getting started but this also increases the motivation to go further doing interesting stuffs of the real world.


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I really enjoyed the first two courses of Dr. Chuck's Python for Everybody Specialization -- but not this one. As some other reviewers have already stated I, too, felt increasingly frustrated and somehow left alone during this course. Most of this course's assignments were way too difficult and I had to search the web for hours to find some help to solve them. Or, quite honestly, I had to cheat my way through them, because I just didn't know what to do anymore. There are of course the discussion forums where one can state one's problem - but although the staff and mentors are really quick with replying (thumbs up for that), their tips are often way too general and not helpful at all.

After taking this third course I will definitely not continue with the Specialization, as I originally planned to, simply because in comparison to the first two courses, this third course is way too difficult and frustrating!

Also, in my opinion, Dr Chuck tries to squeeze in far too many different topics and different programming langauges into this course, instead of really just focusing on Python itself.

I completed this course, yes, but it left me with a very frustrated and unsatisfied feeling. I don't think I was really able to learn a lot from it, which is really a pity, since I enjoyed the first two courses so much.

by Elham K


I'm giving 3 star because I compare this course to Python for everybody and data structure which are perfect courses. The first reason that I'm not happy with this course is that you can never get the course finished because you have to wait for your first assignment reviewed by students and I saw in Forum that some people are waiting for 1 year! I guess thousands of students are waiting to get their homeworks reviewed. The assignment is taking screenshot from your python installed and printing something! This is the third course and who got this far for sure has python installed, Is the assignment really that necessary?!

Another reason is the lectures are in python 2 and for the assignments if you are going to work with python 3 (which by the way they recommend students use it rather than python 2 in the first course), is going to be pain. There are really different and its confusing and frustrating to figure out the codes that work with your python version.

I also think the lectures somehow got really complicated and difficult very fast in this course. However, I have to be fair and admit that I didn't know anything about xlm, html and json before taking this course and now at least I know what they are!

by Catalin-Leonida C


Background: front-end web developer with a year of working experience, looking to learn some back-end by learning Python in order to set a good foundation for PHP next. I only rated courses in the py4e specialization with 5/5 so far, but I'm gonna be honest, this wasn't good. The average student that takes this specialization is not nearly prepared enough to start using Python for accessing web data as they only wrote several programs containing 30 lines of code each. And this showed when the teacher couldn't even give any interesting and challenging 'home exercises' , because he knew the topic was covered at a very,very superficial level and the students are complete beginners.

The third course of the specialization should have pushed students into deeper and deeper procedural Python, by building on the first 2 courses until they could make a few small projects by themselves, then go into OOP, make a few object oriented projects, and only then get into web and databases. As always, see you in the next course.

by Wisdom S


The prior courses in this specialization are great, however be aware that around week 4 of this course I believe its Assignment 2 using the url to spider links it becomes problematic, and the reason for this is that the outline given to you to solve the problem by the auto-grader is wrong you will waste hours scratching your head as to why your not coming up with the correct sequence.It is only when you go to the forum that you will find out what the correct steps are that your code should follow. Along with working with URLs this course introduces google API Twitter API,XML and json towards the end. My only nitpick with this is that your given one-two assignments with these concepts but there is no assignments to explore and utilize other data on the web its pretty much up to the individual own initiative

by Alexis H


This is a great course with a fantastic instructor. However, the teaching staff was extremely condescending and impatient. Apparently she expected all of us to do the assignments in the same way, and if a student used a different method and got stuck, she would just tell them to switch to the one method she suggested and provide no helpful feedback on their questions at all. For the assignment in week 5, she posted a step-by-step guide and then replied to almost all questions in the discussion board by telling people to reread the guide or even delete everything & start over to just use her method. As the TA for a beginner's class, she is very discouraging for people who just started learning coding. She definitely made the learning experience a lot worse than it needed to be.