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This course will show how one can treat the Internet as a source of data. We will scrape, parse, and read web data as well as access data using web APIs. We will work with HTML, XML, and JSON data formats in Python. This course will cover Chapters 11-13 of the textbook “Python for Everybody”. To succeed in this course, you should be familiar with the material covered in Chapters 1-10 of the textbook and the first two courses in this specialization. These topics include variables and expressions, conditional execution (loops, branching, and try/except), functions, Python data structures (strings, lists, dictionaries, and tuples), and manipulating files. This course covers Python 3....
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Jun 19, 2020

This course was really interesting and did a good job introducing complicated topics in usefully simplified form. It was a pleasure to listen to the instructor and I got everything I wanted out of it.


Apr 24, 2020

Great course. The lectures are clear and thorough. The assignments are challenging yet doable. The only thing I would like is to see more assignments to get more practice with the techniques learned.


Using Python to Access Web Data: 5851 - 5875 / 6,587 レビュー

by Xiaoming G

Jul 18, 2017

The later parts including XML, JSON went through too fast and general.

by Héctor C A M

Jan 24, 2016

Fue excelente, sólo que creo que pudo haber sido un poco más exigente.

by Poornesh v

May 25, 2020

course was interesting and the good platform to gain a good knowledge

by Tommy P

Nov 16, 2019

Could expand further on web crawling (reading data from tables, etc.)

by Jesus S L

Jan 29, 2017

Buen curso. Muy aclaratorio para hacer de Python un lenguaje efectivo

by Carlos G

Dec 11, 2015

Great Course!

Fine videos and lectures.

Good examples.

Easy assignments!

by Rodrigo G G

Dec 03, 2015

It's an easy course, but good to get into more advance python's stuff

by Kshitiz B

Aug 16, 2020

Exposed students to various ways to access web data from API and XML

by Rohit m

Jun 29, 2020

Amazing course!.... But The code should be explained in more detail!

by Rajib l d

Jan 02, 2018

Great course by Dr chuck. Really helped me learn a lot of new things

by Jaison A

Jan 25, 2017

Lectures are easy to follow, but the homework was a little too easy.

by Ravi K S

Jan 30, 2020

The course gave overview of the chapters. Need more detail lessons.

by Matthew S

Nov 22, 2017

I've learned a lot in a pretty short span. Well thought out course

by yixuan

Sep 05, 2016

Maybe too easy and too less exercises. The lectures are very clear.

by Michael H

Feb 29, 2016

The course is great and it definitely left me wanting more content.

by Muhammad S I

Aug 08, 2020

Great introduction on web services, Web APIs and its applications.


May 21, 2020

Quite hard to grasp at first... But you'll understand in practice.


May 16, 2020

good course gives you basic level idea about web scraping,Api ,etc

by Heng C

Feb 16, 2020

The courses in week 6 is challenging and abstracted. But I made it

by Hong A N

Jul 07, 2019

I find that the exemples are not always very simple to understand.

by Anand V S

Aug 12, 2018

I hope we covered requests library to post data to forms here too.

by Enrique V

Jul 30, 2018

Great course and materials, assignments could be more challenging.

by Niels

Sep 19, 2016

I really like this course. I will recommend this to all beginners.

by NickRusso

Jan 27, 2016

Needs updating to python 3 and the requests library to get 5 stars

by Michael L

Dec 02, 2015

A few glitches in the assignment content, but overall pretty good.