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This course will introduce the learner to information visualization basics, with a focus on reporting and charting using the matplotlib library. The course will start with a design and information literacy perspective, touching on what makes a good and bad visualization, and what statistical measures translate into in terms of visualizations. The second week will focus on the technology used to make visualizations in python, matplotlib, and introduce users to best practices when creating basic charts and how to realize design decisions in the framework. The third week will be a tutorial of functionality available in matplotlib, and demonstrate a variety of basic statistical charts helping learners to identify when a particular method is good for a particular problem. The course will end with a discussion of other forms of structuring and visualizing data. This course should be taken after Introduction to Data Science in Python and before the remainder of the Applied Data Science with Python courses: Applied Machine Learning in Python, Applied Text Mining in Python, and Applied Social Network Analysis in Python....




its actually a good course as it starts from fundamentals of visualization to the data visualization,the assignments this course provide are exciting and full of knowledge that you learn in course ..



I am going for the specialization and I know this is just the second course in it and I haven't even seen the further courses yet, but this is already my most favourite course in the specialization.


Applied Plotting, Charting & Data Representation in Python: 951 - 975 / 1,002 レビュー

by To P H


All are peer-grade assignments make it very hard to finish the course fast due to the different in

session dates for different courses in this specialisation

by Marcel K


I wish they'd update the accompanying notebooks - their versions of pandas and related libraries are several years behind at this point.

by Edgar T


Did not like the peer-graded dynamic, and also the lectures were pretty basic, I felt that it lacked depths in some subjects.

by Chenxin Y


Assignments are very unclear and too subjective. Have to look through the discussion forum to understand what is required.

by Mauro N A G


Some of the contents need to be up to date, there are functions descroved in the course that will be obsolete soon.

by Adria L


Nice course but poor feedback. Grades are made by other alumns and some of them doesn't take it seriously.

by Rodolfo G


it is not as extensive as other courses in Coursera, it should try to expand a little more its content

by Leon V


Seemed more introductory, here are the tools - go have fun rather than actually teaching teaching

by Kamruzzaman T


One of the best courses. However, the assignment questions lack clarity. Teaching Staff absent.

by Daniel W


I liked the course but not so much the fact that every assessment was to be reviewd by peers

by David M


Much more refined that course 1 in the specialisation. Worthwhile to practice matplotlib

by Karen Y


This course gave a solid introduction to plotting, charting, and data representation.

by Isuru W


This is ok. I don't think it is very structured. Homeworks are not guided well

by Richard L


More technical guidance and concrete examples would be much appreciated.

by Deepalakshmi K


Better than the previous one. But still very vague explanations

by Sanjay S


This was a good course. I learned a lot about charting.

by Xavier P C


The only course in the specialization that's worth to do

by Peter B


Fine for learning matplotlib, little additional benefit

by Sylvain D


Good but I feel not comfortable with peer reviewing...

by Jesús P


Not so good as the first course of the specialization

by John W


Solid, but not as good as Applied Machine Learning.

by Rizvaan M


Overall a good course, but has to improve.

by Sandeep S


Week 4 - Assignment is very frustrating.

by Avi S


tough unexplained assignments

by Rahul G


Peer grading is not worthy