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The goal of the course is to introduce students to Python Version 3.x programming using hands on instruction. It will show how to install Python and use the Spyder IDE (Integrated Development Environment) for writing and debugging programs. The approach will be to present an example followed by a small exercise where the learner tries something similar to solidify a concept. At the end of each module there will be an exercise where the student is required to write simple programs and submit them for grading. It is intended for students with little or no programming background, although students with such a background should be able to move forward at their preferred pace. The course is four modules long and is designed to be completed in four weeks. SPECIAL NOTE: Python Programming: A Concise Introduction course will close for new learner enrollment on 2/16/22. In order to earn a Course Certificate, you will need to complete all graded assignments by 8/16/22. If you are interested in earning a Course Certificate for this course, please upgrade or apply for Financial Aid by 8/16/22. If you are a Coursera for Business learner, you can continue to use your sponsored credit through that date....



Quite interesting introduction to Python, focusing on the most important components of the language. Looking forward to other courses using the same format. Thank you Bill and team for your hard work.


This course was amazing as well as was an interesting course.I have learnt a lot of new concepts and things with the help of Respected Sir Bill Boyd and looking forward for more such type of courses.


Python Programming: A Concise Introduction: 51 - 75 / 1,542 レビュー

by Abhishek D


Had an amazing experience .It was my first time with learning on an online platform everything is very well designed thank you Coursera .The course will help me in my next semester.

The course is very well defined and covers all the necessary topics as a beginner in python I needed to learn . Assignments are relatively easier than I expected them to be .Great Instructor and Mentor . Everything was great all my queries and questions were answered . Discussion Forums also helped me a lot and I hop I also helped someone . Though I feel the course should be updated with using IDEs like IntelliJ ( I used it anyway but it wasn't a problem) .Thank You Wesleyan University for designing this course .Again Thank You very much.

by Physics E I G & I


The provisions of the course materials was awesome, in a excellent sequential order that enables the students to build the knowledge with coherence. Also the reminders and encouragement along the way was very instrumental, e.g. when commended for keeping a good pace with speed. The fact that you can also pick up the course later incase you wished to take a break and progress from your previous work is superb. Thanks mr. Bill Boyd ! The only challenge on the materials lied on: the videos were not of very good clarity, and also one basic area I found missing was on decision making functions even though they were a part of tools for use during the course.

by Rick F


As a seasoned entrepreneur and tech person, I am always looking for new ways to improve my skills, I tried doing this by myself, but this course challenged me in ways I didn't expect, and I'm grateful.

It was simple ,effective, and taught in a concise manner, great to revise my knowledge and improve it, even though I was learning Python before, to be able to test my skills and better understand basic concepts, I had barely grasp before, keep me motivated and eager to go for more.

Before I was just copying and pasting code from others and writing basic stuff, and I had many unanswered questions, now I feel I have a solid foundation, that I can improve.

by Hubert F


This is by far not my first programming course, but I wanted to learn python. As such, I found the selection of topics very good - first language basics then some libraries. The videos were a good addition. Coming from classical Unix/NetBSD, I do not use integrated development environments a lot (nor like them, per se), but I found Spyder a positive experience. Thanks esp. for that one! The grading of exercises was sometimes a bit picky, as it was not so clear what the grader was complaining about. More detailled feedback could help there. In general the automated grader is a VERY good thing, though. Thanks a lot for this learning experience!

by Mohammad Z


This was my first course in Python and I found it very interesting and important for newcomers. I learnt basically, the coding structure of Python. My skills in C++ help me in understanding the lectures. No doubt, the lectures are designed in a very nice way – easy to follow and understand. This course enables me to write a program in Python using; Libraries (os, sys, csv, random, statistics, etc.), Lists, Tuples, Dictionaries, Text and CSV Files, Functional Values, Sorting, Formatting, Statistics, and a Menu Driven Database Program.

I would like to thank Prof. Bill Boyd, his team and Coursera for providing a great learning environment.

by Christopher B


This was a great introductory course into pyhton prograamming and I highly recommend it for people who knows a little programming but hasn't tried python yet or learning a computer language for the first time. The assignment can be pretty challenging at times but nothing unreasonable. I went into this course after going through college and getting a bachelor's in computer science but my school never taught me Python for some reason(even though I already know Java programming fairly well). All in all I do recommend this course. It was great for someone like me who hasn't programmed in a while and to brush up on my skills.

by Francisco F


This is a great course for those who haven't coded in their lives but also for programmers who want a basic but sistematic introduction to the language. It reminded me of my first courses in programming and yet I found it to be a necessary step to master python (I knew the language before but never did a course on it) . If you already program you can finish this course very quickly.

Be careful when you do your programming assignments since the autograder expects exact responses but the professor explained everything very well step by step.


by Md K



I'm especially impressed with the content of this course. Anyone who has done the painstaking job of preparing the lucid and detailed exercises of this course needs a thousand thumbs up. I've saved these exercise files for future reference as even many Python books fail to present content in such detailed manner.

One thing that I felt is that the course was quite fast paced in the first week. I wish there was more on data type, different formats of defining a function etc. Nevertheless I gained the momentum later on.

by Douglas P


Python Programming: A Concise Introduction is a great starter course for those wanting to learn Python. I had some experience with Python prior to taking this course but I found it to be a great refresher and even learned new some new tools within Python. One of my favorite aspects was that you're shown how to download, install and work within Anaconda and Spyder. It makes you feel as though you're actually taking steps towards developing useful tools with Python - because you are! I highly recommend this course.

by John P


Excellent and fun introduction

I found this a gentle return to programming after a break of nearly 25 years. New concepts were introduced logically without being overtaxing. The combination of videos, exercises and course tests ensured that these concepts sunk in and Bill thoughtfully added in a sprinkling of advice as to OS and version compatibility. On a personal note, Bill's delivery was very easy to follow and he and his team are very responsive to queries. I also found his diction refreshingly delightful.

by Sergei S


A great soft start into Python. Being used to other programming languages (JS, PHP, a little bit of Java) and comfortable reading online documentation and finding answers in StackOverflow, I found this course very easy to complete within just a few days. Small difficulties with the grader interface at first, solved in the forum. Suggestion: include Python "List Comprehension" in the course. Dear Bill, thank you very much for the course and support! Now I'm looking forward to dive into Machine Learning!

by David P


The professor, Bill Boyd, explained each exercise very well. I didn't watch all the videos, I preferred using the practice exercises provided for information, but when I was stuck the videos came in handy. The way this program is taught is very intuitive and requires a lot of time and effort, but it is worth it as I now know more about Python programming and have a general knowledge on how to create my own code using Python through Spyder on Anaconda. Therefore, I thank you for this course!

by grey s


Thank You Bill! Great! Once I got your way of study it was a pleasure to learn. You introduce methods slowly so that it does not intervene with grasping the whole idea of the subject. Submissions needs to be very precise but that is the joy of learning on line. Sometimes you fail as you are missing one space.

In terms of certificate, I do not need one and I it is quite expensive but I would surly support your course by donating. I could not see the option to do it though.

Kind regards

by James S


Excellent introduction to Python. The course was concise yet highly informative, covering a broad range of topics as well as some detailed nuances common to many programming languages which can often trip up a programmer learning a new language. I liked the programming exercises and the way the material was presented. The course has given me the foundation and confidence to research other aspects of the language on my own in order to write complex software programs in Python.

by Pritam C



by Tim B


A very useful course. This has got me from being an absolute beginner to writing my own functions and programs. Everything is gone through in detail, and the mini-exercises in videos are explained in case you couldn't figure it out. There is a good range of content, and its uses, and it gives you the skills to apply what you have learned to different contexts. I would recommend to anyone trying to learn some basics of Python, whether it be for recreation or work.

by Robert E


All the information is there for you, sometimes you just have to re-read to realize what small thing you are missing. Or in some cases, realize that EVERY SPACE COUNTS!

I highly recommend this course to anyone trying to get into Python, I greatly appreciate the hands-on approach! (Even though I was frustrated at times and thought something was wrong with the grader, it was really just ONE extra space in the output, or a simple typo. Double check for those!)

by Nicholas W


Professor Boyd does a great job at laying out the fundamentals and gives a great overview of them. The numerous examples given helped to reinforce these fundamentals and provide some confidence to a person that has never coded before. The course overall was what I needed to get headed in the right direction and requires you apply what you have been learning in a very practical way. Thank you Professor Boyd for your time and efforts, it is much appreciated.

by Ji D


This is a great class for a Python beginner like me. The class is structured very well and each knowledge point is paired with good practices. And it makes you easy to come back and review what you learned. This class build my confidence of moving next level study. Also, the professor is very warmhearted to answer you questions. I highly recommended anyone who decide to start learn Python. Here is a good place to start your amazing journey.

by Yang X


It's a great course for the beginner in both Python and Spyder. Exercise notes help a lot! And some of the short functions I think can be stored in learner's program base for reference. However, the lecture is so short! It doesn't refer to Numpy and Pandas as well as sci-kit and other popular modules. Quite a pity! Hope to see relevant courses in a series. Anyway, great appreciation should be given to Prof Bill Boyd and Coursera! Thank you!

by Ivan K


Great course to learn about basic programming in Python. Before this course I struggle on how to install Anaconda. Moreover, I even struggle to understand basic functions like print. Now I am confident that I have sound foundation for advanced application of Python. Although I was absolute beginner/novice on using Python I was able to finish all of the assignments with highest points using knowledge and information gained from the videos.

by Felix C R I


I can't believe I finally finished the course. I love that this course is long enough to learn the basics of Python programming. It is indeed a concise introduction. Dr. Boyd is a great instructor. He speaks with a very nice cadence that relaxes and is also able to teach very clearly the python programming concepts. I went ahead and got the certificate to verify that I indeed have passed the course. Thanks Dr. Boyd and Coursera :-)

by Tiffany B


Excellent course - this is the first one that I was able to stick with. The deadlines and workload were just enough to provide a beginner with little prior experience like myself with the challenge and simplicity that kept me motivated. I loved the instructor's clear and concise way of presenting the information and really love the Spyder IDE that they used for the course. I'd recommend this course to anyone - and everyone!

by Sarfuddin A T


As a starter in programing/coding I have had an excellent experience while attending the course. Professor Bill Boyd's presentation is nice , concise and focused and the weekly performance assessment by the autograder allowed the learners to clarify his/her understanding of the desired level of the topics.

Thanks to courser and Wesleyan University for making this arrangement of online course in such a structured manner.

by Venu G K


I am not a programmer. This course gave me a good hands-on approach to understand whats explained in the class and try it out. Bill gave very simple good examples to follow and built upon the past examples very well. It was easy to follow and good for practice. This is a good introduction to python. I was apprehensive about learning a new topic but this was one of the good practical courses. I am glad I took this course.