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This course aims to teach everyone the basics of programming computers using Python. We cover the basics of how one constructs a program from a series of simple instructions in Python. The course has no pre-requisites and avoids all but the simplest mathematics. Anyone with moderate computer experience should be able to master the materials in this course. This course will cover Chapters 1-5 of the textbook “Python for Everybody”. Once a student completes this course, they will be ready to take more advanced programming courses. This course covers Python 3....
Introductory course
High quality instructor



Nov 12, 2016

I completed the course in about three days. I've never programmed before to the learning curve was excruciating but nonetheless I managed to get through and finally get my python feet wet so to speak.


Sep 04, 2016

The professor's lecture is so awesome, however, the content is adjust to the new programming learners. I heared extended part of the course is charged, you can purchased it if you want deeper learning


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by Markina

Mar 26, 2017

I rate this course as a three out of five because I feel that during the 'worked exercise videos' it would be much more helpful if only the correct code was shown. It's very confusing to see the wrong code typed in and then the correct code. I think it would help students to more easily remember the function of code if only the right code is shown in examples.

by Lucas I P d A

Mar 06, 2017

I really like the main information I got with this course, but I think that it was too basic. I never learned any programming language before this course, but sometimes I felt that the teacher was going too slow on explaining somethings.

by Mayank S

Nov 11, 2017

A good course those who are new to Python.

by 陈承渝

Feb 10, 2018


by ChangIk C

May 25, 2016

Good for real beginner of programming, if you already have experience with any other language, this might be too easy

by Marcos V S

Dec 16, 2016

The exercises are confusing.

by Michael O

Sep 18, 2015

I was expecting a more in depth, more rigorous course. More homework, at the very least. Also, the first two weeks could have been condensed down to one.

by Xiaobo J

Jan 26, 2016

Too easy for me

by Erik O

Dec 17, 2015

Too easy

by Mark R

Feb 28, 2017

to basic

by Sthitadheesh N

May 30, 2017

I thought that the assignments were a bit trivial.

by Dong

Sep 07, 2017

This session is too easy and also many page no my country language, but some have.

by Darkwing D

Nov 03, 2015

This is a course that would be helpful to complete programming novices. Any prior knowledge of programming is likely to render it useless to the student. That being said, a programming newbie should have no problem following it.

The professor speaks slower than necessary. 1.75x or 2x speeds make the pace more manageable and is still easy to follow.

In addition, it uses an old version of Python, which tends to make the exercises slightly annoying.

by Adil s

Sep 30, 2015

i am very excited that i become a programmer and ihope that in the end of this course i become like a professional programer.

by Abhijeet S

Sep 27, 2017

Well its good for beginners. Too easy !

by Vineeth S R

Sep 27, 2016


by Iván A Á G

May 15, 2016

Es un curso que trabaja con una version vieja de python, deberian actualizarlo, va muy lento

by Ankit K

May 14, 2016

The course is not that much helpful for those who want to do work for coding. I mean the level of toughness of questions is not too good to compete any coding competition.

by Lindsay V

Oct 03, 2016

Very slow paced. I appreciate that it is bringing me up to speed for the next courses but I found the learning pace to be a bit slow with very simple test assignments.

The practical code implementation assignments were great. I found they were an effective way to learn

by 张文杰

May 06, 2016

Maybe too easy.

by shahulul f

Apr 26, 2016


by KhanhLQ

Jan 22, 2017

This is a good course for pure beginner who never program before.

by Satvik V

Mar 18, 2018

It was too simple to learn

by Amit M

Sep 24, 2017

too basic for those who know


Sep 28, 2017