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Discover the principles of solid scientific methods in the behavioral and social sciences. Join us and learn to separate sloppy science from solid research! This course will cover the fundamental principles of science, some history and philosophy of science, research designs, measurement, sampling and ethics. The course is comparable to a university level introductory course on quantitative research methods in the social sciences, but has a strong focus on research integrity. We will use examples from sociology, political sciences, educational sciences, communication sciences and psychology....




This course was excellent in all aspects, including the interesting and extensive material, as well as Dr. Annemarie Zand Scholten's brilliant lectures that help students digest and enjoy the content.



Excellent course! Well narrated, even entertaining, VERY well structured, with supporting material, and a great mix of theory and examples or discussions. Perhaps the best MOOC I've ever encountered.


定量的手法: 251 - 275 / 726 レビュー

by ana t c


The topics are very interesting and cover a lot of concepts. The material is very easy to understand and super well exlained.

by Joseph T


Very useful and very well organised. I needed this course for my PhD and it gave me very good basics on Quantitative Methods.

by Clare G


Really simply explained and some interesting examples. I feel much more confident reviewing quantitative research papers now.

by Petko N M


The course is good, though a glossary of the terms will make it great. The lectures' language is clear and easy to understand

by Sue L


I highly recommend this course for those who want to brush up on the high-level basics of the quantitative research methods.



i can't say how much i am thankful for this course, the way things are explained it's just like magic! thank you coursera.

by Naomi K


I enjoyed this course and felt the examples used to explain particular information made the material very clear. Well done!

by Maria L


Great course with great content!! I learnt a lot! But it takes much more time than 4-5h a week as is stated at course info.

by Yee C


Course materials are systematically organised. Contents are very informative and provide a lot of rooms for self learning!

by Laura S


great course with a clear and nice setup. good mix of instructional videos, assignments, check-up questions. I enjoyed it.

by Azara E N


so educating and fascinating. It has really expanded my intellectual horizons and research venn diagram into more circles.

by Gabriel d L R


Great course! It covers all the basics and have well thought-out assignments. Could make the references available though.

by Alex S


Very well put together course. The lecturer is very engaging, and really tackles the subject matter in an accessible way.

by Mario S D F


I keep coming back whenever a concept in my actual Medical Education Master classes seems vague. Thank you Prof. Scholten

by Maria F


Unexpectedly, I am really enjoying this course!

The course is very well organized, easy to follow and engaging.

Great job!

by Tiffany L


Very helpful and gives a great overview. Feels as if one is in a class learning, but has the benefit of their own time.

by Md S H


Its a great course what they have designed for us. I loved and enjoyed that a lot. It helped to learn new things indeed.

by Amrutha G


Great course, complex ideas are explained through understandable examples. Assignments really test your understanding.

by Parvathy S


Intelligently structured, easily understandable, as rigorous as a university course would be. Learned a lot. Loved it!

by Simon M W


This course is quite interesting. I have learned a lot and has exposed me to many things I don't know about research.

by George H B J


Very well organized and executed! The assignments are both challenging and present excellent learning opportunities.

by Petra E C


Excellent course. Instructive, informative and useful, with the best instructor I have ever had. Best course, by far.

by Ehsan A


This course is an amazing introduction for those who are stepping into the realm of research, I highly recommend it!

by Esteban R


Muy buen curso, de muy buena calidad. La implementación de evaluación por pares mejora mucho la exigencia del mismo.

by Dale P


Not even through the first week, which I started ahead, and I am feeling very logically enlightened by the material.