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This course provides a rigorous introduction to the R programming language, with a particular focus on using R for software development in a data science setting. Whether you are part of a data science team or working individually within a community of developers, this course will give you the knowledge of R needed to make useful contributions in those settings. As the first course in the Specialization, the course provides the essential foundation of R needed for the following courses. We cover basic R concepts and language fundamentals, key concepts like tidy data and related "tidyverse" tools, processing and manipulation of complex and large datasets, handling textual data, and basic data science tasks. Upon completing this course, learners will have fluency at the R console and will be able to create tidy datasets from a wide range of possible data sources....




Very Very Rigorous Course for a beginner on R language and because of its nature, after completing just one course, I feel like I have gained a lot of knowledge and also familiarity with R language.



A very good course to read and get the valuable content of R language. This is for the students who want to learn and practice the basic and some intermediate concepts of data manipulation.


The R Programming Environment: 51 - 75 / 313 レビュー

by Lu P


The course is helpful for the R beginners. Learned a lot during the course, and the final week homework led me to review the past 3 weeks' lessons in a practical way. I recommand.



Good Practice..........!!!...really helpful for building data science concept through R Programming.........Really salute for hardworking of instructor..................!!!

by Shahin S


Great course, and teaches the fundamentals. Google is your friend and websites like RFunction will supplement perfectly. Recommend the use of RStudio to work along course.

by Yimin Z


The assignment/quiz is one of the best I had for an online course. It is inspiring and informative. Thank you for providing such a pleasant learning experience.

by Abdirahman H H


The R Programing Environment is very supportive environment, and I appriciate the guideline and the materials. futhermore, the course was good begining. Thanks

by Sigrid


What I liked most about this course was that it gave us a solid foundation on how to program in R and at the same time made us want to learn more about it.

by Thomas S


Great Introduction, may we worth clarifying that for Data Manipulation the script must be saved before entering submit() as you cannot make progress.

by Giorgi G


Overall, it is an excellent course. However, there was a big difference in terms of difficulty between the quizzes, especially with the last one.

by Dingoo K


The course will be very helpful for those who are interested in R programming and starting it out. The course teaches you the basics.

by Miao C


very good introduction to the R programming language, with holistic introduction to updated R packages written by Hadley Wickham.

by Gregory G


So far I have really enjoyed this course. It has added to my overall R knowledge, especially the functions for data manipulation.

by Rui G


Very nice courses for people want to get more familiar with R (like me), the quiz are really related to the points in the book.

by Malinda W


Excellent R course for a beginner. This course is a bit more challenging, but you can learn a lot as a first time learner.

by Helaynea E I M


This course helped me learn functions I had not been previously aware of and really helped challenge me. I learned a lot!

by Petko S


Very useful course not only for beginners but also for practitioners! There are some valuable insights in the R practice!

by Laura A R


Interensate, ameno y muy explicativo. La plataforma es muy cómoda y el ritmo de trabajo es asequible. Recomendable 100 %

by Sayan S


An excellent course. Very good introduction to R and certain packages such as dplyr and grepl. Hands-on and challenging

by Edmund J L O


Great introduction to the world of R !!! Also a great refresher course after taking the Data Science Specialization.

by Shafi M W O


Very detailed with clear instruction of basics to a bit of advanced on R. A fantastic crash course for any beginner

by emmette


Great overview of R with a focus on Hadley Wickham's tidyverse (very useful set of packages for data scientists).

by Jomin P J


It is a wonderful beginner level course to start with. It really help you understand the basics and move forward.

by Jonas M


Great review of concepts that I had already learned at some point. Looking forward to 'Advanced R Programming'.

by Gregorio A A P


Excellent, but I would be grateful if you could translate all your courses of absolute quality into Spanish.

by Vikesh K


Very good course. The pedagogy and the course content along with the assignments is rigorous and fantastic.

by Vibha S


The course was well designed for beginners. It helped me to gain lot of confidence in building my knowledge