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Renewable energy is one of the fastest growing industries on the planet, with billions of dollars invested each year to meet international energy sustainability goals. This course will provide you with a solid foundation for understanding and deploying important renewable energy technologies such as wind and solar. In addition, you will come away with a good understanding of important energy storage technologies such as pumped hydro, batteries, and hydrogen. Upon completing the course, you will be conversant with the opportunities and challenges of renewable energy technologies. You will be comfortable participating in debates and making decisions regarding these technologies. And the knowledge you gain will be foundational for further study of renewable power systems, renewable energy projects, and forecasts for the future of renewable energy. We hope you will join us on our journey! This course is the first in a four-course Coursera specialization in Renewable Energy. • Renewable Energy Technology Fundamentals • Renewable Power & Electricity Systems • Renewable Energy Projects • Renewable Energy Futures Course logo image credit: "Wind Turbine" icon courtesy of Vectors Point from the Noun Project....




This course have genuinely changed my perspectives about renewable technologies and its importance . what i have learnt will definitely help to work practically .I am thankful for this opportunity .



This course provides fundamentals of renewable energy technology . The supplement reading material is also provide excellent insights in latest development


Renewable Energy Technology Fundamentals: 1 - 25 / 32 レビュー

by Ted Z


T​he contents of the course are good; provides a high level overview of the current trends and technologies.

My main gripe is with how the information is presented, namely slide format and the lecturer. The slides format look dated and seems to try to fit as much information onto each page as possible, rather than optimizing for ease of understanding or digestability. The lecturer delivers the presentation in a similar manner; he reads out the information as quickly as possible, fumbling over his words at least once in each video almost as if he needs to squeeze in as many words as possible under some time limit. Transitioning between slides of different topics or within the same slide will have little to no pauses for you to digest the information, so you'll need to actively pause, rewind, etc in order to soak in the material. Again, it's as if he's trying to dump as much information at once rather than aiming for presenting information in an interesting, understandable way.

I watched some supplemental youtube videos on the technologies presented in this course and have found those to be much more interesting, informative, and fun to watch. Makes me want to binge watch as opposed to this course, where I dread clicking the next video button.

L​astly, some of the quiz questions are wrong (majority are ok). Some of them say select TWO items, but only allows selection of one choice. Another one asks "Component X is arguably the most important component of technology Y", when what is the most important depends on who you ask? Sure the lecture may have his bias but it should be treated as such and not be tested as if it were fact.

by Irfan B


E​xcellent course covering the basics of renewable technology. Recommended for any engineer or scientist looking to work in the renewable industry. I especially enjoyed the wind and solar sections (weeks 2 & 3). Also serves as an excellent scientific knowledge re-fresher for those who haven't been in an academic environment for a while.

by SalvadiDivya S S


As the name suggests the course gives a brief understanding of various technologies and the requirement of energy storage technologies to compete with fossil fuels. It motivated me to learn more about the energy utilisation and understand the different obstacles that are being faced in the industry.

by Ranbir S R


The course is very meticulously designed with rich materials and with provision of deep diving if more interested to learn, explore and clear concepts. Horizontal reach is also very well interlinked with depth. Thanks to Team for designing such course.

by Huzaifa S


This course have genuinely changed my perspectives about renewable technologies and its importance . what i have learnt will definitely help to work practically .I am thankful for this opportunity .

by Shamistan A


An excellent course, gives excellent initial and even slightly advanced knowledge in the Renewable Energy sector. Errors in assignments were very rare, but overall everything was perfect.



This course provides fundamentals of renewable energy technology . The supplement reading material is also provide excellent insights in latest development

by Shreyan S J


Its really informative and well structured course. The course instructor explains each and every module of course in detail.

by Andrea A


I really enjoyed this course! The mixed content formats of reading and videos really enhanced my ability to keep connected.



The course was a really informative and helped me understand the new trends as well as existing ones in Renewable Energy.

by franco v


Excellent material! very good presentation and great overview of the main technologies

by Dr.K S H B


I gained more knowledge from this course about the Renewable enery technology

by Md. I H


Very helpful to get knowledged with renewable energy.

by Anshu S


This is the best course to start work on renewables.

by keith a


simplified fundamental knowledge in renewable energy

by Hein Z H


I love this course.

Highly recommend.

by Rufat G


More useful information

by p c


Interesting course



eexcellent course

by Shivesh C T


Nice Course



thank you

by Corey C


While I really enjoyed this course and learned a lot from it, there were several instances where the grading system would mark a question as incorrect when the correct answer was selected. The course definitely needs to be looked through to fix these minor issues, but the overall course material was interesting. As someone who has studied renewable energy in the past, I am proud to say that I picked up new information from this course and I am glad that I took it.

by Michael B


The course was a great introduction, but some multiple-choice test answers are incorrect (I triple-checked and cross-referenced the answers with the course material to confirm).

by Danish A


great teacher also explains some more course related facts and immense pOWER TONE MAKES US WORK TILL THE COURSE ENDS

by Rasmus D


Really nice basic introduction. Good combination of reading, tutorial and videos.