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Resilient teaching is the ability to facilitate learning experiences that are designed to be adaptable to fluctuating conditions and disruptions. This teaching ability can be seen as an outcome of a design approach that attends to the relationship between learning goals and activities, and the environments they are situated in. Resilient teaching approaches take into account how a dynamic learning context may require new forms of interactions between teachers, students, content, and tools. Additionally, they necessitate the capacity to rethink the design of learning experiences based on a nuanced understanding of context. The course is designed with higher education faculty, lecturers, and graduate student instructors in mind, but may also be applicable to educators in a wide variety of instructional environments. The course is aimed at participants who may be asked to rethink how they teach in the immediate or near future due to the ever-changing circumstances of the current COVID-19 pandemic. While the creation of this course is motivated by the current crisis, we expect it will remain relevant to instructors who are faced with disruptions and change to their teaching for any number of reasons and must quickly adapt their course designs. To support learning and reflection, we are introducing a new journaling tool within the course that provides a place for participants to reflect on their own experiences. To support community growth, participants can choose to share their journal entries with the wider course community in an interactive gallery space....




An excellent introduction to the principles and practices of resilient teaching.



The topic was very timely. Thank you for all the learnings!


Resilient Teaching Through Times of Crisis and Change: 1 - 14 / 14 レビュー

by Sarah W


I thought the assignments throughout the course leading to the large graded assignment at the end were really helpful! This course gave me a different lens to view my classes through during COVID which will definitely benefit me and my students this semester. While it is geared toward higher education, I am a K-12 educator and I thought the material was really relevant in my setting as well.

by Kevin M


An excellent introduction to the principles and practices of resilient teaching.

by Arpita M


Very well Planned Course with so many case studies

by Annette H


For the most part, this course was well-organized and provided good information. My major complaint is the lack of feedback. Unless I didn't know where to look, I don't feel like I received any feedback from the instructor on discussion postings, etc. I think this is an important part of any class and should be portrayed to students in this class if we are trying to get the students to understand the importance of interaction and feedback in an online class.

by Suzanne


I consider this course as a life-saving step in my quest to transition my courses into an online format. Dr. Quintana puts the idea of resilience as the overarching feature of all courses. "Resilience" serves also as a mantra for focus on how to make courses purposeful, accessible, and ready for any and all unexpected changes in context and circumstances. Quintana offers three principles, extensibility, flexibility, and redundancy as meta characteristics for the development of college level courses that include online asynchronous components or stand as completely asynchronous. I found this course fascinating, inspiring, and enormously enriching.

by Samreen K


This course is wonderful because it came at a time of high uncertainty and change being experienced in higher education. This course takes you to step by step understanding of the current changes in the environment, and how to rethink about delivering a course such that it withstands any given circumstances. It takes you through the process gradually and the presentation is wonderful with really good resources.

by Delphine S D C M


This course was laid out in an interesting and engaging way that conveyed the necessary concepts clearly. Using the journal to build the Capstone assignment was brilliant! I loved this class and will recommend to my peers.

by Çağrı A Ç


great course to have manangement skills through uncertain times .Advise every one to have this course to improve their teaching skils

by Polly M S R


The topic was very timely. Thank you for all the learnings!

by Sarra E


Merci beaucoup. C'était très intéressant.

by Mónica S R S


Amazing course! I loved it!

by Natalia R G R


Excelente curso

by Farah F


Great course to help adapt with unpredictable time in education.

by Emil


Suitable for an introductory course.