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Writing Winning Resumes and Cover Letters, メリーランド大学カレッジパーク校(University of Maryland, College Park)

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How can you bring your resume to the top of the pile? How can you present yourself to prospective employers using the language they already speak inside their organization? This course will give you answers to those questions. You will learn how to convert a boring resume into a dynamic asset statement that conveys your talents in the language that an employer understands. After completing this course, you will be able to: 1. Identify the real purpose of a resume. 2. Identify relevant competencies for a position. 3. Adapt your resumes to Applicant Tracking Systems (resume screening software). 4. Write powerful and convincing accomplishment statements using your accomplishments inventory to strategically assemble the most relevant evidence of competency for a specific position. 5. Use the resume skills tier method to strengthen your resume. 6. Write summary sections and objective statements aligned to a job position. 7. Take advantage of web resources to find power language for your resume. 8. Produce a strong resume in a format that is suitable both to your background and the position you're interested in. 9. Produce strong cover letters that use A.I.D.A. to help you achieve your career goals. 10. Produce effective follow-up letters that help you stand out from the competition....


by GC

Oct 10, 2017

Simplistic, direct and informative. This course helped me refocus my competencies and updated my resume writing strategies. Great examples and resources to utilize.

by RC

Oct 15, 2016

One of the most compelling and amazing courses on Coursera. Teaches you the essentials required to survive in the 'market'.



by Tamanna Kalam

May 19, 2019

Hands down this is the best course on understanding resume writing. If you are looking for a course to understand the basics of cover letter writing and resume writing, then this is the course you absolutely need to take. The instructor, Mr. Duquette has done such a fabulous job, right from creating the content to explaining it. The language is really simple and very clearly explained (with examples). I can not thank Mr. Duquette enough for putting together this very concise and well-explanined course. I have truly learned a great deal.

by Tanisha

May 02, 2019

good course


Mar 20, 2019

very useful, thank you very much

by Athita Vivatpinyo

Mar 19, 2019

Good advising for developing effective resume.

by nima

Feb 13, 2019

This is a great course and it helps you to learn how to write a high quality resume.

by Hao Wang

Jan 27, 2019



Nov 15, 2018

Outstanding Experience

by Iram Batool

Jul 31, 2018

It was an eye opener and pointed out what we so foolishly overlook while writing resumes.

by Konstantin Yanson

Mar 23, 2018

Easyest course of the specializaton. No worth if you miss other courses of the spec.

by Elena Margarolo

Dec 24, 2017

Very helpful and accurate