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Learners who complete Science of Exercise will have an improved physiological understanding of how your body responds to exercise, and will be able to identify behaviors, choices, and environments that impact your health and training. You will explore a number of significant adjustments required by your body in order to properly respond to the physical stress of exercise, including changes in carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism, nutritional considerations, causes of muscle soreness & fatigue, and the effectiveness and dangers of performance enhancing drugs. Active learning assessments will challenge you to apply this new knowledge via nutrition logs, heart rate monitoring, calculations of your total daily caloric expenditure and body mass index (BMI). Finally, learners will examine the scientific evidence for the health benefits of exercise including the prevention and treatment of heart disease, diabetes, cancer, obesity (weight loss), depression, and dementia....



Sep 12, 2020

It is a very great course. This course taught me many great things about the human body like how the body responses to exercise and nutrition. What, when, how we should do exercise and take nutrition.


Apr 15, 2020

Love everything about this course. Nice module. Professor is really nice. However, I need to learn further about weight training (Pros, cons , etc). Looking forward to attend in weight training class.


Science of Exercise: 151 - 175 / 1,040 レビュー

by Heidi K

Apr 27, 2020

I am a certified personal trainer. This course was a fantastic refresher course. Sometimes reading a textbook can be bland, but this course made the content pretty easy to learn to recall from my test! So glad I enrolled. My only issue is that I couldn't find the final essay rubric until AFTER I submitted the assignment, but I still passed with ease! Thank you!! :)

by Farida A

Sep 23, 2018

Straight forward information with lots of figures and examples. It's perfect for anyone who do exercise and want to lose weight or either be more fit. As a runner, it helps me a lot to understand what happens in my body during the run and after it. Highly recommend course, for anyone who do exercises , personal trainers, dietitians and, even health care providers.

by Christian M

Dec 24, 2019

Very instructive, I had already some notions of this as I'm curious and quite engaged in "exercise" since the last 15 years or so, but this really helped me put all the ideas together, and I of course learnt a bunch of things. I'd highly recommend it, questions during the videos, quizz & assignments make it more live than many books or online articles I've read.

by Carlo C T

Jun 06, 2019

This is such a well thought and constructed short course on science of exercise. The modules lay a solid foundation for the students to continue study on this subject. My recommendation is as you watch the video and read the modules, also write your own notes on paper. It will really help you memorize more details that will be used for the final assignment.


Sep 27, 2020

This course is very useful and knowledgeable.. Through this course we can get a clear idea related to how human body responds to the exercises. How it will help our body. This course will highly encourage everyone to understand the importance of exercise and how it make our body care.. Thank you for providing such a wonderful or special course.. Thank you

by Ricardo J E y D

Oct 04, 2020

ongratulations, I have learned a lot from this Exercise Science course, in these four units now with more knowledge on the physiological bases of strength and resistance training, a great recognition to Professor Robert Mazzeo for his dedication and effort to share his knowledge with us in such a dynamic and summarized way.

Congratulations !!!!!!!!

by Nada H

Sep 21, 2020

Loved this course! Professor Robert hits all of the important points in a very understandable and concise way. The whole course is very organized and I never felt lost with the material. However, if you have no background in human biology, you may not grasp all of the information as it's a bit advanced but you'll understand the point of everything.

by Nafis E

May 21, 2020

I really loved the course !

Robert Mazzeo, Ph.D did a fantastic job keeping it relatively simple, concise and relevant to all exercise enthusiasts. The 4 modules teach the fundamentals of why and how the body copes with exercise and also debugs many myths surrounding the fitness industry.

I hope to see a more advanced course in the future. Cheers !

by Larry S

Apr 24, 2020

This course provided very key information that I needed to maintain and improve my ongoing personal health regimen. The information was very well presented making the somewhat technical components accessible. The format of Coursera and the presentation skills and expertise of the Instructor made for a very useful learning experience. Thank you

by Aljeri M A

Oct 13, 2020

Well structured course and easy to understand especially if you have some basic knowledge from biology (maybe from high school). If you don't remember them, you have to brush up on these basic terms to fully absorb and appreciate the lessons. Overall, I learned a lot from this course! Thanks to the instructor for putting this course together!

by Shane W

Jun 22, 2018

Although I am not that "technically" minded when it comes to the chemical side and definitions of various details of the biology involved it was a well presented and fantastically detailed course that has definitely sparked an interest in the science for me. Was maybe a bit more than for a beginner unless you have some background to this.

by Dnyaneshwar M

Aug 26, 2020

In this.. course i learn what is the chemical composition ..&. What's reaction behind the body change & those impact on physical & also mental this course i understand without excercise i can't get more enjoyable days formy life..Thanks Coursera..& all lecturer Team who get knowledge of Science of excercise...

by Bharathi A B

Aug 19, 2020

Significant amounts of research and public health data indicate that ,an individual must engage in cardiovascular exercise (run, walk, swim, bike) etc. Due to regular physical exercise which increases Cardiac Output secondary to high Stroke Volume and an increase in Arterio- Venous (AV) Oxygen difference.

this course taught me a lot

by Roshni J

May 26, 2020

This course by Dr Robert Mazzeo , was extremely interactive and stimulating. I love how everything was concise as well as conceptual. The assignments were very practical. His approach to teaching clearly reflects his experience in the field. Even the evidence based parts were enlightening. Glad to have been a part of his class.


Jul 29, 2020

It s must do course for every physio; S& C's aswell.

Thank you for very clear explanation

simple language

Got to understand lots of things thru this course, even after being in this fitness profession for around 16 years, still got to know lots of things,

It shows we keep learning, no matter how experienced we are


Afzal Khan

by Erin M

Jul 21, 2020

This course was to help me decide what I want to major in when I get to college. Even though it was not the exact major it really helped me zone in on the concepts that I would like to study. The videos were very informing and easy to follow along. The quizzes and readings went right along with what the videos for that module.

by Jubair M

May 17, 2019

Thank you Coursera, University of Colorado and Sir. Coursera is the Best Online Courses in the world. Thank you so Much for giving me the opportunity Thank you, Thank you. 🌹🌹 🌹🌹 🌹🌹 🌹🌹 🌹🌹 🌹🌹 🌹🌹 🌹🌹 🌹🌹 🌹🌹 🌹🌹 🌹🌹 🌹🌹 🌹🌹 🌹🌹 🌹🌹 🌹🌹 🌹🌹 🌹🌹 🌹🌹 🌹🌹 🌹🌹 🌹🌹 🌹🌹 🌹🌹 🌹🌹 🌹🌹 🌹🌹 🌹🌹 🌹🌹 🌹🌹

by Laura F

Aug 10, 2020

I am due to start a personal training and nutrition course later this year, so I was interested to complete some online courses before starting that qualification. This course was super interesting, yet challenging. I really learned a lot from it and believe it will give me a great foundation for my PT and nutrition course.

by Manish K

Apr 16, 2020

I had started doing home workout a few years ago and my only source of information was internet. That really helped me but one thing that lacked was the science behind exercise. I sincerely thank Robert Mazzeo, University of Colorado Boulder and Coursera for enhancing my knowledge through this adeptly designed course.

by Victor M

Aug 18, 2017

Loving this course. I am genuinely interested in physiology and was looking for such lectures linking "physiology", "exercise", "health" and "nutrition" for more than a year. The competence of the teacher are excellent, he has fluent speech, relevant figures, and provide meaningful case example to make you understand.

by R. V V

Aug 03, 2020

Very informative & well structured course. I loved the lectures by Dr Robert Mazzeo, his presentation skill & energy was awesome. Quiz in between lectures, motivate us to concentrate thoroughly. It's in all exercise physiology made simple both for understanding and for exercise prescription to different population.

by Sheldon C

Aug 16, 2020

This is an excellent course and I highly recommend it. Prof. Robert Mazzeo has been excellent. The examples and visuals provided are excellent and convey the point across. Would have liked more information on nutrition included. Also, information on vitamins, minerals, omega-3 and other health supplements

by Olivia R

Sep 05, 2020

Science of exercise was a very informative course. I personally learned so many things of physical activity and fitness. I would suggest everyone who takes up this course to share the information among near and dear ones and have a determination to maintain a healthy lifestyle through diet and exercise.

by Chetan M

Apr 15, 2020

The basics of exercise and their effect on our body are explained in a very simple language. Nothing sounds like very difficult concepts or terms. The knowledge imparted has very direct application in our day to day lives. It adds so much more meaning to our efforts towards our health and fitness goals.

by Clara D L

Jun 07, 2020

I enjoyed this class and learn a lot about exercise and the body. I know how important exercise is for a healthy body and wanted to learn more. Next, I am taking another Coursera class on Exercise science and am grateful to the University of Colorado in Boulder for such an excellent learning exerience.