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In this course, application developers learn how to design and develop cloud-native applications that seamlessly integrate managed services from Google Cloud. Through a combination of presentations, demos, and hands-on labs, participants learn how to develop more secure applications, implement federated identity management, and integrate application components by using messaging, event-driven processing, and API gateways. Learners can choose to complete labs in their favorite language: Node.js, Java, or Python. This is the second course of the Developing Applications with Google Cloud series. After completing this course, enroll in the App Deployment, Debugging, and Performance course....




I gained vast amounts of orientation and skills in this course.\n\nThe course content and the course administrators were really great and helped convey good understanding.\n\nThank you :)



Easy to follow and quite applicable information is taught without too many difficult technical words and lists. I felt that I could implement or help others implement these applications.


Securing and Integrating Components of your Application: 1 - 25 / 123 レビュー

by Isidro H


I liked the content but not the error checking

I feel like there are some problems and updates required



Fantastic Specialization that explains the foundation of Application Development on Cloud and with many Labs for Java Spring, Node JS and Python .

The specialization explains the best practices of cloud application development that thanks to microservices architecture and the cloud technologies allows to obtain the three fundamental features of a modern application:

-Global reach

-Scalability and High Availability


The specialization explains in detail how this goal can be reached thanks to a design of the application with loosely coupled components, asynchronous communication and the stateless paradigm for the scalability.

The specialization explains the many services offered by Cloud Technology and how the Designer should correctly choose among this several solutions according to the Business, User Case and Pay Model needs.

- IAM: Identity and Access Management for the security (user authentication and authorization )

- Data Storage Services according to the Application Needs (Cloud Storage, Datastore, Cloud BigTable, CloudSQL, Cloud Spanner and BigQuery for BigData)

-Artificial Intelligence services: Vision, Speech, Translation, Natural Language, Video Intelligence

-Pub Sub services for asynchronous and high scalable communications

-Application Environment services: Compute Engine for the classic VM, App Engine for application released as container, Cloud Run for containerized applications, Cloud Functions for API Gateway Architecture. The services allow to create in very rapid way load balancing and horizontal scalability for the high traffic and low latency responses .

The specialization explains all the API that the Cloud make available to the user and developers for all this services. I build a Python script that realize the Face Detection on images thanks to the use of the Cloud Vision API in very short time, since that the Cloud contains the AI pretrained model ready to use thanks also a Rest calls. The result of my script with the Vision API was amazing : it analyzed the images for the face detection in fantastic way.

The Specialization explains all the steps and the code needed to integrate applications with the Cloud technology. Describe how to monitor your application in Production with Logging and Metrics and the possibility to easily use the Site Reliability Engineering (SRE) to define and monitor Service Level Indication (SLI) as :

- latency SLI (ratio of the number of calls below a latency threshold to the number of all calls)

- availability SLI is the ratio of the number of successful responses to the number of all responses

It described also the Cloud Source Repository for Debugging and Versioning. In the Lab i created an A/B Testing in very easy way thanks to the Versioning feature offered by the Cloud.

by JeremySS


Easy to follow and quite applicable information is taught without too many difficult technical words and lists. I felt that I could implement or help others implement these applications.

by Daniel J G


I gained vast amounts of orientation and skills in this course.

The course content and the course administrators were really great and helped convey good understanding.

Thank you :)

by Ishmeet S A


It is a good course if you want to learn integration points in GCP, it also gives how you can use various services the GCP provides be it firestore, pub/sub, endpoints etc.

by Shreyas P


It's interesting. Learnt a lot new things. It's my favourite part of this course. I liked authentication, Cloud Pub/Sub and REST API and it's explained very well.

by Siddharth C


Helps me to how to integrate microservices and application components with other GCP services like Cloud Pub/Sub, Cloud Function and Cloud Endpoints.

by Stephen F


A good overview of the technology with the opportunity to do hands on in the labs. A really good approach.

by David B


Easy to follow, good to use the advanced technologies of gcp without using them officially

by Vitalii K


It will be great to give an ability to use available languages to compete practical tasks

by Amy B


amazing course with a lot of detailed information. The labs were quite educational.

by Hakizumuremyi S


Bring up my skills in coding,i hope soon there will be some change in my domain

by James H


Best course on Coursera thus far. Great intro to all the essential tools in GCP

by Amit H


Excellent course with great hand-on exercises. Must for all cloud Developer.

by Gregor L


very helpful (besides the Cloud Endpoints Lab -- see my comments there ;-)

by Diego C d S


Great course... Congratulations for tutors! Thank you Coursera and Google!

by Mengen G


The best course EVER! the labs are so fun and I learned a lots of things.

by Nicolas T


Awesome course, bring to us a lot of content to secure our application

by Yogesh Y


good to understanding about IAM , Cloud Pub/Sub and cloud endpoint

by Jai V


great it will help me presenting a strong resume and skillsets.

by Prateek B


Course structure and the way it was designed is pretty amazing.

by sonali



by Jared G


great overview of these topics, and the labs were helpful

by Victor F F B


Excelente curso, muy buenos contenidos y laboratorios

by Lam T


Useful course to develop scalable applications