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In this course, application developers learn how to design and develop cloud-native applications that seamlessly integrate managed services from Google Cloud. Through a combination of presentations, demos, and hands-on labs, participants learn how to apply best practices for application development and use the appropriate Google Cloud storage services for object storage, relational data, caching, and analytics. Learners can choose to complete labs in their favorite language: Node.js, Java, or Python....



I gained vast amounts of orientation and skills in this course.\n\nThe course content and the course administrators were really great and helped convey good understanding.\n\nThank you :)


Easy to follow and quite applicable information is taught without too many difficult technical words and lists. I felt that I could implement or help others implement these applications.


Securing and Integrating Components of your Application: 76 - 100 / 121 レビュー

by Nijendra N


nice information provided to learn on Cloud Functions, Clous Pub/Sub and Endpoints

by Haoran W


Need more code lab in language other than js, such as python or golang

by Lucas X


I was hoping for a deeper course, but still liked this very much.

by Michał P


Some lack of slides instaed long presenting name of a speaker.

by Peeter P


The Google Endpoint part and the API part was a bit difficult.

by Norman L M


very challenging labs. Good quality video tutorials

by Brian B


It has a lot of sensitive components in development

by Russell S


Necessary for GCP certification. Overall, very good

by Shaikh M I M A


Very good but add more lecture and knowledge

by Vishal R


Provides good information for beginners

by Isidro B


I couldn't finish my last lab properly.

by Chowdhury F A 6


Awesome Experience !!

by Rémi G


Very intersting

by Wladimir C


Great course!!!

by Nitish K



by Kittiwat S


good feel

by Hari S



by JP






by Thành N K



by Sheldon R


This course provided quite a bit of good information, but I was disappointed in the lab titled "App Dev: Developing a Backend Service v1.1." I encountered what appear to be significant discrepancies between the API documentation referenced in the lab vs. the code and instructions in the lab itself. I posted a question about this in the forum but haven't yet received an answer:

I also thought that this lab was much too long and should have been broken into at least a couple of labs. It was at least an order of magnitude more work to get through than any of the previous labs I have encountered in several Google Cloud Platform classes on Coursera. It required a substantial coding effort which was made more difficult because of the problems with the API documentation that I mentioned above. It required writing code to send and receive messages using Pub/Sub, to do a machine learning exercise, and then setting up Spanner and persisting data there. I think it required more than a "working knowledge" of Node.js. I found myself needing to interrupt the lab to look up information about asynchronous messages in Node.js and other topics related to getting through the lab. I was in fact unable to complete the lab within the two-hour time limit and therefore had to save all my work and go through it a second time, combined with a fair amount of reading beyond the information available in the course itself, without which I would not have been able to complete the lab.

This of course gave me quite a bit of learning experience, but I would prefer to get that learning in more easily plannable, smaller chunks. If a lab is going to require more than two hours of my time, I'd like to have a better idea that this may be the case before I start and the timing meter is running.

by Dmitry I


The course provides great exposure to several fundamental GCP services. However, some of the labs, and in particular, the last one (endpoints) are full of black-box technologies. Unfortunately, when something goes wrong, there is little to no troubleshooting help. I would be unable to deploy an endpoint myself as per the last lab.

by Aboma K


The course can be pretty dry at some points. I.e. the instructor is reading off a script and we're expected to retain very word/concept. The content is good but delivery could be better. I would suggest taking a look at some of the high rated instructors on

by ravi g


Can be more elaborative while showing the Pub/Sub's or integrating with cloud endpoints. But still the course is best the way it covers. Bonus labs are too short of time in Labs to cover. Hope we can get some extra time off the course to check and complete. :)

by zbigniew l


could be better, i am java fan, and want to use endpoints in java. i will not create an endpoint in angularjs in cloud, to access endpoint in java just to have authentication.

You should include java endpoints in the course.