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Do you want to learn how to simulate the future more creatively and more effectively? This course is for you. Humans are the only living creatures with the ability to think about and make plans for the long- term future. Even so, our brains don’t always make it easy. Over the past decade, scientists have discovered a number of neurological “road blocks” to effective futures thinking. These glitches in the brain make it harder for us to accurately predict how we’ll feel and what we’re likely to do, when a particular future arrives. They lead us to make faulty assumptions about which futures are likely or unlikely to happen. And they convince us we have less power to shape and influence the future than we actually do – leaving us stuck in the present. In this course, you’ll learn how to overcome these obstacles so you can think about the future more strategically and creatively. You’ll practice simulation techniques for “unsticking” the mind when it comes to seeing what’s possible in the future and accepting how things could be different. You’ll also learn how to lead others through “first-person future” simulations, which have been shown in scientific studies to improve strategy and increase motivation and hope for the future. Along the way, leading futurists from the Institute from the Future will share some of their most challenging forecasts to help you stretch your imagination and improve your simulation skills. This course will ensure that you can put all of your new forecasting skills to the best possible use, by helping you nudge your brain toward more effective ways of simulating and preparing for the future. Many thanks to the Enlight Foundation and the Enlight Collaborative, which provided a grant to support the creation of this course....




This is a course i would recommend to every professional. In my opinion this course is fantastic & very informative. Special thanks to Professor Jane McGonigal. She is a good teacher I have to say.



reat course, with a lot of new Information for me, very well presented. I really enjoyed it, especially the parts presented by Dr. McGonigal and the assignments that were necessary.


Simulation Skills: This is Your Brain on the Future: 1 - 25 / 73 レビュー

by Nathan K


A perfect class for understanding how to simulate different futures, even if they might not be the desired ones. I totally recommend this if you're interested in simulating the future for yourself or your company/organization.

by Cristina S


A well-organized course. Along with the theory, it provides practical tools. Easy to follow and very interesting for those who want to improve their ability to innovate or recognize possible innovations.

by Juan R


I love the integration regarding Afrofuturism and critical thinking as well as alternative thinking skills.

by Valerie A


Each class in this specialty really opens your eyes. I love this program! Looking forward to class #4!

by Stephen T


Simulation Skills: This is your Brain on the Future will give you a sense of empowerment for imagining futures in which you want to live. All of the material is bite-size allowing you to absorb the ideas and let them grow before moving on to the next assignment. "Imagine" is the skill you are asked to use. When you do, your own ideas will alter what the future can be for you. I highly recommend this class and the entire Futures Specialization.

by Sameer S B


This course is very informative, it provides information and tools that develop skills that could be used individually and in organizations. It made me look in new and different ways at the future and current issues as well.  

I enjoyed it and liked it and I would recommend this course to anyone interested in developing imagination and creativity, future and strategic thinking.

Professor Jane McGonigal, many thanks for you.

by Andrey S


I thank the author for a wonderful and exciting course! The best simulators of the future play with many possibilities. I've learned several powerful techniques for simulating four different versions of the future at the same time. The course develops imagination, strategic thinking and creativity. I think it is especially useful for those who are developing technological entrepreneurship and an innovative economy.

by Ieva P


I am so glad about this course! You are the best, thanks to all talents from Institute for the Future! I really enjoyed all videos, tools and readings. My personal "aha" moment: when I read about using of simulacra and multiple personalities I thought - wow, I have the same reflections about possibility to make future most flexible in the terms of time and space, and people social connections and work life.

by Samantha J D


I absolutely LOVE this course and specialisation. I seriously want to work at IFTF! I have a (professional) girl-crush on Jane McGonigal. She is an exceptional teacher and inspirational role model as a Futurist. The course is so well designed and jam-packed with content for real skill development. THANK YOU, Jane and IFTF.

by Sheenalyn T


I really loved the Envision Alternative Tool: Growth, Collapse, Constraint and Transformation. Definitely recommend this course for those who experience "mental block", this course will help you navigate and open your mind in many ways. Thank you for creating this course!

by Dawn H


I really enjoyed this class and found the course work useful to help me try the concepts and move them from abstract ideas to concrete ones, and there are many techniques I can use in my career moving forward due to this course.

by Kartik P


This is a course i would recommend to every professional. In my opinion this course is fantastic & very informative. Special thanks to Professor Jane McGonigal. She is a good teacher I have to say.

by Mihaela D


reat course, with a lot of new Information for me, very well presented. I really enjoyed it, especially the parts presented by Dr. McGonigal and the assignments that were necessary.

by Laura L


Awesome, awesome course! I really wish I could take this course with Prof. McGonigal at the IFTF, but this was just as great! Thank you for putting this on Coursera!

by Teh M E


A lot of learning and a-ha moments. Definitely broaden my perspective and giving me skills & tools to expand my thinking for tomorrow and beyond. Thank you.

by Zerbinato E


Very interesting course, offer and stimulate new thinking. Helpful techniques to imagine new future for the society and generally to unstick your mind.

by Dimitrianna G


Very interesting and well structured course. The techniques taught really helped me broaden my imagination about the possibilities that future holds.

by Ng B S


Love this course....learned lots and triggered my interest to want to know in areas such as advanced simulation and Afrofuturism! Thank you IFTF!

by Fernando Y


Excellent course. Fantastic videos and training materials. I am amazed at how well-produced this series is. Congratulations.

by Alexandros S


Jane McGonigal is really good and very specific in this class. Easy to understand and guide you. Greetings from Greece

by Chow K M


Honestly, it feels like brainstorming and creativity course re-packaged. But the toolkit and advice are practical.

by Kamasani P


A new way to express you life with you own laws which are definitely helpful for people with you and around you.

by Yeo Y Q


Very good, this course taught me how to imagine different possible futures by giving tips and templates.

by Michelle B


Truly provocative and useful - hard to pull off that combination. Made me eager to learn more. Merci!

by C B


T​his course lets you see that there is no limit to what your imagination can do and offer people !